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Awesome animals and the places they live / Lippard, Hannah.
Do you know about... awesome animals and the places they live
Animal ecology
Habitat (Ecology)

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Code confusion! / Holmes, Kirsty

"Professor Chip helps the class at Code Academy understand that computers communicate in a language that kids can learn. Simple sentences and easy-to-understand examples make learning binary code understandable and fun"--Provided by publisher.

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Debugging disaster! / Holmes, Kirsty

"Join the Code Academy kids as they learn how to write computer code that tells Ro-bud, their robot classmate, how to feed Turing, the class guinea pig. The easy-to-understand example shows readers that code is a set of instructions that follow a simple pattern. When Turing gets a tummy bug, the kids learn how to figure out what went wrong and how to "debug" their code"--Provided by publisher.

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Hack attack! / Holmes, Kirsty

"When their robot classmate, Ro-Bud, gets a computer virus, the Code Academy gang is determined to help her. Along the way, they learn what a virus is, and how "hackers" break into computers to steal information or cause damage. This easy-to-follow book simplifies computer concepts to help readers learn why it's important to keep passwords secret to protect computers"--Provided by publisher.

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I am Marie Curie / Eliopoulos, Chris

"A biography of Marie Curie, the physicist and chemist who was the first woman to win the Nobel Prize."--Provided by publisher.

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I am Walt Disney / Eliopoulos, Chris

"A biography of Walt Disney with a focus on his work making dreams come true for himself and for generations of children"--Provided by publisher.

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Loopy logic! / Holmes, Kirsty

"The Code Academy class puts their robot classmate, Ro-Bud, to work tidying up the classroom. But their instructions to Ro-Bud don't get the job done. They must figure out the problem by making flow diagrams that use logic to help Ro-bud make decisions about what to do. A simple activity helps readers see how their own daily routines involve making decisions using logic"--Provided by publisher.

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Memory madness! / Holmes, Kirsty

"The kids at Code Academy are memorizing their lines for a school play with the help of Ro-bud, their computer classmate. But when Ro-bud can't remember her lines, everyone panics! Professor Chip believes it's a memory storage problem. By relating human memory to machine memory, readers are introduced to the concepts of computer memory and storage systems in an easy-to-understand way"--Provided by publisher.