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149 paintings you really need to see in North America : (so you can ignore the others) / Grant, Stephen M.
One hundred forty-nine paintings you really need to see in North America
"This essential companion to all the major North American museums and galleries highlights some of the world's greatest paintings, from Giotto to Robert Motherwell, on display across the U.S. and Canada. Julian Porter brings a passion for art that began with a seven-year stint as a student tour guide in Europe, followed by countless tours he has conducted at galleries in Europe and North America. His co-author, Stephen Grant, brings a wealth of expertise in the twentieth-century artists, and presents them within the framework of a North American-led, sustained burst of originality and shock. Presented with originality, wit, and irreverence to complement Julian and Stephen's comprehensive knowledge of the art world, here is the best that North American galleries have to offer. Focused and curated to give you everything you need to enjoy the greatest works of art in the best company, and save you the sore feet and superfluous information"--Provided by publisher.

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365 days with self-discipline : 365 life-altering thoughts on self-control, mental resilience, and success / Meadows, Martin.
Three hundred sixty-five days with self-discipline
Mental discipline
Resilience (Personality trait)

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Already toast : caregiving and burnout in America / Washington, Kate

Women -- United States -- Psychology
Burn out (Psychology) -- United States.
Caregivers -- United States -- Psychology.
Washington, Kate, 1972-
Washington, Kate, 1972- -- Family.

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Beginning DAX with Power BI : the SQL pro's guide to better business intelligence / Seamark, Philip.

Business -- Data processing
Business intelligence -- Computer programs.
Query languages (Computer science)
SQL (Computer program language)
Microsoft Power BI (Computer file)

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Black hole survival guide / Levin, Janna

"From the acclaimed author of Black Hole Blues and Other Songs from Outer Space--an authoritative, wholly accessible, fascinating guide to the most challenging phenomena of contemporary science, which is now the anchor of our understanding of the cosmos. Throughout her career, astrophysicist Janna Levin has focused, alongside her research, on making the science she studies not just accessible, but, perhaps more important, intriguing to the nonscientist. And that is what she has done again here, helping us to understand the black hole: perhaps the most opaque theoretical construct ever imagined by physicists. She explains how their existence came to be proven decades after they were first predicted in Einstein's 1915 general theory of relativity. And she explores the ways in which what we know about them has changed our most basic understanding of the galaxy, the universe, the whole expanse of reality that we inhabit. Lively, engaging and utterly unique, Black Hole Survival Guide is not just informative. It is as well, a wonderful read from first to last"--Provided by publisher.

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Bread : mix, knead, bake : a beginner's guide to bread making / Bilderback, Leslie

Bread making can help you feel calmer, more in control, and more accomplished—not to mention you’ll have delicious, warm bread to enjoy! Your stomach and your taste buds will be overjoyed with the freshly baked treats you’ll create, and Bread is here to show you how. In Bread, you will find 100 recipes for any level of bread making including both sweet and savory treats for you to craft. You will find tips and tricks to make both classic and unique recipes from buttermilk potato bread to Tuscan white hearth bread and cinnamon raisin braids to Italian ciabatta. Perfect for any carb lover, this book is essential to making all your favorite breads right at home!

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Exercised : why something we never evolved to do is healthy and rewarding / Lieberman, Daniel

"This highly engaging landmark work, a natural history of exercise--by the author of the best seller The Story of the Human Body--seeks to answer a fundamental question: were you born to run or rest. The first three parts of Exercised roughly follow the evolutionary story of human physical activity and inactivity, even as each chapter shatters a particular myth about exercise. Because we cannot understand physical activity without understanding its absence, Part One begins with physical inactivity. What are our bodies doing when we take it easy, including when we sit or sleep? Part Two explores physical activities that require speed, strength, and power, such as sprinting, lifting, and fighting. Part Three surveys physical activities that involve endurance, such as walking, running, or dancing, as well as their effect on aging. Part Four considers how anthropological and evolutionary approaches can help us exercise better in the modern world. How can we more effectively manage to exercise, and in what ways? To what extent, how, and why do different types and durations of exercise help prevent or treat the major diseases that are likely to make us sick and kill us? --Provided by publisher.

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Fundamentals : ten keys to reality / Wilczek, Frank

"One of our great contemporary scientists presents ten insights that illuminate what every thinking person needs to know about what the world is and how it works. Nobel Prize winner Frank Wilczek's Fundamentals is built around a simple but profound idea: the models of the world we construct as children are practical and adequate for everyday life, but they do not bring in the surprising and mind-expanding revelations of modern science. To do that, we must look at the world anew, combining clear thinking with an openness to wonder. This "born again" world is in many ways larger, fuller, and much stranger than it appears. Through an exploration of space, time, matter, and ideas--and equipped with facts, questions, and brilliant speculations--Wilczek guides us through the past, present, and future of fundamental science. Readers will emerge with an expanded vision of our universe"--Provided by publisher.

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How did I get here? : a memoir / Mccall, Bruce

A memoir of Canadian illustrator and author Bruce McCall best known for his contributions to the New Yorker.