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A talent for trouble / Farrant, Natasha

Originally published: London : Faber & Faber Limited, 2018, as Children of Castle Rock.

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Balto and the race against time / Moss, Helen

Follow the dogs Baxter, Trevor, Newton, Maia and Titch as they are transported back in time to 1925 Alaska, now as puppies, and must help Balto complete his mission: deliver medicine during the diphtheria outbreak.

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Bloom / Oppel, Kenneth

Odd black plants begin to grow after a downpour. As they spread toxic pollen and begin feeding, three teenagers find themselves immune. They must figure out why before the plants complete their invasion.

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Diary of an 8-bit warrior / Cube Kid

Computer adventure games -- Fiction.
Diary fiction.
Diary fiction.
Minecraft (Game) -- Fiction.
Video game characters -- Fiction.
Video games -- Fiction.

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Game over, Super Rabbit Boy! / Flintham, Thomas

When King Viking and his evil robot army attack Animal Town, and kidnap Singing Dog, it is up to Super Rabbit Boy, with some help from Sunny and his video game console, to save the day.

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King and the dragonflies / Callender, Kacen
King and the dragon flies
"In a small but turbulent Louisiana town, one boy's grief takes him beyond the bayous of his backyard, to learn that there is no right way to be yourself"--Provided by publisher.

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Knights vs. the end (of everything) / Phelan, Matt
Knights versus the end (of everything)
"The four daring knights and one intrepid archer enter the Faerie Realm, where they find dangerous warlocks, a mysterious knight, and one very nasty dragon"--Provided by publisher.

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Last meeting of the Gorilla Club / Nickerson, Sara

Josh's parents say, he's too old to have imaginary friends, especially Big Brother, his favorite and best friend. But soon after arriving at a new school Big Brother reappears, followed by others. Only this time one of them seems to be interacting with another boy at school, Lucas Hernandez. Can Lucas see them too? And, if so, are Josh's imaginary friends not as imaginary as he thought?

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Robo-Rabbit Boy, go! / Flintham, Thomas
Press start! Robo-Rabbit Boy, go!
Super Rabbit Boy's present to Moon Girl releases Queen Spooky and her army of ghosts, and Super Rabbit Boy is taken captive--so it is up to the normally evil King Viking (who does not like the competition of the ghost army) and especially his secret weapon, Robo-Rabbit Boy (switched to "Good" mode) to save Animal Town, release Super Rabbit Boy, and contain the ghosts.

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Room for one more / Polak, Monique
Room for 1 more
In Montreal, Canada, in 1942, the war in Europe seems far off to fifteen-year-old Rosetta Wolff until her family takes in Isaac, a war refugee, and everything changes.