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Planning Your Vacation With AI
  • Revolutionize travel planning with AI tools! Explore Chat GPT, Microsoft Copilot, and Perplexity AI in a hands-on session highlighting AI versatility.
    Change the way you travel, and plan the perfect getaway! Attendees will explore the innovative world of artificial intelligence (AI) at Vaughan Public Libraries through this hands-on program. The interactive session offers a practical application of chat platforms like Chat GPT, Microsoft Copilot and Perplexity AI, demonstrating the power and flexibility of generative AI. Perfect for newcomers and AI pros alike, this session will ground this radical new technology in a practical application. Attendees will not only learn about the fundamentals of AI but also experience firsthand how these tools can streamline complex tasks, offer personalized recommendations, and simplify decision-making. Join us for a unique opportunity to demystify AI, enhance your tech know-how, and see how AI can make your travel dreams a reality. This program is a must-attend for anyone curious about harnessing the capabilities of AI to improve everyday life




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