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Cryptocurrency Info Session

  • Everyone's talking about cryptocurrency. Learn all about this new trend in this info session, presented by an ambassador from Waves Blockchain.


    Denis Serebryakov is a Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Consultant. 

    Since 2017 - Host of the weekly ThatCrypto Blockchain Meetup www.meetup.com/ThatCrypto (Watch recorded meetups at http://bit.ly/watchthatcrypto)

    Since 2018 - Ambassador for Waves Blockchain


    Content covered during presentation:

    1.Why Bitcoin exist?

       - Removal of middlemen

       - Censorship resistance

       - Solving Double Spend Problem

       - Privacy

    2.What is Bitcoin?

       - Hard money 

       - Not controlled by anyone, but math

       - Decentralized (Permissionless, Censorship resistant)

       - Counterfeit-resistant

       - Scarcity (Store of Value)

       - Divisibility

       - Security (Cryptography)

    3.How does Bitcoin work?

       - Public transaction on a public ledger

       - Validation by everyone

       - Immutability provided by linked blocks on blockchain

    4.How to Send and Receive Bitcoin?

       - Wallets (Custodial, Mobile, Desktop, Hardware)

       - Private keys (password), Recovery Seed

    5.How to acquire Bitcoin?

       - Peer-to-Peer, Over The Counter

       - Bitcoin ATM

       - Exchanges

       - Gift cards

    6.Other cryptocurrencies



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