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After the Shot Drops
Ribay, Randy

Bunny and Nasir have been best friends forever, but when Bunny accepts an athletic scholarship across town, Nasir feels betrayed. While Bunny tries to fit in with his new, privileged peers, Nasir spends more time with his cousin, Wallace, who is being evicted. Nasir can't help but wonder why the neighbourhood is falling over itself to help Bunny when Wallace is the one in trouble. When Wallace makes a bet against Bunny, Nasir is faced with an impossible decision - maybe a dangerous one. Told from alternating perspectives, After the Shot Drops is a heart-pounding story about friendship, basketball, and two teens' missions to create better lives for their families.

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Scott Westerfeld

In alternating chapters, eighteen-year-old Darcy Patel navigates the New York City publishing world and Lizzie, the heroine of Darcy's novel, slips into the "Afterworld" to survive a terrorist attack and becomes a spirit guide, as both face many challenges and both fall in love.

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All American Boys
Jason Reynolds, Brendan Kiely

When sixteen-year-old Rashad is mistakenly accused of stealing, classmate Quinn witnesses his brutal beating at the hands of a police officer who happens to be the older brother of his best friend. Told through Rashad and Quinn's alternating viewpoints.

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Saba Tahir

A family extending from Pakistan to California, deals with generations of young love, old regrets, and forgiveness.

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Jennifer Niven

Told in alternating voices. When Theodore Finch and Violet Markey meet on the ledge of the bell tower at school--both teetering on the edge--it's the beginning of an unlikely relationship, a journey to discover the "natural wonders" of the state of Indiana, and two teens' desperate desire to heal and save one another.

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All the Rage
Courtney Summers

After being assaulted by the sheriff's son, Kellan Turner, Romy Grey was branded a liar and bullied by former friends, finding refuge only in the diner where she works outside of town. But when a girl with ties to both Romy and Kellan goes missing and news of him assulting another girl gets out, Romy must decide whether to speak out again or risk having more girls hurt.

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American Born Chinese
Yang, Gene Luen

Alternates three interrelated stories about the problems of young Chinese Americans trying to participate in the popular culture.

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Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe
Benjamin Alire Sáenz

Fifteen-year-old Ari Mendoza is an angry loner with a brother in prison, but when he meets Dante and they become friends, Ari starts to ask questions about himself, his parents, and his family that he has never asked before.

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Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, The
Collins, Suzanne

This novel revisits the world of Panem sixty-four years before the events of The Hunger Games , starting on the morning of the reaping of the Tenth Hunger Games.

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Belles, The
Clayton, Dhonielle

In a world where Beauty is a commodity only a few control, one Belle will learn the dark secrets behind her powers, and rise up to change the world.

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