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Join the Online Fiction, Non-Fiction, Romance, or Business Books Clubs and start reading books in your email. Each day we’ll send you a 5-minute portion of a book. By the end of the week, you’ll have read 2-3 chapters. If you’d like to finish a book, stop by the library and pick up a copy. Every week a new book is featured. Sign up today and start reading tomorrow! (Service provided by Chapter-A-Day.com.)

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Fiction Book Club

Our Fiction Book Club features a variety of fiction books. One week you might read a pre-release copy of a Tom Clancy book and the next week a mystery by a first-time author. You'll be amazed at what you discover in this club.

Non-Fiction Book Club

Our Non-Fiction Book Club offers a wide variety of real-life stories about people, places, and things, with an occasional self-help book. If you prefer reading non-fiction, this is the club for you. Every week, you'll discover a new book.

Romance Book Club

Romance is in the air. Sign up today and tell your friends to sign up too. We feature your favorite authors and introduce you to some new ones. Everyone needs a little romance and we have it.

Business Book Club

VPL's Business Book Club delivers the latest ideas in sales, marketing, management, customer service, and e-commerce right into your e-mail in-box. Start every day with new ideas that you can put to work in your job and your business by signing up now to receive short, e-mailed extracts from popular current business book titles.

Mystery Club

The rich suspense, intertwined characters, thickened plot, and nearly missed clues will keep you coming back for more. Each week you'll enjoy a new and exciting mystery by famous and just-getting-started authors.

Teen Club

Just for our younger audience- gripping mysteries, wildly hilarious comedies, true adventures, mystical science fiction. And each week a special guest hosts- selected teens from all over the planet share their insights.