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Alfie, a friend for life. Cat in trouble / Wells, Rachel
Cat in trouble
Cats -- Fiction
Families -- Fiction
Schoolboys -- Fiction.

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Alicia the snow queen fairy / Meadows, Daisy

When Jack Frost steals Alicia the Snow Queen Fairy's magical objects, Rachel and Kirsty help Alicia.

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Amy on park patrol / Barkley, Callie

"In this seventeenth Critter Club adventure, Amy must come up with a plan to save a park and all the animals living there"--

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An ABC of Ottawa / Bloom, Miriam

Alphabet books
English language -- Alphabet
Ottawa (Ont.) -- Pictorial works.

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Attack of the Jack! / Stine, R. L.

"Devin and his sister Violet are visiting their Uncle Jack for the summer. He lives in an old house by the seashore. Jack was a sailor and he has collected strange and fascinating items from the sea. Exploring a back room, Devin and Violet discover a locked trunk. A pirate's chest. The trunk is wrapped in old, heavy chains and locked with a huge rusted lock. But they manage to get it open ..."--Publisher.

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Bad shot / Taekema, Sylvia

"When a new kid arrives in town, Cody is impressed with the kid's wealth and skills, judging himself inferior. The newbie seems to take an interest in Cody on the court but his "helpful" hints are undermining Cody's performance, right up to him scoring a basket in his own team's net. Cody has to come to grips with his situation and make moves to challenge the bullying, as well as working to hone his basketball skills."--

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Bubbles and Boo / Miles, Ellen

Dog adoption -- Fiction.
Dogs -- Fiction
Pet adoption -- Fiction.
Puppies -- Fiction.
Rabbits -- Fiction.

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Draw the line / Otoshi, Kathryn

After two boys drawing their own lines realize they can connect them, a misstep creates a rift between them.

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Dustrats : or, the adventures of Sir Muffin Muffinson / Regordosa, Adriá

Sir Muffin Muffinsson is a valiant, watchful cat charged with the care and keeping of baby Emma while she sleeps. It's a busy job, and this week Sir Muffin forgot to do the tidying up! Seven days worth of dust springs to life in the form of "Dustrats," mischievous little imps who run amok through the house. While Sir Muffin chases the critters from room to room with his trusty vacuum, Emma's vivid dreams begin to morph the world around him: An ocean in the bathroom, a magic kingdom in the attic, things are getting out of control! Will Sir Muffin make it back to the nursery before Emma's dreams become a little too wild? An enchanting story full of imagination and adventure, Dustrats makes for a bedtime favorite.

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Fancy Nancy and the mermaid ballet / O'Connor, Jane

Nancy makes the best of not dancing the lead in her ballet school's Deep Sea Dances show, but becomes jealous when her best friend gets a better role than hers.