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Vaughan Fan Con

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  • Vaughan gets its Con on! Join us for a day-long event filled with workshops, cosplay, gaming, special guests, and more, as we celebrate the fandoms we love.


  • 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

    Check back soon for more information, and exciting additions to the day's line-up!

    Workshops and Presentations
    10:30am - Mowgen - What is Decoden? "Decoden, otherwise known as sweets deco, is a craft from Asia that is is focused on the simulation of fake sweets and treats. Crafters make decoden phone cases, jewellry, and to decorate trinket boxes. This 30 minute presentation teaches you the basics of how to begin your own decoden journey."


    11:00am - Tracy Goldfarb on Wand Making - Never got your letter from Hogwarts? Find your little piece of Hogwarts in this fun workshop where you create your own wand. This time the wizard chooses the wand.


    12:00pm - TO Comix - Andrew Stevenson - self-publishing, community building, and what a comics editor does.


    1:00pm - Pretty Heroes - Emily Gonsalves - Learn the Japanese art of Origami. Try out a variety of paper folding and origami crafts, making anything from cranes to Pikachus.


    2:00pm - Songs of the Dead - Learn from published comic book artists as they talk about their journey of creating comic books, what it takes to start up your comic, where to draw inspiration from, and what to look out for when you're an artist or writer that's looking to collaborate.


    3:00pm -Jennyse Cokes - Always wanted to be an artist? Learn the basics in this 30 min class, such as watercolor basics and portrait drawing basics.


    3:30pm - Edith Nataprawira - Ever wanted to try the martial arts behind the four bending styles in Avatar: the Last Airbender? This workshop is an intro to Chinese martial arts. In particular, it covers Firebending and Waterbending styles.



    Cosplay Photoshoots

    10:00am - Pokemon Scavenger Hunt
    11:00am - Pokemon League

    Visit the game room for open play with:
    Virtual Reality

    STEAM Activities
    Visit the STEAM Area for open exploration with:
    BB8 and other Sphero bots
    Button Making
    and more!

    Artists' Alley

    Geek @ <3 - Geek inspired works of art

    Xanworx Studios - Fandom props and prints.

    Jen Lipski Fine Art - Art and Fire ~ Woodburning, Metalwork and more!
    The Fione Artists - Original drawings, paintings, digital pieces, prints, stickers, buttons based of various cartoons, anime, Sci-fi, superheroes, fantasy, etc.

    TO Comix - We publish comics celebrating upcoming creators and diverse voices.

    Songs of the Dead by Andrea Fort and Michael Christopher - an independent fantasy comic book series that follows the adventure of a young necromancer across the kingdom of Alavesh.

    The Crystal Chronicles by Alessia Dickson - Alessia is a motivational speaker working to inspire students to read and write to their full potential.

    Mowgen - Decoden, aka sweets deco

    Pretty Heroes/Sailor Moon

    Adam Gorham - Artist on Rocket & New Mutants: Dead Souls from Marvel Comics, as well as The Violent (Image Comics) & covers for Archie, Boom!, IDW, Titan, and Valiant

    Greg Hyland - Greg Hyland is a writer, illustrator, designer and storyboard artist for The LEGO Group. Besides working for LEGO, he writes and draws his own webcomic, Lethargic Lad, which appears at www.lethargiclad.com and had illustrated several card games for Steve Jackson Games, including Munchkin Fu, Ninja Burger, Chez Guevara and Burn In Hell.