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Stock investing for Canadians / by Andrew Dagys. / Dagys, Andrew
Stock investing for Canadians for dummies
Investments -- Canada
Stocks -- Canada.

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The long-distance team : designing your team for the modern workplace / Eikenberry, Kevin
Cover subtitle:
The latest book from remote-leadership experts shows leaders how to design a team culture that has a "one-team" mindset and gets great results under hybrid-work conditions. With hybrid work becoming increasingly common, organizations must address the unique challenges that hybrid teams pose and learn how to purposefully design them. The long-distance team guides leaders on how to create the culture they envision for their teams and organizations while navigating a new way of working. This title shows how to apply the 3C model of team design-which focuses on connection, cohesion, and collaboration-to create from scratch a successful hybrid team and culture. It shows how leaders of all levels can overcome challenges such as proximity bias and deteriorating social connections to create an environment where everyone can contribute and add value equally, regardless of location. Drawing on their expertise in remote leadership, authors Kevin Eikenberry and Wayne Turmel provide tested guidance for building long-distance teams. The book includes practical tools and models that leaders can apply to define their aspirational culture, consciously design teams, and create and nurture engagement.

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The millionaires' factory : the inside story of how Macquarie Bank became a global giant / Moullakis, Joyce.
Macquarie is everywhere. As an investment bank, a commodities player and an international leader in infrastructure fund management, Macquarie has inserted itself into your life somehow, no matter where in the world you're reading this book. The Millionaires' Factory lifts the lid on this unique banking success story, from its origins in Australia in 1969 to its presence in 33 markets today. It identifies the big decisions that have allowed the bank to thrive where others have floundered, and the unique Macquarie ability to spot a niche few others can see. It also uncovers the dramas, the turf fights, the scandals and the failures, as well as the supercharged salaries and bonuses that earned them the nickname 'the millionaires' factory'. Drawing on their interviews with Macquarie CEOs and senior managers past and present, journalists Joyce Moullakis and Chris Wright explain the culture that drives Macquarie: its unique 'loose-tight' approach to risk, its empowerment of individual staff to try new things, and its knack for turning market calamities into opportunities. Markets move and Macquarie has reinvented itself time and again as they do so, but one thing never changes: it's seldom on the wrong side of a deal.

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The new China playbook : beyond socialism and capitalism / Jin, Keyu.
"China's economy has been booming for decades now. Keyu Jin, an economist who was born in China and educated in the United States, brings her fluency in Eastern and Western cultures together to offer an explanation of how China became such a successful economic story. This book is a guide to the Chinese economy as it has shifted from being based primarily on state-owned enterprise to being based on entrepreneurship and participation in the global economy"--Provided by publisher.

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The Palestine laboratory : how Israel exports the technology of occupation around the world / Loewenstein, Antony.
"Bestselling journalist Antony Loewenstein uncovers a hidden world in a global investigation, drawing on secret documents, revealing interviews, and on-the-ground reporting. He shows how Palestine became the perfect laboratory for the Israeli military-techno complex: surveillance, home demolitions, indefinite incarceration, and brutality of the hi-tech tools of the "Start-up Nation.""-- Provided by publisher.

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The song of significance : a new manifesto for teams / Godin, Seth
Employee motivation
Organizational behavior

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Two weeks notice : find the courage to quit your job, make more money, work where you want, and change the world / Porterfield, Amy
2 weeks notice
"Ever wish there was a step-by-step blueprint to design your life for financial freedom, lifestyle flexibility, and major impact? Are you ready to go from being stuck and complacent to courageous and capable of creating a business offering you the time and financial freedom you never dreamed possible? Through sharing her tried and true strategies, inspiring stories, and mindset shifts, Amy Porterfield, host of the top-rated podcast Online Marketing Made Easy and a 9-to-5 escapee who built an 8-figure online business on her terms, reveals: Why you don't need to know exactly what your business is going to be to get started. Tips to navigate the 5 most common boss traps, including self-sabotage and "superwoman syndrome". How to use your 10 percent edge to build a foolproof marketing plan. The keys to set up your business to avoid trading your time for money. How to craft your first offer and overcome the fear of putting it out there. You can have more time, flexibility, recognition, income, and impact. You're capable of so much more than you know. You've got this!"--Publisher.

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Understanding stocks / Sincere, Michael
Understanding Stocks, provides everything you need to start out strong. From opening an account, to evaluating stocks, to making trades, it covers all the fundamentals--market language, players, rules, strategies, and environment--and helps you build a solid portfolio by developing the right balance between risk and reward. This updated third edition includes brand-new chapters on: risk management; identifying winning stocks; testing your trading strategy; Bitcoin and alternative investments; ways to read the market quickly and accurately; technical and fundamental analysis; and short-term trading and long-term investing. In addition, this comprehensive resource brings you fully up to date on pattern day trading rules and zero commissions; strategies for both bull and bear markets; the influence of computer algorithms; and preparing for the market open. You don't need a fortune to make a fortune. Michael Sincere explains everything you need to succeed as an investor or trader.

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Working to restore : harnessing the power of regenerative business to heal the world / Chhabra, Esha.
"Working to Restore examines revolutionary approaches in nine areas: agriculture, waste, supply chain, inclusivity for the collective good, women in the workforce, travel, health, energy, and finance. The companies profiled are solving global issues: promoting responsible production and consumption, creating equitable opportunities for all, encouraging climate action, and more. Chhabra highlights how their work moves beyond the greenwashed idea of "sustainability" into a new era of regeneration and restoration"--Provided by publisher.

Self-serve standard products available on the Statistics Canada website ― including CANSIM and census data products ― are now free of charge. This is an open resource for everyone and not VPL-subscribed.

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Provides access to specialized reference sources in various subjects: arts, business, education, history, medicine, religion, science, social science, technology, etc.

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Scott’s Canadian Business Directory lists Canadian manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, sales agents and business services providers. This information is updated annually.

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LinkedIn Learning (previously called Lynda.com) gives users free access to thousands of video tutorial courses with a focus on such areas as technology, software development, business skills, project management as well as creative skills like animation and video editing. The courses are taught by recognized industry experts who will guide you along in learning the skills you need for your personal and professional development.

For security and privacy purposes, access to LinkedIn Learning with your library card cannot connect with your personal LinkedIn account. Any achieved course certifications will not feature your name as a result.

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How to use LinkedIn Learning

Find accurate phone-verified information on every company in Canada in this database of 1.9 million businesses. Additionally their files are processed monthly against the National Change of Address Program.

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Research 11 million Canadian households with the largest database available. Records are 100% publicly sourced to comply with Canadian privacy laws.

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