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Vaughan Public Libraries has various spaces available for the community to use for the purposes of work, study, social gatherings, promotion, exploration and creation. Individuals may make requests for these various spaces.

Meeting Room Booking Request

Several of our libraries feature meeting rooms that may be rented by the community for the purpose of promoting the informational, cultural, learning and leisure needs of the community in the form of meetings, seminars and workshops, including fee-generating events. To book a meeting room, please review the information below and complete the following Booking Request Form.

Meeting Room Policies and Procedures

  • Meeting rooms may be rented by the community for the purpose of meetings, seminars and workshops. As outlined in our Operational Policy .
  • VPL facilities are available to all members of the public provided that they conduct themselves in a reasonable manner, as stated and posted in VPL’s Code of Conduct. And provided that all conduct supports the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Ontario Human Rights Code.
  • Permission to use VPL facilities does not imply any endorsement of the aims, policies or activities of any group or individual.
  • VPL sponsored programs, activities and meetings will have priority in the use of meeting rooms and VPL reserves the right to cancel a room booking if it is required for Library use.
  • VPL will not rent rooms to political parties for the purposes of campaigning, as outlined in our Election Policy .
  • All bookings are subject to Management approval and must comply with the Operational Policy . VPL reserves the right to refuse or cancel any reservation.
  • All Bookings are tentative until paid in full. Charges must be paid at the time of booking. There will be no refunds of charges for cancellations of less than seven (7) days notice.
  • In order to charge the appropriate meeting room rate, staff must determine the purpose and nature of the room booking. VPL Library Card members that are renting a space for business purposes (fee generating or not) will be charged the VPL Non-Member /Commercial Rate.
  • All bookings are required to provide proof of insurance. If the party booking a room has insurance, a certificate demonstrating coverage must be provided. If the party booking a room does not have insurance, it can be purchased through the provider designated by City of Vaughan. This program offers affordable rates and coverage can be purchased for the exact amount of time of the room booking.
  • After-hours booking may be requested at those facilities with after-hours access subject to Management approval.
  • Selling and soliciting by the public shall not be permitted in the libraries, on library property, or at library sponsored events without the permission of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Application for permission to sell or solicit on library premises must be made in writing to the CEO. If granted permission the participating organization shall provide their own staff for all hours of operation, all necessary equipment and supplies. Management of payments, and set-up will be done in consultation with the Library Manager.
  • In the event that a room booking request is denied, a request to reconsider may be submitted to the CEO . Concerns about the Room Booking Request process or specific bookings may also be directed to the CEO .
  • Property of any kind brought on to the premises by the applicant, guests or attendees shall be promptly removed from the premises after use.
  • Library staff must have access to facilities at all times and may attend free of charge any event, meeting or course held on library premises for the purpose of auditing or reviewing compliance with Vaughan Public Libraries’ policies.
  • Organizations must use their own names when advertising meetings held in library facilities, making it clear that the Library is not the sponsor of the event.
  • Organizations or individuals who use library facilities and/or equipment are responsible for any damages incurred by such use. They will be required to indemnify the Vaughan Public Library Board against the costs of any and all claims which may arise out of, or by reason of, granting the use of those facilities.
  • Persons using a meeting room are responsible for the set-up and arrangement of the room, including any use of technology such as screens or projectors. Vaughan Public Libraries will provide tables and chairs for use in the meeting rooms. The facilities shall be returned to the same condition as found. A charge will be levied for cleanup required by Library staff. See List of Charges .
  • Use of the kitchenettes must be requested at the time of application for use of the meeting rooms. This use is restricted to the service of non-alcoholic beverages and light refreshments. No dishes or utensils are provided.
  • Alcoholic beverages may not be dispensed or consumed on library property.

Community Service Organization Status

Groups registered with the City of Vaughan as a Community Service Organization (CSO) may rent our meeting rooms at a lower fee than the general public.

All organizations who wish to use VPL meeting rooms at the CSO rate must have their status recognized by the City of Vaughan as outlined in the CSO Corporate Policy . CSO status is determined by Recreation Services at the City of Vaughan. Applications for CSO status are available here.

Booking Request Form

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Business Hours
The personal information collected from you on this form will only be used for the purpose of making the bookings. Your personal information will not be shared with outside organizations, except as indicated in the Privacy Statement.

Creation Spaces

Bring out your inner maker in Vaughan Public Libraries’ three unique creation spaces: Make It, Create It, and Learn It. We welcome children, makers, entrepreneurs, artists and musicians of all ages to explore the newest technologies and tools in a friendly environment.

Explore these three Creation Spaces and book the spaces, equipment or services!

Explore our Creation Spaces

Exhibit Space Booking Request

VPL believes in providing access to cultural opportunities in the community by making exhibit space available to artists and community groups. Exhibit Space is available at the following locations:

  • Bathurst Clark Resource Library
  • Civic Center Resource Library
  • Kleinburg Library
  • Pierre Berton Resource Library

Applicants may be asked to submit samples of their work before approval. Exhibit space will be allocated based on availability and identification of suitable display space at the discretion of VPL.

If you have an exhibit you would like to display at the library, please fill out the form below and a library staff member will contact you. Applicants should review the VPL Exhibits Policy before submitting their application below.

Booking Request Form
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The personal information collected from you on this form will only be used for the purpose of making the bookings. Your personal information will not be shared with outside organizations, except as indicated in the Privacy Statement.

Study Rooms

All Vaughan Public Libraries have space for quiet individual and group study. Some locations have additional facilities.

Drop-in quiet study rooms (no card required):

First-come, first-served group study rooms (valid library card required):

Book Launch and Book Signing Space

Vaughan Public Libraries is committed to support our local literary talents’ writing efforts. We endeavour to collect one copy of each of our local authors and poets’ works. We also offer free space for book launches and signings. Please find more details on this Application Form.

Gourmet Teaching Kitchen

The Gourmet Teaching Kitchen is part of the 19,000 square foot Vaughan Studios and Event Space venue. Located on the third floor at 200 Apple Mill Road, the kitchen is above the VMC Library on the second floor. The kitchen is available to rent by the hour for independent cooking activities. Use the many burners and dual ovens to prep for a big family gathering. Invite your friends and cook a week’s worth of lunches. The possibilities are as boundless as cuisine itself!

For pricing, please see the Library Fees and Charges page. All prices are subject to HST as well as changes without advance notice.

Please fill out the form below to submit a booking request.

Booking Request Form

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Kitchen Hours of Availability
Mondays: 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Tuesdays: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Wednesdays: 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Thursdays: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

* To book outside of these hours, please contact Vaughan Studios and Event Space.
The personal information collected from you on this form will only be used for the purpose of making the bookings. Your personal information will not be shared with outside organizations, except as indicated in the Privacy Statement.