Construction of VMC libraries is progressing well

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Members of the community celebrated the topping off of the PwC building that will house the two libraries in the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre (VMC). The building is located in the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre adjacent to the VMC subway station and York Region Rapid Transit Bus Terminal.

Photo of PwC building

The main VMC library occupies the second floor. The storefront library is located on the first floor directly behind the YMCA sign.

Future children's area

Margie Singleton, VPL CEO, standing in the future children’s area.

East view

The view east towards the Transit Terminal.

Storefront library

The view into the future storefront library.

View south

The view south towards library’s Marketplace. The open area will house a stairwell in the future.

Vellore Village Library: May 9 Update

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Construction activities on the library show steady progress. The most evident is the external work on the soffit and composite panel installation. Providing a shared entrance to the complex, the new vestibule is under construction. Interior work shows progress on bulkhead work as well as painting.

Activities scheduled for the next two weeks include west elevation panels installation, HVAC works, decorative suspended ceiling work, electrical wiring, spray foam in the new vestibule area, and miscellaneous drywall works.

Soffit and metal panel installation

Soffit and metal panel installation.

New complex vestibule

Work on new vestibule to the complex in progress.

Ceiling installation.

Ceiling installation has commenced.

Close up of ceiling tile

Close-up of ceiling tile installation.

Washroom accessories

Washroom accessories installed.

Installation of internal doors

Installation of internal doors.

Painted walls in study area

Painted walls in study area.

New features at Maple Library

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A new service desk and an increased browsing area can now be found at the Maple Library to better serve you!

New Service Desk at Maple Library

Some of our wonderful VPL staff showing the new Service Desk at Maple Library.

Browsing area

The increased browsing area.

New self checkout area Maple Library

Maple Library’s new Self Checkout area.

Visit Maple Library today and check it out yourself!

Vellore Village Library: April 18 Update

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Progress is moving steadily on the construction of Vellore Village Library. It’s easier to envision what this 8,300 square foot, hour-glass shaped library will look like when it’s finished, inside and out!

external view of library

External view of library from Villa Royale,

Library area facing south

Main library area facing south towards the community centre.

Main library area

Main library area facing Villa Royale Avenue.

New vestibule for community centre and library

Construction of a new vestibule to the community centre and library.

Ongoing steel structure framing

Ongoing steel structure framing.

lights in staff workroom

Lights have been installed in the staff workroom.

Staff workroom windowsills installed

Windowsills in staff workroom installed and painting activities ongoing.

Staff kitchen cabinetry

Staff kitchen cabinetry installed.

Bulkhead work completed

Bulkhead work completed.


Light installation staff area

Lights installation in the staff area is ongoing.

Interior walls painted

Painting of interior walls ongoing.


Drywalling and taping in study area

Drywalling and taping work continue in the quiet study area.




Wiring of balcony

Wiring of balcony completed and ready for railing installation.

Vellore Village Library: March 6 Update

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Construction activities continue at the site of the new library. Glazing installation is nearly completed as insulation, drywalling and taping work continues. Ceiling framing and hangers are well underway and preparation for ceiling work has started.

Activities scheduled for the next two weeks include framing of the structural soffit, ceiling hangers installation, completion of bulkhead framing, tile work and IT room set-up to power equipment.

Drywalling and taping progressing well

Drywalling and taping are progressing well.

Ceiling installation preparation

Preparation for ceiling installation.

Tiling in washroom area

Tiling is underway in the washroom area.

Drywalling in children's area

Drywalling ongoing in the children’s area.

Study room insulation and drywalling

Insulation and drywalling activities in the study room.

Electrical panels installed in IT room

Electrical panels have been installed in the IT room.

Decorative roofing detail ongoing

Decorative roofing detail work is ongoing.

PwC Tower with new libraries really taking shape!

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Construction activities on the new libraries, on the first and second floors of the PwC Tower at the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre (VMC) site continues with the anticipated completion date targeted for Fall 2019.

View from south elevation.

View of second floor main Library space and storefront Library on main level (red rectangular boxes surrounding the space) from south elevation.

New library on Villa Royale Avenue officially named

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The Vaughan Public Library Board is proud to announce that the official name of the 8,300-sq. ft. library connected to the Vellore Village Community Centre will be the Vellore Village Library!

Construction steadily continues. Ninety-five percent of the curtain wall glazing has been installed. Remaining glazing and sealing is expected to be fully completed in the next two weeks. The structural exterior stud work has also been completed.

Arial view of library

Aerial view of the new library overlooking the skate park.

South view from balcony

The south view from cantilevered balcony. Soffit framing continues.

Libraries in the new PwC Tower progressing nicely

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Construction activities of the new libraries, on the first and second floors of the PwC Tower at the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre (VMC) site, are in full swing. Great progress can be seen from the future VMC downtown core including the subway station and while travelling along local arteries.

PwC Tower view from southeast

View of the PwC Tower from the southeast.

VMC facing north

View from in front of the VMC subway station facing north.

VPL staff visit Vaughan Metropolitan Centre library construction site

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Vaughan Public Libraries staff and project partners were invited to visit the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre (VMC) site and witnessed first hand the steady progress of the new libraries on the first and second floors of the PwC Tower.

VPL and COV staff on second floor

Vaughan Public Libraries staff and City of Vaughan Recreation staff on the second floor near the future York Region Transit hub.

View from the northwest of the second story library

Northwest view of the second-floor library.

View from the east side

View of the library from the east side near future transit terminal.

Inside library's main entrance

Inside the library’s main entrance.

View into the children's area

The view into the children’s area.

View from Walmart's parking lot.

View from Walmart’s parking lot. Tarped area represents children’s area on the west side of the building.

View from the north

View from the north. KPMG building in the background.




The new year brings progress with library construction at Vellore Village Community Centre

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Construction activities continue to move forward at the Vellore Village Community Centre’s new library.

Winter protection has been installed allowing interior work to continue during the winter months. Metal supports, steel stud framing and curtain work is ongoing in preparation for glazing installation. HVAC and work on mechanical units has been completed. Work on electrical rough-ins above ground continues.

View from Villa Royale Avenue

Steel stud framing for glazing installation in progess. View from Villa Royale Avenue.

View from parking lot into the Reading Lounge area

Steel stud framing for glazing installation in progess. View from Vellore Village Community Centre’s parking lot into the library’s Reading Lounge Area.

Workroom windows ready for glazing installation

Workroom windows ready for glazing installation.

Entrance into the new library

Entrance area into the new library.

Duct work above the Marketplace area complete

Complete duct work above the Marketplace area.

Ceiling installation has started

Preparation for ceiling installation has commenced.