Civic Centre Resource Library’s latest window covering

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As you enter the Civic Centre Resource Library, you will now be greeted by a fantastic image at the front entrance of the library.

The photo was taken at the Grand Opening Celebration in September 2016 during a storytime led by staff member, Lonnie Freedman.

Front window at Civic Centre Resource Library

An overĀ 10 feet tall by 14 feet wide, opaque vinyl image adorns the entrance at Civic Centre Resource Library.


Pierre Berton Resource Library’s MAKE IT! has a new look

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A new accent wall and branded whiteboards now showcase Pierre Berton Resource Library’s MAKE IT! space.

The back wall of MAKE IT! has been painted a navy blue. Vinyl words such as Die Cutter, Robotics and Coding are scattered throughout with #BeAmaker, lettering 4 ft. wide by 1.5 ft. tall, highlighted on the central part of the wall.

Five mobile whiteboards have also been covered with high gloss vinyl on one side to define the area where makers of all levels go to create. Each brilliantly-coloured, 6 ft. wide by 3.5 ft. height board shows various activities happening in the space: green screen, electronics, virtual reality and 3D printing. You must check it out!

Accent wall of Make It

MAKE IT!’s new back wall.

Colourful mobile whiteboards

Colourful mobile whiteboards define MAKE IT!

New soft seating for our libraries!

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New chairs have been delivered to Ansley Grove, Dufferin Clark and Woodbridge Libraries, giving a cozier and bright new look for you to enjoy. Be sure to visit us today!

New chairs at Woodbridge Library

Woodbridge Library has comfortable new chairs in various spots throughout the library. Pick your favourite!

New seating at Ansley Grove Library

Bring a few friends and grab a seat at Ansley Grove Library.

New chairs at Dufferin Clark Library

Envision yourself, with a book, in the comfort of one of these new chairs at Dufferin Clark Library.

Vellore Village South Library: December 18 Update

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Construction activities are ongoing at the Vellore Village Community Centre’s new library. Roof work and curtain wall framing are anticipated to be completed in the next two weeks, followed by curtain wall installation.

Winter protection installation on the library deck is anticipated to be installed in the coming weeks. This will ensure work activities scheduled for the interior of the building can proceed and will be protected from various weather elements.

The new vestibule area and entrance into the library

The new vestibule area and entrance into the library.

Blueskin installation completed

Blueskin installation completed on the north side of the library.

North view into the library

View from the north into the library.

HVAC unit ready to be installed

The HVAC unit ready to be installed.

Work continues on the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre site

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Framework of the second-floor library in the PwC Tower at the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre (VMC) is now complete and work has commenced on the third floor.

The project is currently on time to meet the anticipated opening in Fall 2019.

Construction of VMC library is in full swing.

Area outlined in red shows future VMC Library.