Vaughan Public Libraries’ Maple Library Reading Garden Wins Urban Design Award of Merit

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On January 25, 2023, Vaughan Public Libraries’ (VPL) Maple Library Reading Garden project was awarded a prestigious Vaughan Urban Design Award of Merit. The Maple Library Reading Garden was designed to create a relaxing outdoor area for the local community, while also serving as a striking focal point for the library and the rest of the community. Framed by graceful arches, and illuminated at night, the garden is representative of the innovation and forward-thinking of modern library design, and embodies VPL’s commitment to provide welcoming, vibrant and striking public spaces for its customers. The project was designed by ATA Architects and constructed by Gateman Milloy and Mantecon Partners.

The jury of respected architects complimented how the Maple Library Reading Garden “changed the perception of space, providing a whimsical and interesting intervention for the building and challenging the notion of being in the heritage district by introducing a contemporary structure. It provides an outdoor extension of the interior space, using architectural elements to create and form a contemporary canopy over the garden with seating and gardens for patrons to enjoy.”

The response from library customers has been very positive, with Vaughan Public Libraries’ staff observing many enjoying this new outdoor space.

The Vaughan Urban Design Awards recognize and promote local development initiatives that exemplify excellence in urban design, architecture, landscape architecture, public art and environmental stewardship within Vaughan. The awards reflect the community’s commitment to quality and innovation in city building.