Construction has begun on the library at the new Vaughan Metropolitan Centre

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The construction of the new library to be housed in the PWC Tower of the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre (VMC) is now in full swing.

The two images below depict the progress being made on-site:

Vaughan Metropolitan Centre as of July 2017

Construction of VMC as of July 2017.

Sept2017 PWC Tower

Construction progress on the PWC Tower as of September 2017.

Vellore Village South Library: October 16 Update

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Progress on the new library connected to the Vellore Village Community Centre continues.

Roof installation in progress

Roof installation in progress.

Masonry work on the north wall of the library.

Masonry work on the north wall of the library.

View inside library

View inside library looking south towards the community centre.

Woodbridge Library windows adorned with colourful images

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Two windows at Woodbridge Library have been covered with vibrant images, approximately 10 feet tall by 5 feet wide, depicting people using the library. Made of micro perforated vinyl, the window coverings allow for one-way vision from the inside.

Woodbridge Library Window Coverings

Delightful images of smiling faces enjoying the library cover two of the Woodbridge Library windows.

Vellore Village South Library: September 12 Update

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The Vellore Village South Library is taking shape!

View from Weston Road

View of Vellore Village South Library from Weston Road.

Foundation wall showing fluted concrete.

View looking at foundation wall showing fluted concrete.

Slab work completed in library proper.

Slab work for the library has been completed.

Library and future balcony slab work correct

Slab work completed in the library and future balcony.