VPL staff visit Vaughan Metropolitan Centre library construction site

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Vaughan Public Libraries staff and project partners were invited to visit the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre (VMC) site and witnessed first hand the steady progress of the new libraries on the first and second floors of the PwC Tower.

VPL and COV staff on second floor

Vaughan Public Libraries staff and City of Vaughan Recreation staff on the second floor near the future York Region Transit hub.

View from the northwest of the second story library

Northwest view of the second-floor library.

View from the east side

View of the library from the east side near future transit terminal.

Inside library's main entrance

Inside the library’s main entrance.

View into the children's area

The view into the children’s area.

View from Walmart's parking lot.

View from Walmart’s parking lot. Tarped area represents children’s area on the west side of the building.

View from the north

View from the north. KPMG building in the background.




The new year brings progress with library construction at Vellore Village Community Centre

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Construction activities continue to move forward at the Vellore Village Community Centre’s new library.

Winter protection has been installed allowing interior work to continue during the winter months. Metal supports, steel stud framing and curtain work is ongoing in preparation for glazing installation. HVAC and work on mechanical units has been completed. Work on electrical rough-ins above ground continues.

View from Villa Royale Avenue

Steel stud framing for glazing installation in progess. View from Villa Royale Avenue.

View from parking lot into the Reading Lounge area

Steel stud framing for glazing installation in progess. View from Vellore Village Community Centre’s parking lot into the library’s Reading Lounge Area.

Workroom windows ready for glazing installation

Workroom windows ready for glazing installation.

Entrance into the new library

Entrance area into the new library.

Duct work above the Marketplace area complete

Complete duct work above the Marketplace area.

Ceiling installation has started

Preparation for ceiling installation has commenced.