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5 ingredients slow cooker.
Australian women's weekly, 5 ingredients slow cooker
Electric cooking, Slow
Quick and easy cooking

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A.D. Livingston's mastering the cast-iron skillet : from charred chicken to the perfect pan-seared steak / Livingston, A. D.
Mastering the cast-iron skillet
Frying and sautéing steaks, fish, and other foods in a skillet may seem like a simple procedure, but with a careful eye to the different techniques, one can easily make a dish go from ordinary to extraordinary. In Mastering the Skillet, A. D. Livingston demonstrates that if you enjoy good eating and take pleasure in your cooking, a skillet may be the only pan you need. Cast-iron pans are a favorite for Livingston and he shares all of his favorite cast-iron cooking recipes in this book. Livingston also goes into complete detail for seasoning and care for one of the world's most perfect skillets. With chapters on: * Skilletmanship * Beef and pork * Burgers * Poultry and fowl * Venison and game * Fish and shellfish * Skillet vegetables * Skillet breads * Breakfasts * Skillet gravy * Cast-Iron Skillet Specialties Featuring more than 150 delicious recipes--with complete, easy-to-follow cooking instructions for such treats as Sumac Trout, Cross Creek Crackling Bread, Versatile Venison Burgers, Steaks Cognac, and Sopchoppy Pancakes--A.D. Livingston's Mastering the Skillet is ideal for both novice and advanced chefs.

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Cake decorating for beginners : 24 stunning step-by-step cake designs for all occasions / Weightman, Stephanie

Combining nuggets of valuable advice and popular projects from the Modern Cake Decorator series, the book leads the reader from the first stages to the last embellishments, including baking and icing your cake, and features a range of exciting, innovative but accessible techniques for decoration such as stencilling, using cutters, piping, painting and airbrushing for a polished, professional finish.

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Clean-eating breakfasts and lunches made simple : 75 flavorful and nutritious recipes that ditch processed ingredients / Baier, Lacey
Breakfasts and lunches made simple
Stick to Your Health Goals with Easy, Wholesome Meals. Lacey Baier, founder of the clean-eating blog A Sweet Pea Chef, brings you a wide variety of fun, satisfying breakfasts and lunches to help you eat clean—and stay healthy—all day long. By ditching refined sugars and harmful additives and adding in natural sweeteners and low-carb, high-protein foods, you never have to give up the meals you love to eat. Every one of these fuss-free, nutrient-packed dishes comes together quickly, and most can be prepped the night before. Never skip breakfast again with filling grab-and-go options like Bananas Foster Overnight Oats or the Blackberry Cobbler Greek Yogurt Bowl. Say goodbye to expensive, unhealthy deli sandwiches and reach for preservative-free lunches that are anything but boring like the Chickpea Meatballs Sub and Rainbow Detox Salad with Sesame-Ginger Peanut Dressing. Lacey shares smart tips and provides support for making healthy choices, because she’s been there! Her delicious recipes make the clean-eating lifestyle easy, convenient and enjoyable.

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Eat more plants : over 100 anti-inflammatory, plant-based recipes for vibrant living / Nielsen, Desiree

Restore and energize your health every day with this stunning collection of plant-based recipes chock-full of powerful, anti-inflammatory foods that heal. Revolutionize your approach to a healthy diet with the power of plant-based foods. Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian, or meat-eater, we can all benefit from eating more plants--one simple rule for vibrant living. Eat More Plants shows you how to transform your diet with powerful anti-inflammatory nutrient-dense plants, and to create delicious meals to support your immune system, gut health, fight disease, reduce stress, and restore balance. In Eat More Plants, registered dietitian Desiree Nielsen shows you a myriad of ways to add the most healthful gluten-free, plant-based foods to every meal. Packed with more than 100 anti-inflammatory recipes to meet the demands of modern life, including Blackberry Ginger Muffins, Edamame Hula Bowl with Almond Miso Sauce, Socca Pizza with Zucchini, Olives, and Basil, Creamy Pasta with Smoked Tofu and Kale, Green Machine Burgers, Tahini Date Shakes, Pineapple Ginger Cream Tart, and Cocoa Cherry Brownies. Along with expert advice on understanding inflammation and the power of plants, the book includes a 21-day meal plan to help you eat more plants!

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Eat more plants / Krebs, Molly

Put produce in the center of your plate with these flavorful, satisfying, addictive dishes—and yes, we’re talking about vegetables! Molly Krebs, creator of the popular blog Spices in My DNA, turns everyday veggies into meals you’ll crave. Vegetarians and vegans will find inspiring new meal ideas, and meat-eaters will discover the variety of tastes and textures that creative combinations of veggies can bring to the table. Get your vitamins with veggie-inspired sweets and cocktails, and mix and match easy, game-changing sauces to dress up lunch and dinner. Forget bland salads and boring sides—these recipes will show you how to love your vegetables.

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Food you love but different : easy and exciting ways to elevate your favorite meals / Oron, Danielle

Covering your every need, from breakfast and lunch to dinner and desserts, never again will you waste all your time in the kitchen only to have a meh meal. These are the dishes you love with some incredible-- but easy--changes to keep them exciting. Consider your meals (and sanity) saved.