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Medical medium brain saver answers to brain inflmmation, mental health, OCD, brain fog, neurological symptoms, addiction, anxiety, depression, heavy metals, Epstein-Barr virus, seizures, lyme, ADHD, A
Brain saver answers to brain inflmmation, mental health, OCD, brain fog, neurological symptoms, addiction, anxiety, depression, heavy metals, Epstein-Barr virus, seizures, lyme, ADHD, Alzheimer's, autoimmune & eating disorders
"The first of two essential books about our most complex organ -- the brain -- dives deep into why people all over the world are suffering with mental health and brain-related symptoms and conditions. In this book, find answers to 100+ symptoms, diseases, and disorders. With the advanced state of brain research today, it's easy to think that we're arming ourselves with knowledge about how best to care for our precious minds and brains. Are we? Or is the prevalence of Alzheimer's, dementia, ADHD, autism, anxiety, depression, OCD, PTSD, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, addiction, strokes, seizures, brain fog, fatigue, and more a sign that even with the headlines about mindfulness, neuroscience, and hacking the brain, we're still all too vulnerable? Burnout, deficiencies, panic attacks, vagus nerve problems, mental health struggles, neurological symptoms, and beyond -- as you search for lasting relief, it's easy to become lost and blame yourself, wondering what you did wrong. Answer: you're not the problem. With Medical Medium Brain Saver and its companion volume, Medical Medium Brain Saver Protocols, Cleanses & Recipes, Anthony William sheds light on our brain and nervous system. Brain Saver unveils the why behind more than 100 brain- and nervous system-related symptoms, diseases, and disorders; Protocols reveals the truth about how to heal in even more detail. Originally conceived as one life-saving book, Brain Saver had to be divided in two when it became too big to print. Each book now stands alone, so you can start with the one you need most -- or read both for a full picture of your brain's health. Medical Medium Brain Saver is designed to serve you as a lifelong reference. In it, you'll discover: What it means to have a static brain, an alloy brain, a viral brain, an emotional brain, inflamed cranial nerves, an addicted brain, an acid brain, and a burnt out, deficient brain -- and what you can do about it ; The true causes of over 100 brain- and nervous system-related symptoms, disease, and disorders ; In-depth insight into the unknown reasons for the epidemic of mental, emotional, and neurological suffering -- from everyday struggles with focus, concentration, and mood to life-altering diagnoses such as ALS, Parkinson's, and long-haul Covid ; How to protect your brain against Alzheimer's, PTSD, strokes, seizures, and more -- before it's too late ; Best of all, Brain Saver offers a way forward with specialized healing techniques. In addition to fresh perspective on how to nourish your brain and reduce your exposure to everyday toxins and contaminants, you'll find cleanse protocols, heavy metal detox guidelines, and recipes for all-new Medical Medium Brain Shots Therapy -- quick hits of medicinals in liquid form, designed to bring instant relief when the brain is under particular stress. And when you want even more healing options, you can turn to Medical Medium Brain Saver Protocols, Cleanses & Recipes to take the essential information this book provides to a higher level. 'We suffer for very real and physical reasons,' Anthony writes, 'and we can address those reasons at their core with the information here. When we know how to navigate this world, we have the power to heal.' If you've been searching for direction about brain, neurological, or mental health, you've finally found the answers. Whether you're just starting out or your journey has taken you to multiple neurologists, internists, and functional medicine doctors, your time has come to discover the true cause of your suffering, move forward, and heal."--From publisher.

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How to stay smart in a smart world : why human intelligence still beats algorithms / Gigerenzer, Gerd

The book deflates the hype about AI, offering instead a balanced view of what it can and cannot do, and shows how humans can more wisely use digital technology.

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You're that bitch : & other cute lessons about being unapologetically yourself : a gay Cinderella story / Rock, Bretman.
You are that bitch
Bretman Rock is one of the most original, influential voices on social media. This book is hilarious and that bitch made me laugh out loud."-Chelsea Handler From one of the original influencers and the internet's sweetheart, Bretman "The Baddest" Rock, a chaotically joyous essay collection that is a funny and inspiring celebration of self, identity, queerness, and his Filipino heritage. Hilarious and earnest, this collection of essays, drawings, recipes, how-tos and never-before-seen photos goes far beyond what we know of Bretman Rock from social media. Who is Bretman Rock Sacayanan behind the screen and how did he become the original superstar influencer and today's beloved best friend of the internet? You're That Bitch welcomes you into Bretman Rock's world-from how his childhood in the Philippines, his family, Filipino culture, and being a first-generation immigrant helped shape him into who he is today. Peek into how Bretman became a social media sensation at the precocious age of 14, balancing living a glamorous jet-setting lifestyle on weekends while still serving lunch at his school's cafeteria, running as a varsity track-star, and making honor roll during the week. With his signature honesty, this is an unfiltered and unprecedented look at what it means to be an influencer and that bitch---from dealing with cancel culture, drama and heartbreak, to what it means to love yourself and your community.

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Plantagenet queens and consorts : family, duty and power / Corvi, Steven J.
Plantagenet queens & consorts
Great Britain -- History -- Lancaster and York, 1399-1485
Great Britain -- History -- Plantagenets, 1154-1399
Plantagenet, House of
Queens -- England -- Biography.
Great Britain -- Politics and government -- 1066-1485.

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The lost kings : Lancaster, York & Tudor / Licence, Amy.
Lancaster, York and Tudor
The century spanning the Wars of the Roses and the reigns of the Tudor kings was a volatile time of battle and bloodshed, execution and unexpected illness. Life could be nasty, brutish and short. Some met their end in battle, others were dragged to the block, losing everything for daring to aspire to the throne. Some were lost in mysterious circumstances, like Edward V, the elder of the Princes in the Tower. But the majority of these young men died in their teens, on the brink of manhood. They represent the lost paths of history, the fascinating 'what-ifs' of the houses of York and Tudor. They also diverted the route of dynastic inheritance, with all the complicated implications that could bring, passing power into some unlikely hands. This book examines ten such figures in detail, using their lives to build a narrative of this savage century.

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Storm in the land of rain : a mother's dying wish becomes her duaghter's nightmare / Foti, Silvia.

Foti, Silvia -- Family.
Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) -- Lithuania -- Personal narratives.
Jews -- Persecutions -- Lithuania
War criminals -- Lithuania.

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Paradise now : the extraordinary life of Karl Lagerfeld / Middleton, William

A tribute to a cultural icon and the creative director for the storied House of Chanel reveals a side the elusive designer kept private from the world while introducing some of the most unforgettable figures of fashion's inner circle for the past four decades.

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The other family doctor : a veterinarian explores what animals can teach us about love, life, and mortality / Fine, Karen R.

"All Creatures Great and Small meets Being Mortal in this compelling memoir of one woman's dream to become a veterinarian in a field historically dominated by men, and how, through her work both with her patients and their people, she comes to better understand humanity, mortality, and the unique role animals play in our lives. Karen Fine always knew that she wanted to be a vet and wasn't going to let anything stop her: not her allergy to cats, and not the fact that in the '80s veterinary medicine was still a mostly male profession. Inspired by her grandfather, a compassionate doctor who paid house calls to all his (human) patients, Dr. Fine persevered, and brought her Oupa's principles into her own practice, which emphasizes the need to contextualize pets' care in terms of their stories. And in The Other Family Doctor, Dr. Fine shares all these touching, joyful, heartbreaking, and life-affirming tales that make up her career as a vet. There's the feral cat who becomes a creature out of a fable when he puts his trust in a young vet to heal his injured paw; the pot-bellied pig who grows too big to fit in the car but remains a cherished part of her family; the surprising colony of perfectly behaved ferrets; the beloved aging pet who gives her people the gift of accompanying them on one final family vacation; and the dog who saves his owner's life in a most unexpected way. Woven into Dr. Fine's story are, of course, also the stories of her own pets: the birds, cats, and dogs who have taught her the most valuable lessons-how we can be better caretakers of the animals in our lives and, ultimately, of ourselves"--Provided by publisher.

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The book of animal secrets : nature's lessons for a long and happy life / Agus, David

"From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of The "End of Illness comes" an ingenious guide to what our fellow animals can teach us about living longer, healthier, happier lives. Mother nature has a lot to teach us, if only we open our eyes. Pigeons and dolphins offer creative strategies for preserving our memories and warding off dementia, while squirrels and pigs harbor secrets for managing chronic pain. Rhinoceroses demonstrate the subtle power of our environments - and how to exercise better - while chimps have surprising parenting tips, not to mention great diet advice. Studying elephants has unlocked insights into preventing cancer, and we can look to giraffes for solutions to cardiovascular issues. Ants reveal the unusual benefits of collaboration and altruism, dogs are masterful mentors in living the good life, prairie voles hold clues to connection, and hitchhikers from our evolutionary past may bring us to the edge of immortality. In "The Book of Animal Secrets", visionary physician and biomedical researcher David B. Agus, MD, explores all these ways - and more - that we can harness the wonders of the animal kingdom in our own, very human lives. Filled with lively storytelling and astonishing practical takeaways, this revelatory guide will have you rethinking what's possible for your health and well-being - now and for years to come"--Provided by publisher.