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Service Update: Customers will have limited access to public computers, printers, photocopiers, and scanners at re-opened library branches. These services have been modified to maintain physical distancing and abide by safety precautions. Laptops and iPads remain unavailable until further notice. Please inquire at your local re-opened library branch for more information.


Notebooks are available for up to 2 hours loan, for in-library use.

Available at all VPL locations except Kleinburg Library.

Internet Access

All libraries have workstations which provide the public with free access to the Internet. While using the Internet in each of the branches, customers are expected to read and abide by the VPL Internet Policy.

Wireless Internet Access

As long as your hardware complies to one of the standards that our wireless supports (802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n, 802.11ac) just open your computer or device and away you go! Available at all VPL branches.

Microsoft Office

All VPL locations provide free access to computers equipped with Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher and Powerpoint. The workstations are provided for the public on a self-serve basis. Library staff may provide limited assistance, if time permits, but are not able to provide training on the use of PCs or the software.

In order to save their work, customers are encouraged to bring a USB drive, or purchase one from the library. Files saved to the computers' hard drives will be cleaned up after the computer session is ended or logged out.

Vaughan Public Libraries assumes no responsibility for computer viruses that may have been introduced to the workstations.

Self Check Stations

Sign out library materials by yourself with your library card. Follow the step-by-step instructions on the screen to check out or renew your materials. When you are finished, you can choose to take the receipt which includes the due-dates.

Not available at Kleinburg Library.

Printing, Photocopy and Scanning

This service is not offered at this time because branches remain closed to public access.

Printing and photocopy are available at all VPL locations. Using VPL's WebPrint and Email to Print, customers can now send a print job from their laptop, mobile devices and even home computer, and pick it up at any locations.

See Service Charges

CELA Services

As a member of the Centre for Equitable Library Access (CELA), VPL offers access to over 85,000 items to seniors or anyone who has a visual, physical or learning disability that prevents them from reading conventional print.

Enjoy books, magazines, newspapers and described videos in a variety of formats including audio, e-text, downloadable and braille formats.

To set up an account with CELA, please ask staff at the Service Desk for assistance. Library membership is also required.


Home Library Services

People who are physically unable to visit the library independently often rely on their family or friends to bring them materials from the library. Once registered, Home Library Services users have access to the following services:

  • Longer loan periods
  • No Fines
  • Flexible delivery times
  • Qualified Library staff to assist with selection of materials


People who do not have someone on whom they can rely to check materials out for them, can have the library materials brought to them. Qualified volunteers will deliver materials to your doorstep. This service can be used temporarily or on a permanent basis and is free of charge. Please complete the online Home Library Customer Declaration Form to start the process or speak with library staff if assistance is needed. This service is only available to customers over the age of 18 who are living in Vaughan.


Accessible Equipment

A Victor Reader is available for loan in VPL. Provided by the Government of Ontario, the Victor Reader is a digital talking book player to assist people who are blind or have print-related disabilities.


Accessible Building Features

  • Two story branches, PBRL, WO and KL, have a button operated passenger elevator or lift. Other branches are all on one level.
  • Book drops are accessible height.
  • Distance between book shelves in all branches accommodates minimum aisle widths per accessibility standards.
  • All branches have strobe lights attached to fire alarms to help the hearing impaired.
  • Service desks are accessible to persons who use a wheelchair or scooter at most branches.
  • The Pierre Berton Resource Library has a push-button automatic door, all the other libraries branches have automatic sliding doors. All library main entrances are wheelchair accessible.
  • All branches have handicap accessible washrooms.
  • Self-check stations at most branches are wheelchair accessible.
  • Persons with disabilities are welcomed to use personal assistive devices, registered service animals and/or support persons in the library.


Accessible Formats

Many of the resources available at VPL are suited to accessibility needs.


Information Access

  • Account information is available in person, over the telephone and online.
  • Notification about holds pick up, overdues and due date reminders is available via telephone, Email Notification or Text Notification.


Website Features

  • Patrons are free to choose Large Font or zoom in and out to view the site in a size comfortable to their viewing.
  • Text equivalents are used for images to facilitate those using screen readers.
  • Style sheets are used to separate the documents structure from presentation.
  • Device-independent interaction with the website is allowed: use a mouse, keyboard, or touch screen device.
  • Moving content can be stopped by users.


If you would like to know more about these services, please contact your local branch at 905-653-READ (7323).

Service Update: Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Exam Proctoring service will be unavailable until further notice. Announcements will be made when the service is ready to resume.

Proctoring Examination Invigilation Guidelines

Proctoring service is available at Bathurst Clark Resource Library, Civic Centre Resource Library and Pierre Berton Resource Library. Please wait for a response from your selected location before confirming the exam with your institution. Students pay $40.00 per exam and institutions pay $50 per exam, and this fee does not include material or courier costs.

  1. It is the responsibility of the student to contact the library directly to inquire about the availability of proctoring services. The specific date, time and place of the exam must be confirmed at least three weeks in advance.
  2. Exams must be proctored during library business hours. Exams must be completed half an hour before closing.
  3. The student must complete an application form and submit it to the library for approval. A librarian will proctor an exam only if the application has been approved.
  4. The examination package must be sent from the issuing institution directly to the library one week prior to the exam date.
  5. The library will not accommodate an exam if it cannot meet operational conditions outlined by the Institution.
  6. The library will not be liable for any missing items, papers, samples or other documents related to the exam.
  7. The library will not accommodate an exam that requires specialized procedures such as the downloading of software to library's computers.
  8. Students who require a proctor for an online exam must provide and use a laptop computer. Written guidelines for online exams must be included in the examination package provided by the issuing institution.
  9. The student is responsible for any incidental or additional expenses such as courier fees or postage charges.
  10. The library will not provide reminders or notifications for an approved exam. It is the responsibility of the student to arrive fifteen (15) minutes prior to the start of the exam.

If you would like to know more about this service, please contact your local branch at 905-653-READ (7323).

Available Exam Proctoring location and time:

Bathurst Clark Resource Library

  • Mondays, 10:00 am - 1:00 pm
  • Tuesdays, 4:30 pm - 7:30 pm
  • Fridays, 11:00 am - 2:00 pm
  • Sundays, 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Civic Centre Resource Library

  • Tuesdays, 10:00 am - 1:00 pm
  • Thursdays, 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm
  • Saturdays, 10:00 am - 1:00 pm
  • Saturdays, 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm
  • Sundays, 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Pierre Berton Resource Library

  • Mondays, 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm
  • Mondays, 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesdays, 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm
  • Wednesdays, 10:00 am - 1:00 pm
  • Wednesdays, 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm
  • Wednesdays, 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm
  • Thursdays, 10:00 am - 1:00 pm
  • Thursdays, 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Service Update: Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Memory Lab will be unavailable until further notice. Announcements will be made when the service is ready to resume.

Memory Lab @ Woodbridge Library

Analog to digital conversion is available at Woodbridge Library. Have home movies on VHS? An assortment of slides? A box of old recipes hidden away? Don't just store your favourite collections - enjoy them!

Thanks to funding provided by the Government of Ontario, Woodbridge Library is proud to offer digital preservation and transfer equipment, along with the necessary instruction, to bring life and use to all of your cherished memories.

With the Memory Lab you can...

  • Turn photos, film and slides into high resolution files to be enlarged and restored.
  • Capture analog video to a computer or mobile device.
  • Easily transfer cassette tapes into digital files.
  • Use a handheld scanner for other objects like scrapbooks, recipes and more.

The Memory Lab is available at Woodbridge Library to all library members on a first come first served basis, no reservations necessary. Digital files can be burned to a disc, saved to a USB key or external hard drive or uploaded to an online file sharing site. Customers are asked to bring their own media for saving on. For more information contact Woodbridge Library at 905-653-READ (7323) or speak to staff at the Service Desk.

1000 Books Before Kindergarten logo

1000 Books Before Kindergarten

The concept is simple, the rewards are priceless. Read a book (any book) to your newborn, infant, toddler and/or preschooler. The goal is to read 1,000 books (yes, you can repeat books) before your little one starts kindergarten.


The concept is simple, the rewards are priceless. Read a book (any book) to your newborn, infant, toddler and/or preschooler. The goal is to read 1,000 books (yes, you can repeat books) before your little one starts kindergarten.

This may sound like a lot, but if you read to your child just 1 book a night, you will have read about 365 books in a year; 730 books in two years; and 1,095 books in three years. If you consider that most children start kindergarten at around 4 years of age, you will have more than enough time.

Reading together should be fun, so snuggle up with your little one and start creating some life-long memories for both of you!


  • Keep track of the titles of the books that you read with your child. Make a record of what you are reading in the reading log sheets, in a notebook or journal, online, or by whatever method you want. The reading log itself will make a great keepsake item for you and your little one.

    • Record “any” book that is being read to your child. This includes books read by siblings or other caregivers.
    • If you read the same book over and over, record it each time. For example, if you read the same book ten times to your little one, then record it ten times.
  • When your child reaches a milestone (100, 200, etc.) fill in and submit the web form below to let us know.

  • When we reopen visit the library for a special surprise for the 500 and 1000 book milestones!”

Milestone Reporting Form

All * fields are required.


The personal information collected from you on this form will only be used for the purpose of contacting. Your personal information will not be shared with outside organizations, except as indicated in the Privacy Statement.

Downloadable PDFs

PDF Reading Log (1605 KB)

PDF Colouring Page (942 KB)


Who can participate in this program?

Any child from birth until they enter kindergarten can participate in the 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten program.

How long will the program take?

The program will take anywhere from a few months to a few years. The program is self‐paced and will depend on how often you read together.

How many of my children can participate?

All of them (provided they have not yet started kindergarten). Make it even more fun and read as a family! Or make it a family project and have school-aged siblings practice their reading by reading to their younger siblings.

I don’t know any good books to read with my child, where can I get recommendations?

Our branches may be closed, but our digital library is here to serve you! You can contact them by phone (905-653-7323), social media, or email.

Check out our digital books recommendation list.

More picture books on Hoopla, OverDrive, and Tumblebook Library.

Service Update: Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, all in-person programs have been cancelled for the remainder of 2020 (including school group tours and curriculum-based programs). Announcements will be made when these programs and services are ready to resume.

Tour the Library

Tours can be booked at any VPL location.  Contact your preferred location to set up a customized tour for your group.

If your group would like to register for library cards, please let us know when you book your tour.  We can help you sort this out.

Curriculum-based Programs

The library has a suite of curriculum-based programs and workshops that we’d love to share with your group.  See Curriculum-based Programs page for details.

Book Club Sets

VPL has a wide variety of Book Chat sets available for different age groups, in English and in French. 

For more information about book chat set loans and a list of available titles, see the Book Clubs section of the website.

Study Space

If your class is looking for some workspace to tackle a specific project, many of our libraries have rooms that can accommodate groups of 2-30 students.  Contact your preferred location to inquire about the possibilities.

Vaughan Local History

Is your class working on projects involving the history of Vaughan?  The Civic Centre Resource Library houses VPL’s Local Studies collection, featuring numerous resources that could be of use.  Examples include A History of Vaughan Township by G. Elmore Reaman, which tells the story of the settlement of Vaughan and contains references to numerous Vaughan residents and families.  The collection also features the Illustrated Historical Atlas of York County from 1878, which contains a detailed map of Vaughan Township as well as the names of families that lived in Vaughan and their properties in 1878.

Teacher Cards

Teachers teaching in a Vaughan school can get a Teacher card to borrow library materials for classroom use.  With this special membership, which expires at the end of the school year, you can enjoy extended loan periods for items that regularly circulate for 3-weeks only.  You don’t need to worry about overdue fines!  Contact your preferred location for more details.

Resources for projects & research

The library is, of course, a great place to obtain books, movies, and information for school-related projects.  With a library card, teachers and students have access to VPL’s selection of subscription databases (including Academic OneFile, Canada in Context, Gale Virtual Reference Library, STEM Village, and many more) from home 24/7.

Service Update: Customers will have limited access to the Music & Memory service. Please inquire at your local re-opened library branch for more information.

About Music & Memory

MUSIC & MEMORY℠ is a non-profit organization that brings personalized music into the lives of the elderly or infirm through digital music technology, vastly improving quality of life. For more information, visit musicandmemory.org.

The Music & Memory Service at Vaughan Public Libraries

Music & Memory provides personalized music playlists to help promote cognitive function and improve the lives of those living with dementia, and cognitive conditions.

Music & Memory is an international nonprofit focused on using personalized music to improve the quality of life for those with Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other cognitive disorders by enabling them to reconnect with the world through music-triggered memories.

Interested patrons can check out an MP3 player preloaded with a personalized playlist carefully created by staff who have been trained and certified in this program. Please speak with staff to sign up.

Participating Branches

The Music & Memory service is provided at Bathurst Clark Resource Library and Woodbridge Library. For further information please contact staff at these branches.

Service Update: Please be advised, at this time only 3 library branches are open for pick up of Book Chat sets (Bathurst Clark Resource Library, Civic Centre Resource Library, and Pierre Berton Resource Library).

VPL members may borrow book chat sets for their book clubs.

There is a wide variety of book chat sets available for different age groups and in selected non-English languages. Book chat sets are available for an extended loan period of four weeks. To borrow book chat sets, your book club needs to register as a VPL Community Book Club.

Registration of Community Book Club

Your book club should designate a representative to register the club. This designee must be eligible to obtain an adult membership card. To register, the designee should submit the Community Book Club Registration Form.

Responsibilities of Community Book Club Designees

  • You will be your book club's contact person
  • You will be the only person to reserve book chat sets for your club;
  • You will be notified by VPL of the availability of the book chat set for the specific period that you request for your book club;
  • You are responsible for arranging with your fellow book club members on how, when and where the books to be picked up and returned;
  • You will notify VPL if your book club cancels the booking of a specific book chat set.

Your registration information will be kept on file for the purposes of running the Community Book Club service.

Reserving Book Chat Sets for Community Book Clubs

The English book chat sets are divided into four lists:

VPL also hosts a collection of book chat sets in selected non-English languages (French, Chinese, and Hindi). Please contact VPL information staff to find out more about these book chat sets.

Community book club representatives should reserve the book chat sets on the website by completing the following steps:

  1. Click on one of the book chat set lists above and select a title
  2. Click the “reserve” button and submit the Booking a Book Chat Set for Community Book Club Form

A VPL information staff will follow up with your request.

Here is the relevant information you need for booking book chat sets for your book club:

  • Indicate the name of the book chat set, number of copies you want to borrow, and the VPL branch for pick-up.
  • You will be notified by VPL of the availability of the book chat set for the specific period that you request for your book club.
  • You are responsible for arranging with your book club members on how, when, and where the books to be picked up and returned. You can check out the whole book chat set on behalf of your club or have individual members of your club pick up their copy. When you or the individual group members pick up the book, you/they will be asked to present a valid library membership card, the name of the book club, and the title of the book chat set.

Service Update: Please be advised, this service will be provided with limitations. Please inquire using the form below.

Vaughan Public Libraries will come to you!

We welcome the opportunity to visit your class, group or event to show how VPL is an exciting part of Vaughan’s diverse community, offering intriguing programs for all ages, a large physical and online collection, the latest technology and innovative Creation Spaces. We will work with you to identify what activities and information will benefit your audience and target our presentation or display to meet those needs.

Community Events:

Invite us to your community event and we will tailor our information, display and activities to your audience. Our flexible service is prepared for any size event, indoors or outdoors.


Our knowledgeable and engaging staff are available to speak at meetings, groups and events. We cover a wide variety of topics of interest to organizations or community groups such as, but not limited to training on how to use our free digital resources to download ebooks, movies, magazines and more, and feature resources for businesses and lifelong learners.

Contact us for more information about what we can provide. Free library memberships can also be arranged.

Please click here for our event calendar and a sampling of the programs we provide.

Bring your group to the library

We also welcome organizations and community groups to visit the library for a tour or program. Our staff would be happy to give customized group orientations and activities. Library tours can be booked at any location near to you.

Contact the library for more info:

Please enter in the following information:

All * fields are required.


The personal information collected from you on this form will only be used for the purpose of contacting. Your personal information will not be shared with outside organizations, except as indicated in the Privacy Statement.

Or call 905-653-READ (7323) to contact your local branch