Enrich, Inspire, Transform
Black History: The Music and the Message
  • A riveting and powerful musical and visual journey through Black History that teaches, inspires and challenges audiences to reflect, learn and grow from the lessons of the past, with musician Glenn Marais and his band. For grades 2-5.

    Glenn Marais is an accomplished singer/songwriter with a Juno Nomination for songwriting. He is an incredible guitarist and a passionate vocalist with an amazing range and diversity of style covering the blues, delta blues, soul, rock, funk and reggae styles equally well. He can do it all, but his heart and soul rests with the blues and his guitar playing is out of this world, being compared to Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jimi Hendrix. He performs solo and with his band the Mojo Train, who deliver a powerhouse music experience with a wicked vibe and a blues power in their live show that will astonish you with their improvisations and dynamic grooves. Their originals are infectious combinations of all the styles they love, recorded at a very high production level with the same passion and intensity as their live shows. "Catch a Ride" on the Mojo Train, you'll never forget it.