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Forever cousins / Nelson, Jonathan

Amanda and Kara are cousins and best friends in an intertribal Native American family; but Kara's family leaves the city and moves back to the Rez, making both girls sad but the summer reunion reminds them that they will always be cousins.

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Firefighter Flo! / Yaccarino, Dan

Fire Flo gets a call and stops a fire with her team of firefighters.

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A synagogue just like home / Mcginty, Alice B.

Rabbi Ruben loves his synagogue. But he doesn't love the creaking floorboard, leaking sink, or drafty windows. Surely, he thinks, he can fix it up so it feels cared for, like a happy home! But Rabbi Ruben doesn't know much about home repair, so when his creative fixes -- challah dough plugging a drippy faucet, tablecloths blocking a window draft -- make things humorously worse, it'll take his whole congregation banding together to remind him what really makes a place feel like a happy home.

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My fade is fresh / Grant, Shauntay

With so many beautiful hairstyles to choose from like perms and locs, a little girl decides to get the freshest fade on the block.

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The catalogue of hugs / Stein, Joshua David

A picture book featuring 25 kinds of hugs. From the more traditional to the all-out risky, this collection runs a creatively wide gamut of ways to embrace...and by doing so, brings comfort to the forefront of conversation. Every hug was field-tested by the author and his sons, and titled for practicality and kicks.

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Nubby / Mccloskey, Shanda

An overworked stuffed bunny strikes out on a quest for fame and appreciation, only to realize that home is where he belongs.

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Blue Bison needs a haircut / Oswald, Pete

Blue Bison prides himself on always looking clean and neat, so when he goes for a haircut and discovers every place is closed, he is very upset, but his little sister Bubble Gum Bison and her utterly ridiculous idea saves the day.

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This is a story / Castillo, Lauren

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When Santa came to stay / Kaban, Eda

When one family's cookies are so good that Santa and other holiday characters decide to stay, the question of why this holiday only comes once a year is answered by the time the 4th of July rolls around, when everyone's had a bit too much Christmas.

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The mermaid moon / Smith, Briony May.

Best friends Molly, a human, and Merrin, a mermaid, visit the Mermaid Moon festival on the night of Mermaid Moon, the one time each year mermaids can leave the sea.