VPL New Arrivals Feeds - Business Collection http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/view/31 Check out newly arrived titles at Vaughan Public Libraries! en vplwebmaster@vaughan.ca VPL New Arrivals - Business Collection /img/icon-vpl.gif http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/view/31 35 <![CDATA[The no spend year : how I spent less and lived more / Mcgagh, Michelle]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/375905 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/375905 <![CDATA[Blueprint to business : an entrepreneur\'s guide to taking action, committing to the grind, and doing the things that most people won\'t / Alden, Michael]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/375904 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/375904 <![CDATA[End financial stress now : immediate steps you can take to improve your financial outlook / Birken, Emily Guy]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/375903 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/375903 ]]> <![CDATA[Compensating the sales force : a practical guide to designing winning sales reward programs / Cichelli, David J.]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/375900 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/375900 Incentives in industry
Bonuses (Employee fringe benefits)
Sales personnel -- Salaries, etc.
<![CDATA[The 7 secrets of neuron leadership : what top military commanders, neuroscientists, and the ancient Greeks teach us about inspiring teams / Reed, W. Craig]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/375901 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/375901 Teams in the workplace
<![CDATA[The data driven leader : a powerful approach to delivering measurable business impact through people analytics. / Dearborn, Jenny]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/375899 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/375899 Business planning -- Data processing
Decision making -- Data processing
Personnel management
Business enterprises -- Personnel management.
<![CDATA[Create your successful agile project : collaborate, measure, estimate, deliver / Rothman, Johanna]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/375861 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/375861 ]]> <![CDATA[The 100 best stocks to buy in ... / Bobo, Scott]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/290333 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/290333 <![CDATA[Canadian financial accounting cases / Lento, Camillo]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/375494 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/375494 ]]> <![CDATA[The only book you will ever need on branding to start, grow and run your business / Maandag, Michiel]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/375450 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/375450 <![CDATA[IFRS guidebook / Bragg, Steven M.]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/375429 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/375429 Accounting -- Standards
International business enterprises -- Accounting -- Standards.
<![CDATA[Mastering bookkeeping : a complete guide to the principles and practice of business accounting / Institute Of Certified Bookkeepers]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/375422 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/375422 <![CDATA[The hopeful mom\'s guide to adoption : the wit and wisdom you need for the journey / Garlinghouse, Rachel]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/375352 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/375352 Adoptive parents -- United States.
<![CDATA[The danger within us : America\'s untested, unregulated medical device industry and one man\'s battle to survive it / Lenzer, Jeanne]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/375309 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/375309 Medical instruments and apparatus industry -- United States.
Medical instruments and apparatus -- United States.
<![CDATA[Retail\'s seismic shift : how to shift faster, respond better, and win customer loyalty / Dart, Michael]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/375290 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/375290 Customer relations
Retail trade
Retail trade -- Management
<![CDATA[The maker revolution : building a future on creativity and innovation in an exponential world / Hatch, Mark]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/375288 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/375288 Intellectual capital
Social problems
Technological innovations -- Economic aspects
Technological innovations -- Social aspects
Maker movement.
<![CDATA[The business of portfolio management : boosting organizational value through portfolio management / Fraser, Iain]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/375286 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/375286 <![CDATA[Hey ladies stop apologizing! : ... and other career mistakes women make / Jovanovic, Maja]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/375284 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/375284 <![CDATA[The Canadian guide to will and estate planning : everything you need to know today to protect your wealth and your family tomorrow / Gray, Douglas A.]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/350792 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/350792 <![CDATA[Work that works : an Emergenetics guide : emergineering a positive organizational culture / Browning, Geil]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/374737 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/374737 Leadership
Organizational behavior
<![CDATA[Media whore : a shockingly simple guide to becoming your own kick-ass publicist / Shehori, Daniel]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/374735 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/374735 <![CDATA[The strategy pathfinder : core concepts and live cases / Angwin, Duncan]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/374733 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/374733 <![CDATA[Supply chain management for dummies / Stanton, Daniel]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/374732 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/374732 ]]> <![CDATA[Man vs money : everyday economics explained / Cowley, Stewart]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/374731 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/374731 International economic relations
Monetary policy
Saving and investment
Economics -- Finance, Personal.
<![CDATA[What\'s wrong with China / Midler, Paul]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/374728 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/374728 China -- Commerce
China -- Economic policy
China -- Social conditions -- 21st century.
Economic development -- China
<![CDATA[Blockchain for dummies / Laurence, Tiana]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/374672 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/374672 Blockchains (Databases)
Electronic commerce
Electronic funds transfers
Financial institutions -- Technological innovations.
Mobile commerce
<![CDATA[Tableau your data! : fast and easy visual analysis with Tableau Software / Interworks, Inc.]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/332764 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/332764 Tableau (Computer file)
Visual analytics -- Computer programs.
<![CDATA[On time, on target : how teams and companies can cut through complexity and get things done ... the fighter pilot way / Boucousis, Christian]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/374190 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/374190 ]]> <![CDATA[Shift ahead : how the best companies stay relevant in a fast-changing world / Adamson, Allen P.]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/374189 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/374189 Marketing
New products
Strategic planning
<![CDATA[Make Elephants fly : the process of radical innovation / Hoffman, Steven]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/374185 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/374185 New business enterprises
Technological innovations