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A map of the new normal : how inflation, war, and sanctions will change your world forever / Rubin, Jeff
"Bestselling author and economist Jeff Rubin looks ahead and warns that the inflation that took the world by surprise in 2021 is in fact the front of a perfect storm of war, supply-chain disruption, geopolitical realignment, domestic upheaval, and energy scarcity that will change everything. During the pandemic, the borrowing patterns of the Canadian government inflated a national deficit by a factor of ten in just two years -- and the time has come to pay for it. The ramifications of international COVID-19 spending could potentially last for decades, and inevitably one of the first manifestations of these consequences will be an unhooking of private lenders' interest rates from central banks. That is just the first symptom of a series of cascading upheavals. Supply-chain disruptions have already shown the vulnerability of the globalism model that has fueled growth for the past decades. War has not only shown the fragility of the status quo, but has revealed diplomatic and economic rifts that promise to shift trading patterns, which means access to markets and to resources. At the same time, the precarity of the US dollar underlines the life-or-death importance of those resources, energy in particular. And consolidation of a Eurasian bloc, from Russia to China, and encompassing old enemies like Iran and former US ally Saudi Arabia, hint that the upheaval of Covid was just the beginning. Tracking trade wars and kinetic wars, central banks and run on banks, pipelines blown up and startups knocked down, The New World Order gives us a glimpse of a near future that will look very different from the recent past. It reminds us that our mortgage rates and job security, our grocery bills and investments, are all tied to events set in motion by governments, corporations, and black swans around the world."--

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Acquisitional wealth : the fastest, most proven way to create life-changing prosperity / Tolley, Josh
"Acquisitional Wealth is the fastest, safest, and most proven method of creating wealth in the history of the world, and is the strategy used by Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Coca-Cola, IBM, and so many others"--

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Badvertising : polluting our minds and fuelling climate chaos / Simms, Andrew
"Advertising is selling us a dream, a lifestyle. It promises us fulfilment and tells us where to buy it -- from international flights to a vast array of goods we consume like there is no tomorrow. The truth is, if advertising succeeds in keeping us on our current trajectory, there may not be a tomorrow. In Badvertising, Andrew Simms and Leo Murray raise the alarm on an industry that is making us both unhealthy and unhappy, and that is driving the planet to the precipice of environmental collapse in the process. What is the psychological impact of being barraged by literally thousands of advertisements a day? How does the commercialisation of our public spaces weaken our sense of belonging? How are car manufacturers, airlines and oil companies lobbying to weaken climate action? Examining the devastating impact of advertising on our minds and on the planet, Badvertising also crucially explores what we can do to change things for the better"--

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Canada vs California : how Ottawa took on Netflix and the streaming giants / Law, Howard
How Ottawa took on Netflix and the streaming giants
"Howard Law's Canada vs. California maps the ongoing battle to create and promote Canadian content in the media and the digital revolution that has made it increasingly less visible. An avid advocate for Canadian content, Howard Law has spent years reporting on, and fighting for Canadian media and the journalists who create it. As a former senior official for Unifor, and with his website Mediapolicy.ca, Howard Law offers expert guidance on the constantly shifting battlefield between Canadian content and Meta, Google, Netflix, Amazon and other Silicon Valley giants that threaten to overwhelm us. Canada vs. California explains how creative Canadian content may not survive the dominance of the American cultural juggernaut without new and effective interventions by the Canadian state."--

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Creating, planning, and funding your new business / Diamond, Stephanie
"Creating, Planning, and Funding Your New Business is a comprehensive guide that will assist you in thinking, planning, funding, and preparing for the launch of your business"--

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Day trading attention : how to actually build brand and sales in the new social media world / Vaynerchuk, Gary
"In his seventh business book, author, entrepreneur, and investor Gary Vaynerchuk offers advice to enhance brand development, grow sales, and beat the competition using modern advertising strategies grounded in social media"--

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F.I.R.E. for dummies / Koski, Jackie Cummings
Financial independence retire early for dummies
Take control of creating your own financial independence and the option to retire early on your terms. The Financial Independence, Retire Early (F.I.R.E.) movement has inspired many to optimize their finances and retire sooner than they ever imagined. This creates the time freedom and happiness you want years, or even decades, before the traditional age. F.I.R.E. For Dummies shows you how to make financial freedom and early retirement a reality. With the easy-to-follow steps in this guide, you can set yourself up to follow your big dreams without worry of money being an obstacle. Decrease debts, taxes and expenses while increasing earnings, savings and investing, is what gets you on the road toward building your wealth. You'll learn how to maximize this process and speed up your time to financial independence and retiring early. This is the perfect Dummies guide for anyone looking to move from the basics of their finances to reaching F.I.R.E. and enjoying the time freedom it creates. Regardless of where you currently are with your money or career, now is the right time to get started.

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Fair shake : women and the fight to build a just economy / Levit, Nancy.
"A stirring, comprehensive look at the state of women in the workforce -- why women's progress has stalled, how our economy fosters unproductive competition, and how we can fix the system that holds women back. In an era of supposed great equality, women are still falling behind in the workplace. Even with more women in the workforce than in decades past, wage gaps continue to increase. It is the most educated women who have fallen the furthest behind. Blue-collar women hold the most insecure and badly paid jobs in our economy. And even as we celebrate high-profile representation -- women on the board of Fortune 500 companies and our first female vice president-women have limited recourse when they experience harassment and discrimination. Fair Shake: Women & the Fight to Build a Just Economy explains that the system that governs our economy -- a winner-take-all economy -- is the root cause of these myriad problems. The WTA economy self-selects for aggressive, cutthroat business tactics, which creates a feedback loop that sidelines women. The authors, three legal scholars, call this feedback loop "the triple bind": if women don't compete on the same terms as men, they lose; if women do compete on the same terms as men, they're punished more harshly for their sharp elbows or actual misdeeds; and when women see that they can't win on the same terms as men, they take themselves out of the game (if they haven't been pushed out already). With odds like these stacked against them, it's no wonder women feel like, no matter how hard they work, they can't get ahead. Fair Shake is not a "fix the woman" book; it's a "fix the system" book. It not only diagnoses the problem of what's wrong with the modern economy, but shows how, with awareness and collective action, we can build a truly just economy for all"--

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Generative AI in practice : 100+ amazing ways generative artificial intelligence is changing business and society / Marr, Bernard
One-hundred-plus amazing ways generative artificial intelligence is changing business and society
"Generative AI isn't just the biggest trend right now; it's the pinnacle of today's technological evolution. Beyond the capabilities of ChatGPT and similar AIs that can generate written content and artwork, GenAI is rewriting the rulebook. From crafting intricate industrial designs, writing computer code, and producing mesmerizing synthetic voices to composing enchanting music and innovating genetic breakthroughs, the horizons are limitless. Picture a world where your daily news is read by your favorite celebrity, where video games conjure unparalleled universes in real-time, where machines concoct groundbreaking medicines, and where literature and courses are tailored flawlessly for you. Dive into the future with GenAI. In "Generative AI in Practice," renowned futurist Bernard Marr offers readers a deep dive into the captivating universe of GenAI. This comprehensive guide not only introduces the uninitiated to this groundbreaking technology but outlines the profound and unprecedented impact of GenAI on the fabric of business and society. It's set to redefine all our jobs, revolutionize business operations, and question the very foundations of existing business models. Beyond merely altering, GenAI promises to elevate the products and services at the heart of enterprises and intricately weave itself into the tapestry of our daily lives"--

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Get over yourself : how to lead and delegate effectively for more time, more freedom, and more success / Kerpen, Dave
"Drawing on his own experience launching and scaling multiple companies, Dave Kerpen shares the secrets of how you can shift your mindset (and your workload) to focus on the things that are most important for your business, your employees, and you"--

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High road leadership : bringing people together in a world that divides / Maxwell, John C.
The world's most influential leadership expert, John C. Maxwell, tackles the problem of our divided world in his latest book High Road Leadership. "Everything rises and falls on leadership," says Maxwell. "Today it is causing people to fall -- into disputes, frustration, anger, and despair. His solution is to expose the problems of taking the low and middle roads when interacting with others and teach people how to instead take the high road. Leaders who practice high road leadership value all people, do the right things for the right reasons, take accountability for their actions, and place people above their own agenda. In his trademark communication style, Maxwell teaches the principles and practices of high-road leadership that can increase anyone's influence and help them make their world a better place.

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How to be a CEO : purpose, people, performance / Renshaw, Ben
How to be a chief executive officer
Chief executive officers
Executive ability

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How to listen when markets speak : risks, myths, and investment opportunities in a radically reshaped economy / Mcdonald, Lawrence G.
"A New York Times bestselling author and leading expert on market risk argues that seismic shifts in the global economy will trigger a multi-trillion-dollar migration of wealth, tracing the fateful decisions that created this crisis -- and outlines new rules of investing for the forward-thinking. From Wall Street to the White House, the fantasy of an eventual "return to normal" is still alive and well, nurtured by dangerously outdated theories. But the economic world as we know it -- and the rules that govern it -- are over. In the coming decade, we'll witness sustained inflation, a series of sovereign and corporate debt crises, and a thundering of capital out of financial assets into hard assets -- and few are prepared. Lawrence McDonald got a real-world education in market risk when, as a Lehman Brothers VP, he watched the firm ignore flashing warning signs before its collapse. His analysis led him to identify twenty-one indicators for gauging the health of an economy and detecting early signals of opportunity and danger. In How to Listen When Markets Speak, McDonald unveils his unique predictive models, connecting surprising dots between past, present, and future and outlining actionable trading ideas. Rather than merely doomsaying, How to Listen When Markets Speak equips readers to make sense of our current moment, resist reactionary narratives and baseless analysis, and pounce on a new investing playbook"--

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Making waves : a woman's rise to the top using smarts, heart, and courage / Lutoff-Perlo, Lisa
"Making Waves follows the incredible career journey of Lisa Lutoff-Perlo, from her stories as an ambitious young woman, to trailblazing president and CEO of Celebrity Cruises"--

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Million dollar weekend : the surprisingly simple way to launch a 7-figure business in 48 hours / Raz, Tahl
Surprisingly simple way to launch a seven-figure business in forty-eight hours
"The founder and CEO of AppSumo.com, Noah Kagan, knows how to launch a seven-figure business in a single weekend-and he's done it seven times. Million Dollar Weekend will show you how. But, if the barriers to starting a business are getting lower and lower, why is it SO HARD TO DO for SO MANY PEOPLE? Why are there so many wantrepreneurs playing at business on social media and so few entrepreneurs actually running them? Ask yourself: Do you want to work for yourself, or start a side-hustle, but it all feels too risky and unpredictable? Have you spent time or money on things like websites and logos, but still have no customers? Are you brainstorming endlessly and waiting for the perfect idea to strike? All those Frequent Excuses are solvable. The plan is simple -- so simple it can be completed in a single weekend, but so powerful that Kagan has used to build seven businesses now worth more than $1 million: Find your Creator's Courage to overcome your fear and have fun! Learn to Just Ask so that customers get EXCITED to give you money. Automate your business so it can grow while you sleep. By Monday, you'll have a market-tested, scalable business idea and you'll be a entrepreneur on the path to seven figures. Million Dollar Weekend is the path to creating yourdream life and attaining financial freedom"--

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Once upon a time : the captivating life of Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy / Beller, Elizabeth
Captivating life of Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy
"The life and legacy of Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy, wife of John F. Kennedy Jr., are reexamined in this captivating and effervescent biography that is perfect for fans of My Travels with Mrs. Kennedy, What Remains, and Fairy Tale Interrupted. A quarter of a century after the plane crash that claimed the lives of John F. Kennedy Jr., his wife Carolyn, and sister-in-law Lauren, the magnitude of this tragedy remains fresh. Yet, Carolyn is still an enigmatic figure, a woman whose short life in the spotlight was besieged with misogyny and cruelty. Amidst today's cultural reckoning about the way our media treats women, Elizabeth Beller explores the real person behind the tabloid headlines and media frenzy. When she began dating America's prince, Carolyn was increasingly thrust into an overwhelming spotlight filled with relentless paparazzi who reacted to her reserve with a campaign of harassment and vilification. To this day, she is still depicted as a privileged princess -- icy, vapid, and drug-addicted. She has even been accused of being responsible for their untimely death, allegedly delaying take-off until she finished her pedicure. But now, she is revealed as never before. A fiercely independent woman devoted to her adopted city and career, Carolyn relied on her impeccable eye and drive to fly up the ranks at Calvin Klein in the glossy, high-stakes fashion world of the 1990s. When Carolyn met her future husband, John was immediately drawn to her strong-willed personality, effortless charm, and high intelligence. Their relationship would change her life and catapult her to dizzying fame, but it was her vibrant life before their marriage and then hidden afterwards, that is truly fascinating. Based on in-depth research and exclusive interviews with friends, family members, teachers, roommates, and colleagues, this comprehensive biography reveals a multi-faceted woman worthy of our attention regardless of her husband and untimely death"--

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Relentless caring : if you don't give a damn, don't expect anyone else to / Mcgill, William H.
"Relentless Caring is a practical playbook for "managing from the heart" -- tirelessly delivering goodness and kindness to your team members and to customers to build strong loyalties that can buoy your organization even in the most challenging economic circumstances"--

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Retire by 30 : achieve financial freedom through the FIRE movement & live life on your own terms / Niu, Frank
Retire by thirty
The beginner-friendly guide to breaking free from the corporate grind. The secrets to gaining wealth are usually gatekept by those at the top, who make navigating our financial systems seem hard and inaccessible. Yet, with the right mindset, financial freedom is closer than you think. Enter the F.I.R.E. (Financial Independence, Retire Early) movement. It's not about wishful thinking; it's about actionable strategies. Frank Niu didn't just dream about early retirement--he achieved it by age 30. Now, he's here to share his proven tactics that could save you years of effort and financial uncertainty. Whether you're starting from scratch or already on your financial journey, this book provides invaluable insights.

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Salesforce for dummies / Kao, Liz
Salesforce gives your business an edge in tracking relationships and managing sales, marketing, customer service, and support operations. Salesforce For Dummies help you take advantage of key platform functionality and focus on making the most of its many features. Learn best practices to determine the right configuration to suit your business needs, and how to use apps, build widgets, and configure features to personalize your system for your business. Explore prospecting for leads, managing accounts, maintaining contacts, tracking products, calculating forecasts, and monitoring each customer's service and support interactions with your business. Collaborate with colleagues by sharing information across a 360-degree view of all customer interactions, enhance your online marketing, gain real-time visibility into sales, and close deals faster.

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Stock investing for Canadians / by Andrew Dagys. / Dagys, Andrew
Stock investing for Canadians for dummies
The updated guide to investing in any kind of market environment Stock Investing For Canadians For Dummies keeps you current as the Canadian stock market, industry, and tax laws go through a series of critical changes. Inside, you'll find expert tips and advice on how to navigate flat, thriving, or declining markets. Plus, this friendly, just-for-Canadians guide will help you minimize risk and maximize your investment returns. This latest edition also covers independent online brokers and robo-advisor services, so you can weigh all your options. With up-to-date references and resources, this book is the most reliable guide for the new stock market investor. Stock Investing For Dummies is perfect for readers new to investing in the stock market who are looking for a comprehensive guide to making sure their investments grow.

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