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VPL New Arrivals Feeds - Biography and Memoir http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/view/32 Check out newly arrived titles at Vaughan Public Libraries! en vplwebmaster@vaughan.ca VPL New Arrivals - Biography and Memoir /img/icon-vpl.gif http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/view/32 35 <![CDATA[My name\'s yours, what\'s Alaska? : a memoir / Flannery, Thomas]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/560151 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/560151 <![CDATA[Friends, lovers, and the big terrible thing : a memoir / Perry, Matthew]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/583244 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/583244 <![CDATA[Your table is ready : tales of a New York City maître d\' / Cecchi-Azzolina, Michael.]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/603397 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/603397 Restaurants -- New York (State) -- New York.
Restaurateurs -- United States -- Biography
Cecchi-Azzolina, Michael.
<![CDATA[Faith, hope and carnage / Cave, Nick]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/606198 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/606198 <![CDATA[Love, Charlie : the rise and fall of chef Charlie Trotter / Achatz, Grant]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/607299 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/607299 <![CDATA[Adolfo Kaminsky : a forger\'s life / Mitchell, Mike]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/608736 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/608736 Biographies.
Forgery -- History.
Palestine -- Emigration and immigration -- History -- 20th century.
World War, 1939-1945 -- Underground movements -- France -- Biography
World War, 1939-1945 -- Jewish resistance -- France.
Forgers -- Biography.
Forgers -- France -- History.
Kaminsky, Adolfo, 1926-
<![CDATA[Wild : the life of Peter Beard : photographer, adventurer, lover / Boynton, Graham.]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/608744 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/608744 <![CDATA[Shirley Hazzard : a writing life / Olubas, Brigitta.]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/608746 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/608746 <![CDATA[Luck of the draw : my story of the air war in Europe / Murphy, Frank]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/609117 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/609117 United States. Army Air Forces -- Biography.
World War, 1939-1945 -- Aerial operations, American
World War, 1939-1945 -- Prisoners and prisons, German
Murphy, Frank (Air Force Captain)
United States. Army Air Forces. Bomb Group, 100th -- History.
<![CDATA[Spring cannot be cancelled : David Hockney in Normandy / Gayford, Martin]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/609931 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/609931 Hockney, David
Normandy (France) -- Description and travel
<![CDATA[The new guys : the historic class of astronauts that broke barriers and changed the face of space travel / Bagby, Meredith E.]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/610058 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/610058 <![CDATA[A mystery of mysteries : the death and life of Edgar Allan Poe / Dawidziak, Mark]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/610087 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/610087 <![CDATA[A stone is most precious where it belongs : a memoir of Uyghur exile, hope, and survival / Hoja, Gulchehra.]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/610089 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/610089 <![CDATA[The hard parts : a memoir of courage and triumph / Masters, Oksana]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/610090 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/610090 <![CDATA[Sink : a memoir / Thomas, Joseph Earl.]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/610094 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/610094 <![CDATA[Tutankhamun, King of Egypt : his life and afterlife / Dodson, Aidan]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/610340 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/610340 <![CDATA[Bad vibes only : (and other things I bring to the table) : essays / Mcinerny, Nora.]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/612724 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/612724 Journalists -- United States -- Biography
McInerny, Nora.
Widows -- United States -- Biography
<![CDATA[Writing with my eyes : staying alive while dying / Parker-Brown, Angela.]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/636622 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/636622 <![CDATA[Lilian Bland : an amazing aviatrix / Fraser, Kimiko.]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/638416 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/638416