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A cure for darkness : the story of depression and how we treat it / Riley, Alex

Depression, Mental -- History.
Depression, Mental -- Treatment

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Dementia reimagined : building a life of joy and dignity from beginning to end / Powell, Tia.

"The cultural and medical history of dementia and Alzheimer's disease by a leading psychiatrist and bioethicist who urges us to turn our focus from cure to care. Despite being a physician and a bioethicist, Tia Powell wasn't prepared to address the challenges she faced when her grandmother, and then her mother, were diagnosed with dementia--not to mention confronting the hard truth that her own odds aren't great. In the U.S., 10,000 baby boomers turn 65 every day; by the time a person reaches 85, their chances of having dementia approach 50 percent. And the truth is, there is no cure, and none coming soon, despite the perpetual promises by pharmaceutical companies that they are just one more expensive study away from a pill. Dr. Powell's goal is to move the conversation away from an exclusive focus on cure to a genuine appreciation of care--what we can do for those who have dementia, and how to keep life meaningful and even joyful. Reimagining Dementia is a moving combination of medicine and memoir, peeling back the untold history of dementia, from the story of Solomon Fuller, a black doctor whose research at the turn of the twentieth century anticipated important aspects of what we know about dementia today, to what has been gained and lost with the recent bonanza of funding for Alzheimer's at the expense of other forms of the disease. In demystifying dementia, Dr. Powell helps us understand it with clearer eyes, from the point of view of both physician and caregiver. Ultimately, she wants us all to know that dementia is not only about loss--it's also about the preservation of dignity and hope"--Provided by publisher.

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Eat to beat depression and anxiety : nourish your way to better mental health in six weeks / Ramsey, Drew

"Psychiatrist, farmer, and pioneer of nutritional psychiatry Dr. Drew Ramsey offers a path to healing depression and anxiety through the foods we eat and details a six week Health Food Protocol to help the reader get started"--Provided by publisher.

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Fast this way : burn fat, heal inflammation, and eat like the high-performing human you were meant to be / Asprey, Dave

"From biohacker and author of Head Strong, Game Changers, and Super Human comes the ultimate guide to hacking intermittent fasting"--Provided by publisher.

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I have been buried under years of dust : a memoir of autism and hope / Gilpeer, Valerie

Autistic children -- Family relationships -- United States.
Autistic children -- United States -- Biography
Parents of autistic children -- United States -- Biography.
Gilpeer, Valerie, 1951-
Grodin, Emily, 1991-
Grodin, Emily -- Family.

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Metabolical : the lure and the lies of processed food, nutrition, and modern medicine / Lustig, Robert H.

"The NYT bestselling author of Fat Chance, Dr. Robert Lustig explains the eight pathologies that underlie all chronic disease, and how they are not "druggable," but how they are "foodable"-meaning, medication can't cure what nutrition can-by following two basic principles: protect the liver and feed the gut"--Provided by publisher.

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That good night : life and medicine in the eleventh hour / Puri, Sunita

"A heart-wrenching and provocative memoir about how the essential parts of one young woman's early life--her mother's work as a surgeon and her spiritual practice--led her to become a doctor and to question the premise that medicine exists to prolong life at all costs. Dr. Sunita Puri's parents grew up in urban India, in extreme poverty. Yet they managed not only to reach America, but her mother become a renowned anesthesiologist too. As a young girl, Puri realized that the gulf between her parents' experiences and her own was nearly impossible to bridge, save for two elements: medicine and faith. Puri spent her childhood in nurse's lounges waiting for her mother to exit the OR, and also in deep conversation with her parents about the role of faith in shaping a compassionate life. As a young woman, Puri followed her mother into medicine. But as the years of her training passed, Puri began to question medicine's power. Were patients' lives being saved, or merely prolonged? What did doctors understand when patients use words like "warrior," "survive," "recover"? Eventually, Puri's questions led her to palliative care--a new field, one at work translating the border between medical intervention and quality of life care. By helping patients think through radical medical decisions, Puri balanced the pull of her family's faith and the incessant and sterile push of Western medicine. Written in gorgeous, evocative prose, That Good Night shares Puri's own stories along with her patients' to reveal a nuanced and optimistic portrait of medicine and hospitalization, arming readers with questions that will revolutionize the way we connect with our doctors"--Provided by publisher.