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5 NLN PAX-RN practice tests / Brennan, Joseph (Educator)
5 National League for Nursing Pre-Admission Exam Registered Nurse
Written by a test-prep expert, these tests will give you the intensive practice you need to get your best score.

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7-minute body plan / Wyndham-Read, Lucy.
Seven-minute body plan
Reducing exercises

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A thousand brains : a new theory of intelligence / Hawkins, Jeff

Hawkins explores how we might create machines that can learn on their own, why we need not fear superintelligent systems, and how human and machine intelligence may someday merge. Combining cutting-edge theoretical neuroscience with an ambitious program for tomorrow's digital minds, A Thousand Brains heralds a revolution in the study of intelligence. It is a big-think book, in every sense of the word"--Provided by publisher.

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Eat smarter : use the power of food to reboot your metabolism, upgrade your brain, and transform your life / Stevenson, Shawn

"Lose weight, boost your metabolism, and start living a happier life with this transformative 30-day plan for healthy eating from the host of the hit podcast The Model Health Show. Food is complicated. It's a key controller of our state of health or disease. It's a social centerpiece for the most important moments of our lives. It's the building block that creates our brain, enabling us to have thought, feeling, and emotion. It's the very stuff that makes up our bodies and what we see looking back at us in the mirror. Food isn't just food. It's the thing that makes us who we are. So why does figuring out what to eat feel so overwhelming? In Eat Smarter, nutritionist, bestselling author, and #1-ranked podcast host Shawn Stevenson breaks down the science of food with a 30-day program to help you lose weight, reboot your metabolism and hormones, and improve your brain function. Most importantly, he explains how changing what you eat can transform your life by affecting your ability to make money, sleep better, maintain relationships, and be happier. Eat Smarter will empower you and make you feel inspired about your food choices, not just because of the impact they have on your weight, but because the right foods can help make you the best version of yourself."--From publisher.

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Exercised : why something we never evolved to do is healthy and rewarding / Lieberman, Daniel

"This highly engaging landmark work, a natural history of exercise--by the author of the best seller The Story of the Human Body--seeks to answer a fundamental question: were you born to run or rest. The first three parts of Exercised roughly follow the evolutionary story of human physical activity and inactivity, even as each chapter shatters a particular myth about exercise. Because we cannot understand physical activity without understanding its absence, Part One begins with physical inactivity. What are our bodies doing when we take it easy, including when we sit or sleep? Part Two explores physical activities that require speed, strength, and power, such as sprinting, lifting, and fighting. Part Three surveys physical activities that involve endurance, such as walking, running, or dancing, as well as their effect on aging. Part Four considers how anthropological and evolutionary approaches can help us exercise better in the modern world. How can we more effectively manage to exercise, and in what ways? To what extent, how, and why do different types and durations of exercise help prevent or treat the major diseases that are likely to make us sick and kill us? --Provided by publisher.

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Fast this way : burn fat, heal inflammation, and eat like the high-performing human you were meant to be / Asprey, Dave

"From biohacker and author of Head Strong, Game Changers, and Super Human comes the ultimate guide to hacking intermittent fasting"--Provided by publisher.

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Healing at your fingertips / Brink, Alexis.

"Jin Shin Jyutsu: Healing at Your Fingertips is a complete self-help guide to the practice of the ancient Japanese healing art that balances body, mind and spirit by using our hands. Illustrated throughout and written by a trained Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner with 25 years of experience, the book will appeal to the growing market of people turning to holistic treatments that complement Western medicine for pain and common afflictions such as anxiety, stress, and insomnia"--Provided by publisher.