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Exoplanets : a guide to the worlds outside our solar system / Miles, David
Exo planets
NASA has confirmed the existence of over 5,000 exoplanets (planets that lie outside of our solar system), and that number is growing! Exoplanets , the first book of its kind for kids, is a visually packed guidebook to the exoplanets of our universe. You’ll learn the four main types of exoplanets, techniques scientists use to discover them, the probability of finding life as we know it beyond Earth, plus detailed information about dozens of some of the most fascinating exoplanets discovered so far, from water worlds to planets that are literally evaporating! It’s a thrilling journey, and it all begins in Exoplanets !

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Nature's treasures of North America / Limentani, Alison.

"Fascinating information and illustrations highlighting wildlife for young people"--Provided by publisher.

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Your unofficial guide to building cool Minecraft railroads / Morison, S. D.

Moving around the Minecraft world is an essential part of the game. Gamers create railroads to carry them between towns they build. They can be used to make transportation systems in mines, but they are also for building roller-coasters! This volume encourages readers to get creative with their rail construction as well as gives tips on how to do it even better.