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Maria's Italian cucina / Kusiewicz, Tracey.

Maria's Italian Cucina contains 78 authentic Southern Italian Calabrian recipes including: appetizers, salads and soups, vegetables and sides, pasta and risotto, meat and chicken, seafood, pizza, and desserts with over 45 pictures with easy-to-follow recipes. I have featured my most treasured recipes in this book, many of which I have enjoyed since I was a young girl that were prepared by my mother. I truly hope that they inspire you to create special memories and traditions of your own. Most of all, I hope that they bring you as much joy as they have brought me and my loved ones. Enjoy and remember to keep cooking!

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Simply Symon suppers : recipes and menus for every week of the year / Anderson, Ed

Symon shares his favorites for the family dinner table. The recipes utilize pantry and accessible ingredients to create simple meals with big flavor. With mains and sides strategically paired to keep dinner delicious, healthy, and streamlined, Symon curates plates based on vibe. He includes descriptors (flour free; dairy free; meat free) so persons on restricted diets can easily find plenty of suppertime inspiration, too. -- condensed from publisher info.

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The new crusades : Islamophobia and the global war on Muslims / Crenshaw, Kimberlé

"The New Crusades examines Islamophobia as a global phenomenon, detailing how the American War on Terror has facilitated and intensified the network of anti-Muslim campaigns unfolding across the world. At a juncture when both democratic and authoritarian regimes across the world are vested to persecuting their host Muslim populations, The New Crusades interrogates--through trenchant analysis and direct testimony of Muslims on the ground--how Islamophobia stands as a unifying global thread of both state and societal bigotry. Whether imposed by way of Hijab Bans in democratic France or the network of concentration camps in communist China, The New Crusades reveals--lucidly and luridly--that Islamophobia is not only a global phenomenon, but one of the world's last bastions of acceptable hate."--

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The new saints : from broken hearts to spiritual warriors / Owens, Lama Rod

"A Buddhist lama and intersectional thought leader shares a clarion call for those who would dream a more just, ethical world into being"--

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Final cut pro efficient editing : the ultimate guide to editing video with FCP for Mac / Anderson, Iain

Digital video -- Editing -- Data processing
Final cut (Electronic resource)

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Make space for happiness : how to stop attracting clutter and start magnetizing the life you want / Mccubbin, Tracy.

"We've all done it: looked around and thought, "How did I get so much stuff I don't really need?" In Make Space for Happiness, Tracy McCubbin addresses that burning question, and offers a solution. What she's found is that people who suffer from chronic clutter want, above all, to attract the feeling their "stuff" represents. In this exciting decluttering book with Gretchen Rubin appeal, Tracy presents the 7 emotional magnets, and how you can recognize your magnet to attract more of what you really want: love, self-confidence, time, and ease"--

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A revolution in type : gender and the making of the American Yiddish press / Brinn, Ayelet
Gender and the making of the American Yiddish press
"A fascinating glimpse into the vital, complex, and often unexpected ways that issues of women and gender shaped the development of the American Yiddish press"--

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The betrayal bind : how to heal when the person you love the most hurts you the worst / Mays, Michelle

"Introduces new language, concepts, and imagery to explore the crucial relational dilemma that betrayed partners face when their significant other is unsafe to connect to, yet connection is the key to healing"--

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Art and architecture of Sicily / Treuherz, Julian

Sicily' s strategic position in the centre of the Mediterranean led to settlement or conquest by a succession of different peoples -- Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Muslims, Normans, Germans, French, Spanish -- each one leaving its traces on Sicilian culture. This book provides a chronological survey, each section opening with a brief historical overview which is followed with an authoritative and engaging account of the development of the period' s art and architecture. The leading architects, artists and stylistic currents are all discussed and outstanding individual buildings and works of art are analysed in detail, while archaeology, urban development, patronage and decorative arts are also covered. This is not a story of artistic conquests, but as a successive layering of different cultures: the way each one interacted with its predecessors' produced art and architecture quite distinct from anywhere else in Europe.

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Empowering aging : insights from the Healthy Aging webinar series / Gupta, Shilpi

Aging -- Health aspects.
Aging -- Physiological aspects
Aging -- Psychological aspects