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Curious George : windy delivery / Canter, Ross
Windy delivery
Curious George and his friend Bill need to have one more day of perfect newspaper deliveries in order to win the town's Golden Pouch award. But how will they make their deliveries on time in the wind and snow?

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Hassan and Aneesa love Ramadan / Burgess, Omar

Hassan and Aneesa particpate in Ramadan by sharing food with neighbors, reading the Qu'ran, charity, and fasting.

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Holiday! / Nelson, Natalie
"Early one morning, a strange visitor arrives -- a visitor whose name is Holiday. "I'll be taking over for you today!" Holiday tells Monday. And before long, Holiday has met the other days, even Saturday and Sunday, who usually sleep all week. With each introduction, Monday becomes more and more upset. She is used to starting the week, and she'd like to keep it that way. When Holiday announces how much fun he's having, and that he'd like to stay, Wednesday and Friday admit that they are a little worried, too. Meanwhile, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday are completely smitten by this exciting new day. Finally, Monday (with Wednesday and Friday in tow), asks Holiday to kindly pack his things and go. Then just in time, Tuesday comes up with a solution that will work for everyone. Natalie Nelson's ingenious characterizations of the days of the week will delight readers young and old, as will her story that pokes fun at how set in our ways we can be and how we might instead choose to be open to change and embrace the unexpected."--Provided by publisher.

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How to catch a star / Jeffers, Oliver

Tells the tale of a boy who loves stars and decides to capture one of his own.

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If you come to Earth / Blackall, Sophie

In this picture book, a boy writes a letter to an imagined alien, explaining all the things he will need to know about Earth and the people who live here, from two-time Caldecott Winner author-illustrator Sophie Blackall! 'If You Came to Earth' is a glorious guide to our home planet, and a call for us to take care of both Earth and each other. A Dewey Diva pick. From the illustrator of the 'Ivy + Bean' series. Ages 5 to 8 AWARD WINNER

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My words / Snider, Grant

Creativity -- Fiction.
Learning -- Fiction.
Picture books for children.
Vocabulary -- Fiction.

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Nice try, Charlie! / James, Matt.

Out in the neighborhood, Charlie finds things. He finds Margaret's ball, and he finds Aunt Myrtle's cat up in a tree. He finds Aunt Myrtle and his friend Steve looking at a big lemon pie. 'Whose pie is it?' Aunt Myrtle wants to know. Charlie always tries to be helpful, so he sets off to find the owner of the mystery pie ... but it doesn't seem to belong to anyone. Fortunately, Aunt Myrtle knows just what to do.

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Pig the slob / Blabey, Aaron

Pig is the world's laziest pug. There is nothing that can make him get off the couch! Or is there?

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The blue table / Raschka, Christopher

Dinners and dining -- Fiction
Families -- Fiction
Picture books for children.
Tables -- Fiction.

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The bookstore cat / Busby, Cylin

Alphabet books
Bookstores -- Fiction.
Cats -- Fiction
Picture books for children.