Trees and plants are in at the Civic Centre Resource Library

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Trees and plants are in at the Civic Centre Resource Library this week. The library has been open to the public for a week now. Many people are enjoying this beautiful, modern and welcoming library everyday. If you have not been to the library yet, drop by and check it out! It’s open daily from 10 a.m.

Trees have been planted at the front of the library.

Plants have been put in at the side of the library.

Plants are in at the Reading Garden.

Plants in the Reading Garden.

Mother and son using the early literacy computer station.

Seniors from the Mapleglen senior Residences enjoying coffee from the cafe in the library.

Customer enjoying free Wi-Fi in the library.

Kids having a great time reading in these cool chairs.


Civic Centre Resource Library Opens in Just Two Days!

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Civic Centre Resource Library is getting ready to be open to the public in just two days! Display units are here, books are being put up on slat wall units, study tables are in place, plastic covers on the chairs are gone, trees have arrived, and many more things are happening fast and furious. So much excitement around the library. Come check us out on May 14 at 9 a.m.! You will be amazed by the new library.

Slat wall displays.

Display units.

Display units.

Plastic covers have been lifted from these cool chairs.

Tables in the study area are in place.

Tables in the study area are in place.

Plants are going in the Reading Garden.

Tables and chairs are set up near the cafe.

Trees are here.


Civic Centre Resource Library – May 6

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Books have arrived at the Civic Centre Resource Library this week! Staff are busy stocking the new shelves. Interactive units for the children’s area have also been delivered and are looking great. Check out a quick photo update below.

Exterior view of the library.

Exterior view of the front entrance.

Books are here.

Shelves are stocked.

Interactive units in the children's area are here.