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Power failure : the rise and fall of an American icon / Cohan, William D.

"The dramatic rise-and unimaginable fall-of America's most iconic corporation by New York Times bestselling author and pre-eminent financial journalist William D. Cohan No company embodied American ingenuity, innovation, and industrial power more spectacularly and more consistently than the General Electric Company. GE once developed and manufactured many of the inventions we take for granted today, nearly everything from the lightbulb to the jet engine. GE also built a cult of financial and leadership success envied across the globe and became the world's most valuable and most admired company. But even at the height of its prestige and influence, cracks were forming in its formidable foundation. In a masterful re-appraisal of a company that once claimed to "bring good things to life," pre-eminent financial journalist William D. Cohan argues that the incredible story of GE's rise and fall is not only a paragon, but also a prism through which we can better understand American capitalism. Beginning with its founding, innovations, and exponential growth through acquisitions and mergers, Cohan plumbs the depths of GE's storied management culture, its pioneering doctrine of shareholder value, and its seemingly hidden blind spots, to reveal that GE wasn't immune from the hubris and avoidable mistakes suffered by many other corporations. In POWER FAILURE, Cohan punctures the myth of GE, exploring in a rich narrative how a once-great company wound up broken and in tatters-a cautionary tale for the ages"--Provided by publisher.

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Prove it : exactly how modern marketers earn trust / Jones, Phil M.

"You know your company is amazing. You say your company is amazing. But why should your customers believe you? In a crowded consumer courtroom full of advertisers all claiming to be the best, you need to deliver the proof. In Prove It, StoryFuel founder Melanie Deziel and master of influence Phil M. Jones walk you through the process of identifying and categorizing your business promises, gathering the right evidence, and backing up your claims. You'll learn how to show--not tell--the convenience of your offerings, your comparability with the competition, and your expertise. Stand out from all the brands that shout, "We're great, trust us!" at a skeptical audience. Pick up this book and find out how."

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Raw deal : hidden corruption, corporate greed, and the fight for the future of meat / Sorvino, Chloe.

"A shocking and engrossing exposé of the US meat industry, the devastating failures of the country's food system, and the growing disappointment of alternative meat producers claiming to revolutionize the future of food by the head of Forbes's Food, Drink, and Agriculture division, Chloe Sorvino"--Provided by publisher.

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Salmon wars : the dark underbelly of our favorite fish / Collins, Catherine

"A deep dive into the murky waters of the international salmon farming industry, exposing the unappetizing truth about a fish that is not as good for you as you have been told"--Provided by publisher.

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Sold out : how broken supply chains, surging inflation, and political instability will sink the global economy / Rickards, James

"Our global economy faces unprecedented challenges in the next few months. But whether we sink or swim depends on how prepared we are - and what we do now to thwart the coming collapse"--Provided by publisher.

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Taking stock : a hospice doctor's advice on financial independence, building wealth, and living a regret-free life / Grumet, Jordan.

Written by the host of the Earn & invest podcast, who is also a hospice doctor with a unique front-row seat to the regrets of his dying patients, this book will remind you to take stock of life now, before it is too late. The goal of financial independence is to have the economic fuel to live a full life and avoid regret. Taking Stock is your guide to taking control of your finances and investing in yourself.

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The tech contracts handbook : cloud computing agreements, software licenses, and other IT contracts for lawyers and businesspeople / American Bar Association.

"This book will help you negotiate, draft, and understand information technology contracts"--Provided by publisher.

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Welcome to the circular economy : the next step in sustainable living / Potter, Claire

"Looking to live a life that goes beyond 'sustainability'? Welcome to the circular economy. But what it is exactly? Taking inspiration from nature, the circular economy is a series of interconnecting systems that make everyday life more sustainable. Plus, we can all be part of it: you, your second cousin, that guy that lives down the street and the person you follow on Instagram on the other side of the world. In this handy book, Claire Potter helps explain what the circular economy is, how we as individuals fit into a bigger landscape, how we can demand more of brands, corporations and governments - and how all the decisions we make really do make a difference."--www.laurenceking.com.

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Women talk money : breaking the taboo / Walker, Rebecca

"A searing and fearless anthology of essays exploring the profound impact of money on women's lives, edited by prominent feminist and writer Rebecca Walker"--Provided by publisher.

Find accurate phone-verified information on every company in Canada in this database of 1.9 million businesses. Additionally their files are processed monthly against the National Change of Address Program.

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Research 11 million Canadian households with the largest database available. Records are 100% publicly sourced to comply with Canadian privacy laws.

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Provides access to specialized reference sources in various subjects: arts, business, education, history, medicine, religion, science, social science, technology, etc.

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LinkedIn Learning (previously called Lynda.com) gives users free access to thousands of video tutorial courses with a focus on such areas as technology, software development, business skills, project management as well as creative skills like animation and video editing. The courses are taught by recognized industry experts who will guide you along in learning the skills you need for your personal and professional development. How to use LinkedIn Learning

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Scott’s Canadian Business Directory lists Canadian manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, sales agents and business services providers. This information is updated annually.

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Self-serve standard products available on the Statistics Canada website ― including CANSIM and census data products ― are now free of charge. This is an open resource for everyone and not VPL-subscribed.

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