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Anyone can create an app : beginning iPhone and iPad programming / Wise, Wendy L.

Application software -- Development
Computer software -- Development
iOS (Electronic resource)
iPad (Computer) -- Programming.
iPhone (Smartphone) -- Programming.
Mobile apps -- Programming.
Mobile computing
Swift (Computer program language)

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Dead simple Python : idiomatic Python for the impatient programmer / Mcdonald, Jason C.

This book explores the technical "whys" and "hows" of the Python programming language to help readers write idiomatic Python. It covers core Python programming concepts like structuring a project, the Python type system, functional and object-oriented programming, loops and iterators, generators and comprehensions, concurrency, distribution, and other essentials.

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Python tools for scientists : an introduction to using Anaconda, Jupyterlab, and Python's scientific libraries / Vaughan, Lee.

Python (Computer program language)
Science -- Data processing
Research -- Data processing.

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The Rust programming language / Klabnik, Steve

Rust (Computer program language)

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Strange code : 14 esoteric programming languages to make you think / Kneusel, Ronald T.

"Beginning with a foundation in the history and theory of programming languages, then guiding readers through a tour of novel, atypical, and esoteric programming languages (esolangs), this book probes the limits and boundaries of what a programming language can be. Readers will become more knowledgeable and confident programmers by exploring the different, surprising, and often "strange" ways in which programming languages can express thought"--Provided by publisher.

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Black hat GraphQL : attacking next generation APIs / Aleks, Nick.

"Teaches how to identify vulnerabilities in apps that use GraphQL. Describes GraphQL, its query language, and the mechanisms of GraphQL APIs, then guides readers through setting up a hacking lab for targeting GraphQL applications. Shows how to conduct offensive security tests against production GraphQL systems, how to glean information from GraphQL implementations during reconnaissance, and how to probe APIs for vulnerabilities"--Provided by publisher.

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MySQL crash course : a hands-on introduction to database development / Silva, Rick (Software Developer)

"Covers all things MySQL from the basics of creating a table to the complexities of managing an entire database. Teaches how to build efficient databases through examples, exercises, and three hands-on projects. Topics include creating simple databases and tables, updating and deleting data, working with multiple tables, and avoiding common mishaps"--Provided by publisher.

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Security in computing / Coles-Kemp, Lizzie.

Computer security
Data protection
Privacy, Right of