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Paper names : a novel / Luo, Susie.

Set in New York and China over three decades, Paper Names explores what it means to be American from three different perspectives. There's Tony, a Chinese-born engineer turned Manhattan doorman, who immigrated to the United States to give his family a better life. His daughter, Tammy, who we meet at age nine and follow through adulthood, and who grapples with the expectations of a first generation American and her own personal desires. Finally, there's Oliver, a handsome white lawyer with a dark family secret and who lives in the building where Tony works. A violent attack causes their lives to intertwine in ways that will change them forever.

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The fiancée farce : a novel / Bellefleur, Alexandria.

Running her family's bookstore while fending off questions about her love life, Tansy Adams invents a girlfriend, Gemma, inspired by the cover model on a bestselling book, but when the real-life Gemma--who needs to marry in order to inherit her family's publishing company--discovers Tansy's charade, she takes things one step further and announces their engagement.

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Black girls must have it all : a novel / Allen, Jayne

"After a whirlwind year, Tabitha Walker's check list has changed drastically. Her picture perfect plan for the perfect job, husband, and home has now become: diapers changed (infinite), showers taken (zero), tears cried (buckets), and hours of sleep (what's that?). Don't get her wrong, Tabby loves her new bundle of joy and motherhood is perhaps the only thing that's consistent for her these days. When the news station announces that they will be hiring outside competitors for the new anchor position, Tabby throws herself into her work. But It's not just her role as a weekend anchor that Tabby has to worry about maintaining--all of her relationships seem to be spiraling out of their regular orbits. And when Marc presents her with an ultimatum, and his mother comes for an extended "visit", Tabby is forced to take stock of her life and make a plan for the future. As the demands of motherhood accumulate, the alienation from her friends and family deepens, and Tabby must figure out how to ask for the support she so desperately needs. But help is always there when you ask for it, and Tabby's village of friends and family will once again rally around her for her biggest challenge yet"--Provided by publisher.

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Double or nothing : a double o novel / Sherwood, Kim

"James Bond is missing -- and only the elite team of MI6 agents he trained can find him and thwart a nefarious scheme to expand worldwide terrorism."--Provided by publisher.