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VPL New Arrivals Feeds - Cooking http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/view/34 Check out newly arrived titles at Vaughan Public Libraries! en vplwebmaster@vaughan.ca VPL New Arrivals - Cooking /img/icon-vpl.gif http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/view/34 35 <![CDATA[Modern Asian baking at home : essential sweet and savory recipes for milk bread, mochi, mooncakes, and more ; inspired by the Subtle Asian Baking community / Lieu, Kat.]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/586837 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/586837 <![CDATA[Fermented hot sauce cookbook : a step-by-step guide to making hot sauce from scratch / Purcell, Andrew]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/594322 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/594322 Cooking (Hot pepper sauces)
Cooking (Spices)
Hot pepper sauces
<![CDATA[Baked to perfection : delicious gluten-free recipes with a pinch of science / Cermelj, Katarina.]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/601291 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/601291 <![CDATA[Sundays : a celebration of breakfast and family in 52 essential recipes / Pupo, Mark.]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/603774 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/603774 <![CDATA[Love, Charlie : the rise and fall of chef Charlie Trotter / Achatz, Grant]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/607299 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/607299 <![CDATA[Cooking for the culture : recipes and stories from the streets of New Orleans to the table / Boudy, Toya.]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/607382 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/607382 <![CDATA[Win son presents a Taiwanese American cookbook / Erway, Cathy.]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/608823 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/608823 <![CDATA[Fake meat : real food for vegan appetites / Moskowitz, Isa Chandra]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/608824 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/608824 <![CDATA[Eating from our roots : 80+ healthy home-cooked favorites from cultures around the world / Han, Christine]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/608826 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/608826 <![CDATA[The don\'t panic pantry cookbook : mostly vegetarian comfort food that happens to be pretty good for you / Teig, Kristin]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/608827 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/608827 <![CDATA[A generous meal : modern recipes for dinner / Flynn, Christine]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/608828 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/608828 <![CDATA[Anna Olson\'s baking wisdom : the complete guide : everything you need to know to make you a better baker (with 150+ recipes) / Nicolay, Janis]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/608834 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/608834 Cookbooks
<![CDATA[My thali : a simple Indian kitchen / Desbrisay, Anne]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/608836 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/608836 <![CDATA[The complete small plates cookbook : 300+ shareable tapas, meze, bar snacks, dumplings, salads, and more / America\'S Test Kitchen (Firm)]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/608837 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/608837 Cookbooks
Snack foods
<![CDATA[My first meals : fast and fun recipes for children with just five ingredients / Mortimer, Grace.]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/608840 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/608840 Cooking for children.
Quick and easy cooking
<![CDATA[Food as medicine : 150 plant-based recipes for : optimal health, disease prevention, and management of chronic illness / Cherry, Dominique.]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/609059 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/609059 Cooking (Natural foods)
Diet therapy
<![CDATA[Maria\'s Italian cucina / Kusiewicz, Tracey.]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/610700 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/610700 Cooking, Italian -- Southern style
<![CDATA[Essential ketogenic Mediterranean diet cookbook : 100 low-carb, heart-healthy recipes for lasting weight loss / Abeler, Evi]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/612733 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/612733 Cooking, Mediterranean
Heart -- Diseases -- Diet therapy -- Recipes
Ketogenic diet -- Recipes.
Low-carbohydrate diet -- Recipes
<![CDATA[Plant-based on a budget quick & easy : 100 fast, healthy, meal-prep, freezer-friendly, and one-pot vegan recipes / Okamoto, Toni]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/638694 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/638694 <![CDATA[Magnolia table. Volume 3 / Gaines, Joanna]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/638767 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/638767 Cooking, American -- Southern style