VMC Library & VMC Express Project Update

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We continue to see progress at VMC Library and VMC Express. In late December, the project reached a significant milestone by achieving conditional occupancy of the space. Library millwork, including VMC Express custom shelving, customer service desk, slatwall and benching, is currently in production.

Furniture Deliveries
Excavation for external “Library” sign complete

Bathurst Clark Renovation Project

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The scope of the improvement project includes resurfacing of the existing parking lot area, addressing existing draining issues, incorporating three new parking spaces and five lay-by spaces, including electric vehicle charging stations, the inclusion of pedestrian multipath connecting foot traffic from Promenade Circle to Clark Ave and maintaining accessible parking space requirements. The library’s front entrance will also include new lighting, new benching addition of new planters outside to help strengthen the library’s main entrance and its presence in the community.

Rendering of the new and improved main entrance to BCRL
Inclusion of new parking spaces and new multipurpose path

Maple Library Renovation Project Update

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Construction activities at the Maple Library continued throughout December. Installation of reading garden shade structures and outdoor furniture is now complete. Sound baffles have been painted and hung. All painting work is done, and decorative film decal installation on leaf motives has begun. All CVP flooring is also complete, and preparation for carpet installation is ongoing. Glass installation of library quiet study room is in progress. All millwork pieces have been received and will be installed following carpet installation.

Reading Garden shade structure mounted in place.
Reading garden furniture has been installed.
Glass installation quiet study room in progress.
Decorative decal application on leaf stem in progress.
Decorative ceiling work outside the library’s main entrance is in progress.