VPL New Arrivals Feeds - Biography and Memoir http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/view/32 Check out newly arrived titles at Vaughan Public Libraries! en vplwebmaster@vaughan.ca VPL New Arrivals - Biography and Memoir /img/icon-vpl.gif http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/view/32 35 <![CDATA[Hidden valley road : inside the mind of an American family / Kolker, Robert]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/500886 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/500886 <![CDATA[The rapids : ways of looking at mania / Twyford-Moore, Sam.]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/527309 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/527309 <![CDATA[I have something to say : mastering the art of public speaking in an age of disconnection / Bowe, John]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/527291 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/527291 <![CDATA[Dirt : adventures in Lyon as a chef in training, father, and sleuth looking for the secret of French cooking / Buford, Bill]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/501829 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/501829 <![CDATA[MBS : the rise to power of Mohammed Bin Salman / Hubbard, Ben.]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/505997 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/505997 Saudi Arabia -- Kings and rulers -- Biography.
Saudi Arabia -- Politics and government -- 1982-
Āl Saʻūd, Muḥammad bin Salmān bin ʻAbd al-ʻAzīz, Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, 1985-
Journalists -- Crimes against -- Saudi Arabia.
Khāshqujī, Jamāl Aḥmad, 1958-2018 -- Death and burial.
Murder -- Investigation -- Saudi Arabia.
<![CDATA[The last libertines / Craveri, Benedetta]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/505184 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/505184 <![CDATA[Afropessimism / Wilderson, Frank B.]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/507255 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/507255 African Americans -- Race identity
Black race -- Psychology.
Black race -- Social conditions.
College teachers -- United States -- Biography
Political activists -- United States -- Biography
African American college teachers -- United States -- Biography.
Wilderson, Frank B., III, 1956-
<![CDATA[Intimate warfare : the true story of the Arturo Gatti and Micky Ward boxing trilogy / Raspanti, John J.]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/522717 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/522717 <![CDATA[No time like the future : an optimist considers mortality / Fox, Michael J.]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/523213 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/523213 <![CDATA[Where I come from : stories from the deep South / Bragg, Rick]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/522602 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/522602 s love of Tupperware (his mother preferred margarine tubs and thought Tupperware was “just showing off”) to the decline of country music, from the legacy of Harper Lee to the metamorphosis of the pickup truck to the best way to kill fire ants--Where I Come From is an ode to the stories and the history of the Deep South, a book that will be treasured by fans old and new.]]> <![CDATA[The man who ate too much : the life of James Beard / Birdsall, John]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/512036 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/512036 <![CDATA[On all fronts : the education of a journalist / Ward, Clarissa]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/524834 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/524834 Iraq War, 2003-2011 -- Personal narratives, American
Television journalists -- United States -- Biography
War correspondents -- United States -- Biography
Syria -- History -- Civil War, 2011- -- Personal narratives, American.
Ward, Clarissa, 1980-
<![CDATA[Music lessons / Wiseman, Bob]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/510805 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/510805 <![CDATA[Left to tell : discovering God amidst the Rwandan holocaust / Erwin, Steve]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/520419 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/520419 <![CDATA[One game at a time : my journey from small-town Alberta to hockey\'s biggest stage / Singh, Harnarayan.]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/521424 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/521424 <![CDATA[Surprising spies : and unexpected heroes of World War II / Ruelle, Karen Gray]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/526997 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/526997 <![CDATA[Touching the jaguar : transforming fear into action to change your life and the world / Perkins, John]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/526958 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/526958 <![CDATA[The efficient, inventive (often annoying) Melvil Dewey / Fotheringham, Ed]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/526856 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/526856 <![CDATA[Terry Fox and me / Leatherdale, Mary Beth]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/525948 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/525948