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Fast like a girl : a woman's guide to using the healing power of fasting to burn fat, boost energy, and balance hormones / Pelz, Mindy.

Most fasting advice offers a one-size-fits all approach. Pelz addresses women's needs when fasting, based on their hormones and menstrual cycle. You'll discover the right steps on how to go from eating all day to intermittent fasting; how to time fasting according to your menstrual cycle; and the best foods to break your fast to achieve better metabolic health. Take control of your health-- fast.

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A history of plant medicine : Western herbal medicine from the ancient Greeks to the modern day / Stapley, Christina

A comprehensive guide following the story of healing with herbs from pre-history to modern times. A History of Plant Medicine is an invitation for readers to re-evaluate their relationship with herbal medicine, in understanding how different herbs are perceived in the light of knowledge and beliefs throughout history.

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Medicinal perennials to know and grow / Jason, Dan

"Growing your own medicine is empowering -- learn how with plant activists Dan Jason and Rupert Adams. Many common, easy-to-grow plants can energize or soothe, stimulate the immune system, aide in sleep or digestion, help to heal injuries, change blood pressure, reverse inflammation, soothe a sore throat -- and more. But how do you find or grow them, and how do you use them? This compact book describes some of the best-known medicinal plants and provides expert information on their care and use. Accompanied by the beautiful watercolour illustrations of Lyn Alice, Dan Jason and Rupert Adams explain the nature of each plant, how to grow them, their medicinal properties and other potential perks, such as their ability to produce dyes or attract pollinators. Jason and Adams focus on plants that will thrive in the West Coast, and their local knowledge is tried and tested in their own gardens. The medicinal perennials in this book will make beautiful, useful and environmentally positive additions to any local garden."--

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Yoga anatomy / Kaminoff, Leslie

"The book details the key anatomical systems involved in the practice of yoga, including the skeletal system, muscular system, respiratory system, and nervous system. Anatomical detail and explanation are blended with yogic breathing and mindfulness to create a complete yoga practice. Chapters detail standing, sitting, kneeling, supine, prone, and arm supported poses, or asana, with extensive anatomical illustrations and pose outlines. Cueing callouts connect movement to breath and highlight key aspects of practice"--

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Empowering aging : insights from the Healthy Aging webinar series / Gupta, Shilpi

Aging -- Health aspects.
Aging -- Physiological aspects
Aging -- Psychological aspects

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Expired : COVID the untold story / Craig, Clare

"Have you ever felt the covid story did not entirely add up? Expired contains multiple eye-opening revelations about covid with compelling evidence that provides a coherent, sober and clear explanation that better fits the data we have so far. Meticulous research by pathologist Dr Clare Craig sheds light on the largely overlooked evidence of airborne virus transmission, examining twelve related beliefs on spread, lockdowns, asymptomatic infections, and masks. In addition, Expired champions the importance of Western ethical principles, damaged by pandemic actions and calls for their restoration."--Back cover.

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The art of feeling better : how I heal my mental health (and you can too) / Heindow, Matilda

Sometimes it can be difficult to stay grounded through life's challenges, and sometimes it can even be difficult to enjoy its high points. In 'The Art of Feeling Better', Matilda Heindow, illustrator behind the much-loved Instagram @crazyheadcomics, takes us from her first therapy visit when she was struggling to the day she woke with joy in her heart again, to reveal the techniques, tools, and ways of thinking that really helped.

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Calm your mind with food : a revolutionary guide to controlling your anxiety / Naidoo, Uma.

"Researchers and the public have historically believed the gut, brain, and immune system to be separate, distinct entities. However, recent research indicates these three major systems are surprisingly connected. Few people realize that we have an immune system in our gut -- and it greatly affects our mental health and, specifically, our tendency towards anxiety. This revelation is transforming the way we think about food, anxiety, and mental health"--

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The emotional brain : lost and found in the science of emotion / Burnett, Dean

"Happy, sad, angry, glad--why do we cry when we're ecstatic or mad? A fascinating look at the science of emotion. Emotions can be a pain. After his father died of Covid, Dean Burnett found himself wondering what it would be like to live without emotion. And so, he decided to put his feelings under the microscope--for science. With his trademark humour, Burnett takes us on an incredible journey of discovery, stretching from the origins of life to the ends of the universe. Along the way, he reveals why we would ever follow our gut; whether things really were better in the old days; why it's so hard to stop doomscrolling; how sad music can make us happier; why we can't think straight when hungry; the point of nightmares; and why it is virtually impossible to forget embarrassing memories."--

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Eve : how the female body drove 200 million years of human evolution / Bohannon, Cat

"In Eve, Cat Bohannon answers questions scientists should have been addressing for decades. With boundless curiosity and sharp wit, Bohannon covers the past 200 million years to explain the specific science behind the development of the female sex. Eve is not just a sweeping revision of human history, it's an urgent and necessary corrective for a world that has focused primarily on the male body for far too long. Bohannon's findings, including everything from the way C-sections in the industrialized world are rejiggering women's pelvic shape to the surprising similarities between pus and breast milk, will completely change what you think you know about evolution ... and women. A 21st-century update of Our Bodies, Ourselves, Eve offers a paradigm shift in our thinking about what the female body is and why it matters"--