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What's the point of art? / Dk Publishing, Inc.
What is the point of art?
Get your paints and canvases ready for a fun-filled journey through art! Explore how artists get ideas and bring them to life, how art can affect the way we think and feel, and why people throughout history have loved it so much.

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Can you hear the plants speak? / Goodnight, Madelyn.

Drawing on his life as an Indigenous expert on native plants and as a teacher, Nicholas Hummingbird shows how we can learn from plants if we truly listen -- and become better humans along the way.

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Artificers & alchemy : a young adventurer's guide / King, Stacy
Artificers and alchemy
"Explore the wondrous enchanted items and creatures of the Dungeons & Dragons worlds, from arcane artifacts to curious constructs"--

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Always beginning : the big bang, the universe, and you / Savage, Candace

"For kids with big questions comes a mesmerizing celebration of the universe and our place in it, perfect for STEM learning. The story of the universe is enough to send our minds spinning with wonder! This awe-inspiring picture book explores the science behind the start of our universe and how we came to be a part of it, from the Big Bang and the beginning of life on Earth all the way up until today."--

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Dinosaurs! Dinosaurs! Dinosaurs! / Barker, Vicky

"Kids will learn hundreds of fun facts and information about the lives the dinosaurs and the world around them, included with detailed drawings"--

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Sharks! Sharks! Sharks! / Barker, Vicky

"Kids will learn hundreds of facts about sharks accompanied by detailed drawings"--

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Dogs are great but / Sekaninová, Štěpánka.

This book will guide young readers and dog-lovers through the most basic steps in pet care, introducing them to pitfalls with which most dog owners must reckon, while highlighting the joys that balance out and help overcome these difficulties.

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The beginner's guide to manga and anime : learn the history, explore the art, meet the creators / Takeda, Shuichiro

"Become an anime and manga expert with this must-have beginner's guide! It's packed with compelling history and fascinating facts that both new and longtime fans won't want to miss! Manga and anime are a whole lot more than just comics and animation from Japan. They are massive pop-culture phenomena reaching hundreds of millions of fans worldwide--and they've had a huge impact on TV, movies, music, and more. But did you know that manga and anime have a rich and fascinating history that spans decades?"--

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A field guide to spring / Dawnay, Gabby.
'A Field Guide to Spring' is a pocket-sized introduction to spring, inspired by the Forest School movement. Building on children's natural curiosity about the world around them, this book aims to establish a connection with nature at an early age that will go on to last a lifetime!

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Snakes : what do cobras, pythons, and anacondas get up to all day? / Mills, Rebecca

Journey around the world to follow the lives of these cold-blooded reptiles as they hunt, hide, and fight their way through their day. Biologist and conservationist Christian Cave tells the story of the world's most amazing venomous snakes in the style of a nature documentary, including gentle science explanations of topics such as camouflage and skin shedding that are perfect for future biologists.