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Mother / Jo, Sumi

01. Mother Dear -- 02. Kazabue (Parami mŏmunŭn nal) -- 03. Your Love -- 04. The Water Is Wide -- 05. Fiore (With Alessandro Safina) -- 06. Kashinamu -- 07. Songs My Mother Taught Me -- 08. Kŭdae ŏmnŭn nal (Yŏnghwa Himallaya Ost) -- 09. Ave Maria (Based On 'Meditation' From Thais) -- 10. Ŏmmaya nunaya -- 11. Eternal Love (With Federico Paciotti) -- 12. Mother Of Mine -- 13. I'M A Korean [Bonus Track].

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The ReVe Festival : Day 1 / Red Velvet (Musical Group)

Chimsallabim (Zimzalabim) -- Sunny side up! -- Milkshake -- Ch'in'guga anya (Bing bing) -- Annyŏng, yŏrŭm (Parade) -- LP.

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가재 가 노래 하는 곳 = Where the crawdads sing / Kim SŏN-HyŏNg, 1969-
Kajae ka norae hanŭn kot =
Bildungsromans, Korean.
Abandoned children -- Fiction -- Korean language.
Feral children -- Fiction -- Korean language.
North Carolina -- Fiction -- Korean language.

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나의 문화 유산 답사기. 중국 편 / Yu, Hong-Jun
Chungguk p'yŏn
v. 1. Tonhwang kwa Hasŏ churang -- v. 2. Makkogul kwa Silk'ŭrodŭ ŭi kwanmun.

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내가 본 것을 당신도 볼 수 있다면 = If you could see what I have seen : 정 우성 이 만난 난민 이야기. / ChŏNg, U-SŏNg
If you could see what I have seen
The story of refugees Jung Woo-sung met. Actor Jung Woo-sung, a first Korean UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador, visits overseas refugee camps at least once every year since 2014, meets refugees in person and delivers their news to our society. "If anyone meets refugees in refugee camps and listens to them directly, they will not question the role of UNHCR," he said, tell them you did.

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사하맨션 : 조남주 장편소설. / Cho, Nam-Ju
Saha maensyŏn :
Capitalism -- Fiction -- Korean language.
Marginality, Social -- Fiction -- Korean language.
Refugees -- Fiction -- Korean language.