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5-minute furry friends stories / Disney Storybook Artists
Disney five-minute furry friends stories
Disney bunnies. A day with papa -- Peter Pan. Nana and the game of hide-and-seek -- Coco. Pepita and Dante to the rescue! -- The Aristocats. The surprise party -- Mickey & friends. A surprise for Pluto -- The Lion King. A prince's day -- Up. Watch Dug -- 101 Dalmatians. Fire pup of the day -- Winnie the Pooh. The forgiving friend -- Lady and the Tramp. Barking up the right tree -- Dumbo. Timothy's big day -- Lilo & Stitch. Stitch's day at school.

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A flood of kindness / Leventhal, Ellen

As Charlotte watches her home and town being destroyed in a flood she sadly laments her loss, but in the midst of her anguish she soon discovers the power of healing through kindness.

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A little spot of anxiety / Alber, Diane

Anxiety in children -- Fiction.
Picture books for children.
Worry in children -- Fiction.
Calmness -- Fiction.

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Be a tree! / Gianferrari, Maria

Compares the structures and functions of trees to human bodies, shows the interconnectness and dependence of trees in a forest, and urges readers to communicate, share, and care for one another. Includes notes on the anatomy of a tree, ways to help save trees, and how to help in one's community.

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COVID isn't fair : and I have so many emotions! / Wilson, Lynda Farrington
COVID is not fair
This book honestly explains the emotions kids may be going through and gives simple suggestions for ways to acknowledge and deal with each one. A must for any family finding it challenging dealing with the constraints of staying safe during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Don't hug Doug : (he doesn't like it) / Wiseman, Daniel
Do not hug Doug
Doug doesn t like hugs. He thinks hugs are too squeezy, too squashy, too squooshy, too smooshy. He doesn t like hello hugs or goodbye hugs, game-winning home run hugs or dropped ice cream cone hugs, and he definitely doesn t like birthday hugs. He d much rather give a high five--or a low five, a side five, a double five, or a spinny five. Yup, some people love hugs; other people don't.

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Duck duck moose / Sullivan, Mary

Animals -- Fiction
Ducks -- Fiction.
Geese -- Fiction.
Moose -- Fiction.
Picture books for children.

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Gracie / Mcmenemy, Daphne.

Computer programming -- Fiction.
Creative ability -- Fiction.
Imagination -- Fiction.
Picture books for children.
Robots -- Fiction
Schools -- Fiction

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How to catch a star / Jeffers, Oliver

Tells the tale of a boy who loves stars and decides to capture one of his own.

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I can't do that, yet : growth mindset / Adiputri, Maima Widya.
I can not do that, yet
Enna is a girl who doesn't believe in herself and often utters the phrase "I can't do that!" One night in a dream she sees all the possible future versions of herself, discovering that she can be any of those versions with time, knowledge and dedication. She develops a growth mindset throughout her journey and instead of saying "I can't do that." she learns to say "I can't do that YET!"