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The new guys : the historic class of astronauts that broke barriers and changed the face of space travel / Bagby, Meredith E.

"The never-before-told story of the barrier-breaking NASA class of 1978, which for the first time consisted of a diverse crew of women, people of color, LGBTQ+ people, and more, and their triumphs and tragedies working on the newly launched space shuttle program, with the exclusive cooperation of five astronauts"--Provided by publisher.

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A mystery of mysteries : the death and life of Edgar Allan Poe / Dawidziak, Mark

A Mystery of Mysteries is a brilliant biography of Edgar Allan Poe that examines the renowned author's life through the prism of his mysterious death and its many possible causes. It is a moment shrouded in horror and mystery. Edgar Allan Poe died on October 7, 1849, at just forty, in a painful, utterly bizarre manner that would not have been out of place in one of his own tales of terror. What was the cause of his untimely death, and what happened to him during the three missing days before he was found, delirious and "in great distress" on the streets of Baltimore, wearing ill-fitting clothes that were not his own? Mystery and horror. Poe, who remains one of the most iconic of American writers, died under haunting circumstances that reflect the two literary genres he took to new heights. Over the years, there has been a staggering amount of speculation about the cause of death, from rabies and syphilis to suicide, alcoholism, and even murder. But many of these theories are formed on the basis of the caricature we have come to associate with Poe: the gloomy-eyed grandfather of Goth, hunched over a writing desk with a raven perched on one shoulder, drunkenly scribbling his chilling masterpieces. By debunking the myths of how he lived, we come closer to understanding the real Poe-and uncovering the truth behind his mysterious death, as a new theory emerges that could prove the cause of Poe's death was haunting him all his life. In a compelling dual-timeline narrative alternating between Poe's increasingly desperate last months and his brief but impactful life, Mark Dawidziak sheds new light on the enigmatic master of macabre.

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A stone is most precious where it belongs : a memoir of Uyghur exile, hope, and survival / Hoja, Gulchehra.

"In February 2018, twenty-four members of Gulchehra Hoja's family disappeared overnight. In one evening, all those she had left behind in Ürümchi when she fled to a new life in the United States were arrested because of her. Her crime - and thus that of her family - was her award-winning investigations for Radio Free Asia on the plight of the Uyghur people. A Stone is Most Precious Where it Belongs is Gulchehra Hoja's, stunning literary memoir, taking us into the everyday world of life under Chinese rule in East Turkistan (more formally as the Xinjiang Autonomous Region of China). The grandchild of a renowned Uyghur musician and the daughter of an esteemed Uyghur archaeologist, Hoja grew up with her people's culture and history running through her veins. She showed her gifts early on as a dancer, actress, and storyteller, putting her on a path to success as a major television start for China's state TV. Slowly though, she began to realize the realities of Communist rule and understand what China was doing to her people. As her rising fame and growing political awakening coincided, she made the decision to flee the US, where she has fight to expose the crimes Beijing is committing in the far reaches of its nation. Revealing the beauty of East Turkistan and its people - its music, its culture, its heritage, and above all its emphasis on community and family, A Stone is Most Precious Where it Belongs gives us a glimpse beyond what the Chinese state wants us to see - showcasing a woman who was willing to risk not just her own life, but also that of her family, to expose her people's story to the world"--Provided by publisher.

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The hard parts : a memoir of courage and triumph / Masters, Oksana

The United States' most decorated winter Paralympic or Olympic athlete tells how she overcame Chernobyl disaster-caused physical challenges through sheer determination and a drive to succeed to win the world's best in elite rowing, biathlon, cross-country skiing, and road cycling competitions.

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Sink : a memoir / Thomas, Joseph Earl.

"Stranded in a volatile, ever-shifting family, saddled with a mercurial mother mired in crack addiction, and demeaned daily for his perceived weakness, Joseph Earl Thomas was under constant threat. Roaches fell from the ceiling, colonizing bowls of noodles and cereal boxes. Fists and palms pounded down at school and at home, leaving welts that ached long after they disappeared. An inescapable hunger gnawed at his frequently empty stomach, and requests for food were often met with indifference if not open hostility. Deemed too unlike the other boys to ever gain the acceptance he so desperately desired, he began to escape into fantasy and virtual worlds, wells of happiness in a childhood assailed at all sides. In a series of exacting and fierce vignettes, Thomas guides readers through the unceasing cruelty that defined his circumstances, laying bare the depths of his loneliness and illuminating the vital reprieve geek culture offered him. With remarkable tenderness and devastating clarity, he explores how lessons of toxic masculinity were drilled into his body and the way the cycle of violence permeated the very fabric of his environment. Still, he carves out unexpected moments of joy, from summers where he was freed from the injurious structures of his surroundings to the first glimpses of community he caught on his journey to becoming a Pokémon champion. SINK follows Thomas's coming-of-age towards an understanding of what it means not to fit in - with his immediate peers, or his turbulent family - and traces his first attempts at communion with other like-minded people, and solidarity, and eventually, salvation"--Provided by publisher.

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Tutankhamun, King of Egypt : his life and afterlife / Dodson, Aidan

The spectacular discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb in 1922 has given him an afterlife that has all but eclipsed the young king's real career. This authoritative yet accessible book tells the story of Tutankhamun, from his own lifetime in the fourteenth century BC, down to modern times. It explores the various theories as to his parentage, his role in the 'counter-reformation' that followed the religious revolution of Akhenaten, and his premature death. It also looks at the monuments built during the king's reign, his key officials, and the arrangements made for his funeral. Moving forward in time, Tutankhamun, King of Egypt considers the way in which Tutankhamun was written out of official history. The story is then picked up again in the early nineteenth century AD when, with the first decipherment of hieroglyphs, Tutankhamun's name could once again be read, and the problem of his place in history considered by Egyptologists. Aidan Dodson traces possible solutions through the decades as more and more data came to light, culminating in the discovery of the king's tomb. Yet, dazzling as that discovery was, many matters regarding Tutankhamun remain obscure today, even with the aid of genetic data. Dodson also looks at how the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb brought about the first of many outbreaks of "Tut-mania," and explores some of its manifestations. Richly illustrated in full color throughout, this fascinating book by a leading Egyptologist will be essential reading for anyone interested in the life and enduring legacy of ancient Egypt's most famous king.

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Bad vibes only : (and other things I bring to the table) : essays / Mcinerny, Nora.

Journalists -- United States -- Biography
McInerny, Nora.
Widows -- United States -- Biography

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Writing with my eyes : staying alive while dying / Parker-Brown, Angela.

Angela Parker-Brown writes of her diagnosis of ALS and her determination to live every day to the fullest.

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Lilian Bland : an amazing aviatrix / Fraser, Kimiko.

The life story of Lilian Bland, the first woman ever to design, build, and fly her own airplane.