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One hundred Saturdays : Stella Levi and the search for a lost world / Frank, Michael

"The remarkable story of ninety-nine-year-old Stella Levi whose conversations with the writer Michael Frank over the course of six years bring to life the vibrant world of Jewish Rhodes, the deportation to Auschwitz that extinguished ninety percent of her community, and the resilience and wisdom of the woman who lived to tell the tale."--Amazon.

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Yes we will : Asian Americans who shaped this country / Ali, Nabi H.

"A lyrical nonfiction picture book featuring eighteen Asian American changemakers and two pivotal moments in Asian American history, illustrated by fifteen renowned Asian and Asian American artists"--Provided by publisher.

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Bibi : my story / Netanyahu, Binyamin

In Benjamin Bibi Netanyahus autobiography, one of the most formidable and insightful leaders of our time tells the story of his family, his path to leadership, and his unceasing commitment to defending Israel and securing its future.

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You're that bitch : & other cute lessons about being unapologetically yourself : a gay Cinderella story / Rock, Bretman.
You are that bitch
Bretman Rock is one of the most original, influential voices on social media. This book is hilarious and that bitch made me laugh out loud."-Chelsea Handler From one of the original influencers and the internet's sweetheart, Bretman "The Baddest" Rock, a chaotically joyous essay collection that is a funny and inspiring celebration of self, identity, queerness, and his Filipino heritage. Hilarious and earnest, this collection of essays, drawings, recipes, how-tos and never-before-seen photos goes far beyond what we know of Bretman Rock from social media. Who is Bretman Rock Sacayanan behind the screen and how did he become the original superstar influencer and today's beloved best friend of the internet? You're That Bitch welcomes you into Bretman Rock's world-from how his childhood in the Philippines, his family, Filipino culture, and being a first-generation immigrant helped shape him into who he is today. Peek into how Bretman became a social media sensation at the precocious age of 14, balancing living a glamorous jet-setting lifestyle on weekends while still serving lunch at his school's cafeteria, running as a varsity track-star, and making honor roll during the week. With his signature honesty, this is an unfiltered and unprecedented look at what it means to be an influencer and that bitch---from dealing with cancel culture, drama and heartbreak, to what it means to love yourself and your community.

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Plantagenet queens and consorts : family, duty and power / Corvi, Steven J.
Plantagenet queens & consorts
Great Britain -- History -- Lancaster and York, 1399-1485
Great Britain -- History -- Plantagenets, 1154-1399
Plantagenet, House of
Queens -- England -- Biography.
Great Britain -- Politics and government -- 1066-1485.

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The lost kings : Lancaster, York & Tudor / Licence, Amy.
Lancaster, York and Tudor
The century spanning the Wars of the Roses and the reigns of the Tudor kings was a volatile time of battle and bloodshed, execution and unexpected illness. Life could be nasty, brutish and short. Some met their end in battle, others were dragged to the block, losing everything for daring to aspire to the throne. Some were lost in mysterious circumstances, like Edward V, the elder of the Princes in the Tower. But the majority of these young men died in their teens, on the brink of manhood. They represent the lost paths of history, the fascinating 'what-ifs' of the houses of York and Tudor. They also diverted the route of dynastic inheritance, with all the complicated implications that could bring, passing power into some unlikely hands. This book examines ten such figures in detail, using their lives to build a narrative of this savage century.

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I always knew : a memoir / Chase-Riboud, Barbara.

"American artist, poet, and novelist Barbara Chase-Riboud (b. 1939), has had an unusually varied and highly successful career across genres and media. As a poet, her work was edited by Toni Morrison and she is a recipient of the Carl Sandburg Prize. As a fiction writer, she was edited by Jacqueline Kennedy Onasis, and her first historical novel, Sally Hemmings (1979) was a bestseller. But Chase-Riboud trained as a visual artist, primarily as a sculptor, and her large installations made of fabric and bronze are powerful, with references to the human figure, her travels in North Africa and China, and the American Civil Rights Movement. She and Bettye Saar were the first African-American women to exhibit at the Whitney Museum of Art, and her work is in many major collections, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, MoMA, and the Centre Pompidou. This book, framed as a memoir, is composed of over forty years' worth of letters Chase-Riboud wrote to her beloved mother, and which she found in her mother's house around the time of her death. The letters begin in 1957, while the artist was a student in Paris, and continue through 1991. As Chase-Riboud writes in the introduction, "This is not autobiography, nor biography, nor memoir nor fiction but a strange hybrid mixture of disparate and even contradictory narratives out of which portraits of the two of us emerge, separate yet united and indivisible""--Provided by publisher.

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Paradise now : the extraordinary life of Karl Lagerfeld / Middleton, William

A tribute to a cultural icon and the creative director for the storied House of Chanel reveals a side the elusive designer kept private from the world while introducing some of the most unforgettable figures of fashion's inner circle for the past four decades.

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The other family doctor : a veterinarian explores what animals can teach us about love, life, and mortality / Fine, Karen R.

"All Creatures Great and Small meets Being Mortal in this compelling memoir of one woman's dream to become a veterinarian in a field historically dominated by men, and how, through her work both with her patients and their people, she comes to better understand humanity, mortality, and the unique role animals play in our lives. Karen Fine always knew that she wanted to be a vet and wasn't going to let anything stop her: not her allergy to cats, and not the fact that in the '80s veterinary medicine was still a mostly male profession. Inspired by her grandfather, a compassionate doctor who paid house calls to all his (human) patients, Dr. Fine persevered, and brought her Oupa's principles into her own practice, which emphasizes the need to contextualize pets' care in terms of their stories. And in The Other Family Doctor, Dr. Fine shares all these touching, joyful, heartbreaking, and life-affirming tales that make up her career as a vet. There's the feral cat who becomes a creature out of a fable when he puts his trust in a young vet to heal his injured paw; the pot-bellied pig who grows too big to fit in the car but remains a cherished part of her family; the surprising colony of perfectly behaved ferrets; the beloved aging pet who gives her people the gift of accompanying them on one final family vacation; and the dog who saves his owner's life in a most unexpected way. Woven into Dr. Fine's story are, of course, also the stories of her own pets: the birds, cats, and dogs who have taught her the most valuable lessons-how we can be better caretakers of the animals in our lives and, ultimately, of ourselves"--Provided by publisher.

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Love, Charlie : the rise and fall of chef Charlie Trotter / Achatz, Grant
Rise and fall of chef Charlie Trotter
"Charlie Trotter revolutionized American cuisine but his quest for excellence cost him everything"--from www.imdb.com.