Civic Centre Resource Library – Sept. 25

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Things are really shaping up at the Civic Centre Resource Library this week. The exterior sheathing installation continues at the south side of the building. Glazing installation is ongoing around the exterior perimeter as well. Fritted glazing installation along the north and west are also being installed. Check out some photo updates.

View of south elevation. Hardscaping and sheathing are ongoing.

Framing work is ongoing at the main entrance.

Interior insulation and framing are ongoing at the music and control rooms.

Frit glazing installation is ongoing.

Staircase construction is ongoing.




Civic Centre Resource Library – Sept. 18

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This week at the Civic Centre Resource Library, exterior sheathing installation continues to progress around the building perimeter and work is ongoing at the south side. Glazing installation has commenced and panels are being installed around the reading garden as well as the north elevation. Hardscaping activities started along the south with the drilling and installation of sonotubes for piers.


Exterior commenced at the south elevation.


Glazing installation commenced at the north elevation.


Hardscaping work has commenced. Workers are drilling piles to install sonotubes.


Interior insulation has commenced at the adult collection.


Glazing installation at the Reading Garden is ongoing.



Civic Centre Resource Library – Sept. 3

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Construction continues to move quickly at the Civic Centre Resource Library. Check out some quick photo updates below.


Coordination is ongoing between installation of services.

Steel framing is in place for Maker Space and Teen Area.

View of Stair B.

View of northeast corner.

View of Reading Garden.