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Curriculum-based Programs

We love working with educators and children of all ages and would be happy to host a program in:

  • Any VPL location
  • Your classroom
  • Your school library

Our curriculum-based programs:

  • highlight key library resources and services while also engaging students in hands-on activities;
  • are designed to support the Ontario elementary and secondary school curriculums;
  • run for approximately 50-60 minutes each; and
  • must be booked and scheduled in advance.

To book a program or for more information, please complete the form.

Library Cards

You will receive library card applications for your students when you register your class for a program. These applications enable your students to obtain a library card and to borrow materials from their local public library. Please return the completed applications (including parent/guardian signatures) at least one week prior to your visit to allow staff enough time to prepare cards for your entire group.

Available programs:

Kindergarten and Grade 1 - Welcome to the Library!

Everyone is welcome at the library. Learn about the library and the community helpers who work there.

Curriculum Links: The Kindergarten Program 2016, 2.1 Thinking about belonging and contributing
Grade 1 Social Studies. Strand B. People and Environments: The Local Community

Grade 2 - Simple Machines

Levers, Pulleys and Gears Hands-on simple STEAM activities and the science behind them!

Curriculum Links: Grade 2 Science and Technology. Understanding Structures and Mechanisms: Movement.

Grade 3 - Printing 3D Structures

Learn about 3D design!  Students will learn about the 3D printing process and how to create simple structures using the free website Tinkercad. Designs can then be printed and tested for strength and stability.

Curriculum Links: Grade 3 Science and Technology. Understanding Structures and Mechanisms: Strong and Stable Structures.

Grade 4 - Read Across Canada!

Canada is overflowing with wonderful authors and illustrators from coast to coast to coast! We will introduce your students to great titles from across the country. Reading about Canadian experiences can be a fun way to understand different corners of our country and to learn about the variety of ways people experience being Canadian.

Curriculum Links: Grade 4 Social Studies. People and Environments: Political and Physical Regions of Canada
Grade 4 Language. Reading.

Grade 5 - Our Great Lakes

We will dive into the research process and library resources with this investigation into governments and citizens working together to manage the Great Lakes.

Curriculum Links: Grade 5 Social Studies. People and Environments: The Role of Government and Responsible Citizenship.

Grade 6 - Life Size Solar System

Explore the depths of outer space. Investigate the shape, size and texture of the planets.

Curriculum Links: Grade 6 Science and Technology. Understanding Earth and Space Systems: Space.

Grades 7 & 8 - Consider the Source

Students are challenged to think critically about the source of the information they are gathering as they complete this hands-on research puzzle.

Curriculum Links: Grade 7 History: A2. Inquiry: From New France to British North America (A2.3)
Grade 8 History: B2. Inquiry: Perspectives in British North America (B2.3)

Grades 9-12 - Ace your Research Assignment

Our staff will highlight different kinds of resources (primary, secondary, etc.), the library’s research resources, as well as how to properly cite sources using MLA, APA, and Chicago styles.

Subjects: All

Grades 9-12 - Diversity in YA: Beyond the Classics

This curriculum-linked workshop covers why we need diverse books, how diversity is defined, and how to find teen books that reflect the diversity of our society.

Subjects: English, Social Studies, Civics/Careers

Grades 9-12 - Fake News: Improving your Research Techniques

Fake news has the potential to affect every aspect of our lives.  This workshop teaches students how to identify fake news, to fact check, and how to authenticate their research.

Subjects: English, French, History, Sciences

Grades 9-12 - Marketing Yourself: For Whatever’s Next

We will guide students through the free resources the library offers related to career planning, job search and self-promotion. We will highlight independent learning databases like Lynda.com, our curated links on the Teen Vortex, and of course books that can help your students find the information they need to move forward with their dreams.

Subjects: Civics/Careers, College & University Preparation

Grades 9-12 - Netiquette and Managing your Digital Footprint

The internet is forever! This interactive curriculum-aligned workshop uses real-life situations to teach internet etiquette, how to avoid damaging online practices, as well as cyber bullying.

Subjects: Civics/Careers, Technology

All ages & grades – Introduction to the Library

Get a customized tour of your local library and see how the library can be used for research and for enjoyment.  Then explore and borrow from our extensive collection of books, magazines, movies, music, and e-resources.  Note that we would be pleased to tailor our presentation to specific subject areas upon request.

Grades 2-12 - Maker Experience

Bring your students to the library for a true maker experience!  Why not explore maker tools in Pierre Berton Resource Library’s Make It! space (Grades 3-12) or stage a photoshoot in Create It! at the Civic Centre Resource Library (Grades 5-12)?  We even have a dedicated space for the smallest tech-enthusiasts in Learn It! at the Bathurst Clark Resource Library (Kindergarten – Grade 8).

Alternatively, we can bring the Maker Experience to you! Library staff can transform your school library or gym into a maker space by setting up a variety of activity stations where students can explore robotics, 3D design, virtual reality, coding and much more. The Maker Experience is also suited to special education classrooms.

Tous les programmes ci-dessus peuvent aussi être présentés en français. De plus, nous offrons le programme ci-dessous exclusivement en français.

5e à 8e année Littérature franco-canadienne et évolution de la langue française

Le français a une longue et riche histoire. C’est aussi le cas au Canada. Cette présentation suivie d’exercices offre un tour d’horizon de l’évolution de la langue française. Les étudiants apprendront aussi à propos de la littérature et des auteurs francophones du Canada.

To book a program or for more information, please complete the form.