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The dead man in the garden / Follath, Isabelle

Aggie, her widowed mother, Grannie Jane, and Aggie's friend Hector travel to a spa in Yorkshire. There is even a potential new friend in George, a young patient at the spa. Aggie is looking forward to having more grand adventures with Hector. But rumors surface about the spa's recently deceased former patient, and then another body appears under strange circumstances. Aggie and Hector must put their deductive skills to use to determine whether the people have been murdered.

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The treacherous tower / Hinojosa, Stacy
Rescue tails.
"Stacy and her intelligent pack of wolves live in harmony together in a forest cave. But when their friend Milo the bat brings news that a baby ocelot is in danger and needs to be returned to its family, Stacy and Basil must hurry to the jungle biome in order to save the day! After tracking the lost ocelot, they discover it's trapped in a long-lost tower that's full of obstacles, traps, and dangerous creatures. Will Stacy and her wolf Basil rescue the ocelot before it's too late?"--

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The 156-story treehouse / Denton, Terry
156-story treehouse :
Andy and Terry live in a 156-story treehouse. (It used to be a 143-story treehouse, but they added 13 more levels.) It has a wishing well, a super-stinky stuff level, a bouldering alley (it's just like bowling, except you use boulders instead of balls), an enigma engine, a TV quiz show level hosted by Quizzy the quizzical robot, and the amazing mind-reading sandwich-making machine that knows exactly what sort of sandwich you want and makes it for you. It's the night before Christmas but Andy and Terry aren't ready yet! They haven't written their letters to Santa, they haven't sung any carols or hung their stockings, and now Mr. Big Nose wants their next book done by tomorrow. When Santa Claus's sleigh crash-lands in the treehouse, the reindeer become tangled in the branches and Santa falls into the cloning machine. With dozens of Santas running around and no way to tell which one's the real one, who's going to deliver all the presents? It's up to Andy, Terry, and Jill to work together to save Christmas--and maybe even finish their book on time!

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Aziza's secret fairy door and the magic puppy / Morayo, Lola.
Magic puppy
Aziza's brother Otis is pestering their parents for a dog. Again. Aziza is sympathetic, but soon finds the fairy door with spring flowers all around it. She is stepping through to a new adventure with her magical friends in Shimmerton--but not before her brother, Otis, runs up to her and enters the fairy door as well. They arrive just in time for the spring fete. But when they discover the town clock is broken, it is up Aziza, Otis, their new-found puppy Hainu and their friends to fix the clock, or spring won't come and they'll be stuck in Shimmerton forever!

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Indiana Bones and the invisible city / Bagley, Rebecca.
Indiana Bones.
"Dive into the deep and join Indiana and Aisha in their twistiest adventure yet! As the slithery Serpent reveals his plan to plunge the world into peril, our hairy hero and his pal Aisha are in a race against time to unravel the clues to stop him. Not even six million skeletons and an invisible enemy can stop these brave badgers! Or can they? Because Indiana's mind is on something else--and unless his friends can help, they'll all end up in very deep water ... "--

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The lonely book / Grehan, Meg.

"Annie loves helping out in her moms' bookshop. But she knows something is troubling her older sibling, and her moms are worried too. Even the bookshop is upset."--

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Polly Diamond and the topsy-turvy day / Kuipers, Alice
Polly Diamond.
Disappointed that the new class pet is just a hamster, Polly uses her magic book, Spell, to conjure up a more interesting pet--and than has to figure out how to resolve the resulting topsy turvy chaos.

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The time thief / Agbabi, Patience
Leap cycle.
It's Midsummer's Day and 13-year-old Elle and her Leapling classmates are visiting the Museum of the Past, the Present and the Future. But on the day of the school trip, disaster strikes, and the most unique and valuable piece in the museum, the Infinity-Glass, is stolen! And worse still, Elle's friend and fellow Infinite, MC², is arrested for the crime!

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Opposite identicals / Kerbel, Deborah

"Opposite Identicals is an upper middle grade novel set in the very near future--a time when climate change has irreversibly altered our planet and lifestyles. Nova and Joule are fourteen-year old twins whose scientist parents have recently uprooted the family from their urban home and moved to the country on a year-long research assignment, studying the effects of GMO 'SuperCrop' farming on the environment in the final regulatory phase before global expansion. Surrounded by nature and quiet, open spaces, shy, bookish Nova is in heaven. But Joule--whose life's ambition is to be famous and reach a million Hollagram followers--is desperate to escape. One day, Joule gets her wish, although not in a way anyone ever expected. In an instant, she's gone--swallowed up by a mysterious sinkhole under her bedroom floor. Suddenly twinless, Nova is forced to step in and lead the search for her missing sister. But can she face her fears and figure out what caused the sinkhole in time to save Joule? Told from alternating points of view, it's a fantastical adventure about overcoming obstacles, self-discovery, and environmental awareness"--