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24/6 : the power of unplugging one day a week / Shlain, Tiffany.
Conduct of life
Internet -- Social aspects
Quality of life
Technology -- Social aspects

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An artful path to mindfulness : MBSR-based activities for using creativity to reduce stress & embrace the present moment / Slom, Janet.

Creative ability -- Problems, exercises, etc.
Mindfulness (Psychology) -- Problems, exercises, etc.

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Anxious kids, anxious parents : 7 ways to stop the worry cycle and raise courageous and independent children / Lyons, Lynn

"With anxiety at epidemic levels among our children, Anxious Kids, Anxious Parents offers a contrarian yet effective approach to help children and teens push through their fears, worries, and phobias to ultimately become more resilient, independent, and happy. How do you manage a child who gets stomachaches every school morning, who refuses after-school activities, or who is trapped in the bathroom with compulsive washing? Children like these put a palpable strain on frustrated, helpless parents and teachers. And there is no escaping the problem: One in every five kids suffers from a diagnosable anxiety disorder.Unfortunately, when parents or professionals offer help in traditional ways, they unknowingly reinforce a child's worry and avoidance. From their success with hundreds of organizations, schools, and families, Reid Wilson, PhD, and Lynn Lyons, LICSW, share their unconventional approach of stepping into uncertainty in a way that is currently unfamiliar but infinitely successful. Using current research and contemporary examples, the book exposes the most common anxiety-enhancing patterns--ncluding reassurance, accommodation, avoidance, and poor problem solving--and offers a concrete plan with 7 key principles that foster change. And, since new research reveals how anxious parents typically make for anxious children, the book offers exercises and techniques to change both the children's and the parental patterns of thinking and behaving.This book challenges our basic instincts about how to help fearful kids and will serve as the antidote for an anxious nation of kids and their parents"

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Atomic habits : tiny changes, remarkable results : an easy & proven way to build good habits & break bad ones / Clear, James
Tiny changes, remarkable results
A leading expert on habit formation reveals practical strategies to form good habits, break bad ones, and master the tiny behaviors that lead to remarkable results.

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Attention management : how to create success and gain productivity--every day / Thomas, Maura Nevel.

Discusses how old approaches to productivity just don't work in today's fast-paced, tech-driven workplaces. Attention management, not time management, is the solution that works. It's a collection of behaviors --including focus, mindfulness, control, presence, and flow--that will support your success.

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Becoming bulletproof : protect yourself, read people, influence situations, and live fearlessly / Geoffroi, Remie

"Former Secret Service agent and star of Bravo's Spy Games Evy Poumpouras shares lessons learned from protecting presidents, as well insights and skills from the oldest and most elite security force in the world to help you prepare for stressful situations, instantly read people, influence how you are perceived, and live a more fearless life"--Provided by publisher.

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Burning bright : rituals, Reiki & self-care to heal burnout, anxiety & stress / Patel, Kelsey.

"Reclaim your energy, transcend burnout, beat anxiety, and step into your own power with inspiration, energy techniques, and simple rituals from a Reiki healer to the stars. Whether it's burnout, anxiety, fear, or grief, everybody knows what it's like to feel overwhelmed. From college students to young professionals to parents, people feel paralyzed but rushed, inert but frantic, and out of touch with their own potential. No matter how much they do, they still feel like underachievers. As a spiritual coach, Reiki master, and wellness expert, Kelsey Patel has helped thousands struggling with burnout and anxiety. She has developed a reputation as Hollywood's go-to energy healer, and now she wants to share the knowledge, tips, and techniques that have worked so well for her and her clients. Burning Bright dives deep into the nature of anxiety, the root of unhappiness, the cause of systemic burnout, and the origin of chronic pain, guiding readers through a re-examination of their thought processes and solution-based practical techniques to overcome these cycles of negativity and stress, including: Practicing Reiki on yourself, without a master Interrupting anxiety cycles with tapping, breathwork, and journaling Simple rituals that can bring you peace in any situation Using simple and powerful practices and resources to ground yourself and get back into your physical body in a healthy way Kelsey shows readers how to transform pain, anxiety, and overwhelm into calm, expansive abundance, pure joy, directed purpose, and a deep connection to their authentic selves"--Provided by publisher.

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Don't be a dick : change yourself, change your world / Borg, Mark B.
Do not be a dick
Behavior modification
Change (Psychology)
Interpersonal conflict

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Don't overthink it : make easier decisions, stop second-guessing, and bring more joy to your life / Bogel, Anne

"Popular blogger offers readers strategies to avoid negative thought patterns, streamline decisions they're often prone to overthink, and proactively bring more peace, joy, and love into their lives"--Provided by publisher.

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Good vibes, good life : how self-love is the key to unlocking your greatness / King, Vex.

Instagram guru Vex King provides guidelines on how to change the way one thinks, feels, speaks, and acts.