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Alphabetical Listing of Databases

Scott’s Canadian Business Directory lists Canadian manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, sales agents and business services providers. This information is updated annually. Available Online
Provides access to specialized reference sources that used to be only available in library. eBooks available in this collection are: St. James Encyclopedia of Popular Culture 2nd Edition. Available Online
Self-serve standard products available on the Statistics Canada website ― including CANSIM and census data products ― are now free of charge. This is an open resource for everyone and not VPL-subscribed. Available Online
STEM Village is a supplemental education and career guidance program, created to help equip youth for careers in the new knowledge economy. The program uses online education tools to assess, educate, guide, and motivate students to improve their skills in critical STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) areas and ultimately succeed. Available Online

Set Up Your Accounts

  1. Sign-up for a PARENT Account HERE
    • Activation E-mail sent from STEM Village
    • Follow the link to activate
  2. Set-up a STUDENT account via your PARENT dashboard
    • Select “Add Student”
    • Enter your child’s information
    • Select “Add Student” when complete
    • Add as many children and you would like
  3. Use STEM Village by following these steps:
    • Sign-out of your PARENT Account
    • Sign-in to STUDENT Account
    • Explore Science, Math, Technology, or Discovery based on your interests and needs