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AKMU 3rd full album : 항해 / Aktong MyujisyŏN (Musical Group)
Popular music -- 2011-2020 -- Korean language.
Popular music -- Korea (South) -- Korean language.
Songs, Korean

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PMC 피엠씨 : 더 벙커 / Ehle, Jennifer
Tŏ bŏngk'ŏ
CIA asks a South Korean military businessman to capture a character named 'King' from North Korea.

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걸 캅스 / ChŏNg Ta-WŏN.
Kŏl k'apsŭ /
Action and adventure films, Korean.
Comedy films, Korean.
Feature films, Korean.
Married women -- Korea (South) -- Drama -- Korean language.
Policewomen -- Korea (South) -- Drama -- Korean language.

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물 만난 물고기 : 이찬혁 소설. / Yi, Ch'An-HyŏK.
Mul mannan mulgogi :
『물 만난 물고기』는 상상을 뒤집는 강렬한 스토리, 탄탄한 구성력을 동원해 인간의 욕망과 두려움, 자유와 통제의 대비, 사랑의 환희와 상실의 상흔, 삶의 의미를 때로는 담담하게, 때로는 환상적으로 보여준다. 성급하고 단편적인 해석보다는 독자 스스로가 자유롭게 소설의 의미를 발견해주었으면 한다는 저자의 바람처럼, 마음껏 소설 속을 유영하며 깊이 호흡하고, 한편 각자의 삶을 묻고 답하기를 권한다. 문장 하나 하나에 섬세하게 박힌 감성, 마음을 위로하고 정화하는 맑은 감각, 생각에 빠져들게 하는 철학적인 화두가 소설에 고스란히 배어 있다. 그동안 짧은 가사만으로 그의 세계를 온전히 만끽하기에 아쉬웠던 독자라면, 소설에서 펼쳐지는 충분히 너른 그의 세계를 마음껏 향유하길 바란다." -- Yes24.com.

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빛 의 과거 / ŬN, HŭI-GyŏNg
Pit ŭi kwagŏ :
Korea (South) -- Social conditions -- 1960-1988 -- Fiction -- Korean language.
Women college students -- Fiction -- Korean language.

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수성못 / Kim, HyŏN-Jun
English title known as:
Heejung hopes to leave Daegu and transfers to a university in Seoul. She works at a ticket office for paddle boats to save up for her tuition. One day while she dozes off, someone attempts suicide.

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스무 살, 반야 심경 에 미치다 / Kim, Yong-Ok
Sŭmu sal, Panya simgyŏng e mich'ida /
Religious life -- Buddhism -- Korean language.
Buddhism and philosophy -- Korean language.
Tripiṭaka. -- Korean language.

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스윙키즈 / Kang, HyŏNg-Ch'ŎL
Sŭwing k'ijŭ /
In this swinging musical drama set during the Korean War, the soldiers at a POW camp plan a tap show to distract both themselves and the prisoners from the hardships of war. Led by a former Broadway dancer and a rebellious North Korean soldier, the band of prisoners find a new sense of freedom in dancing.

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어른 도감 = Adulthood / ŎM, T'Ae-Gu
At her dad's funeral, a 14-year-old girl Kyung-un meets her uncle Jae-min, a complete stranger to her until then, Jae-min, a callow swindler, bilks his niece out of her father's insurance money, Learning what her uncle did, Kyung-un blindsides him with his secret and demands her money back, but Jae-min unashamedly refuses, To get her money back, Kyung-un agrees to play Jae-min's daughter in his next scam, managing to trick and earn the trust of a pharmacist named Jum-hee, As the scheme ripens, Kyung-un grows uneasy, longing to have the family she never had, Slowly, the three begin to care about each other in this fake relationship.