Update on Bathurst Clark Resource Library Renovations

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The Library continues to progress with its renovations.

Children's area - looking out to main hall

From the Children’s Area looking out to main hall.

Family Reading Corner

Family Reading Corner.

 Children's Pass Through

Children’s Pass Through.

 External book drop

External Book Drop.

Floor prep

Floor prep.

 Carpet laying begins

Carpet laying begins.

 New hoarding going up

New hoarding going up.

Prepping the teen area floor

Prepping the teen area floor.

glimpse of new tile work in lobby

A glimpse of the new tile work in lobby.

New lobby bench

New lobby bench.

New lobby laptop bar

New lobby laptop bar.

Slatwall back up in lobby

Slatwall is back up in lobby.

The PwC Tower, with two libraries, now has windows

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Construction activities on the new libraries, on the first and second floors of the PwC Tower at the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre (VMC) site continue to progress well. With the added windows, it has a more completed look. The anticipated completion date is still targeted for Fall 2019.

North view from KPMG building

North view from KPMG building.

East view from Walmart parking lot

East view from Walmart parking lot.

Glazing completed for children's area

Children’s area glazing is completed.

Library entrance area

Future entrance area to the library.

Progressing radiant floor heating installation

Radiant floor heating installation in progress

Bathurst Clark Resource Library has colour on the walls!

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Renovations continue with a splash of colour now added to the interior of Bathurst Clark Resource Library.

East wall

The new, beautiful hue of the east wall.

Painted walls of the Teen area

Teen Area facing north-west

West wall of Bathurst Clark Resource Library

West wall facing accessible washroom.

September 22, 2018: Grand Opening Celebration of Vellore Village Library!

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Join us on Saturday, September 22 for Vaughan Public Libraries’ (VPL) Grand Opening Celebration of its tenth location, the Vellore Village Library at 1 Villa Royale Avenue, attached to the Vellore Village Community Centre. The official ceremony and ribbon cutting begins at 9:30 a.m.

Vellore Village Library Grand Opening Celebration

A fun-filled day is planned with family entertainment, 11 a.m. – 4 p.m., including singing duo Sonshine & Broccoli, Magic by X.Ray  family storytime, STEAM activities, refreshments, and a visit with Scaredy Squirrel. Click here for a schedule of events.

Special thanks goes to our Grand Opening Celebration sponsor, COBS Bread.

Renovations continue at Bathurst Clark Resource Library

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Work is steadily progressing at Bathurst Clark Resource Library.

Entrance to main library from children's area

Entrance to main library from children’s area.

Hallway with accessible washroom

Hallway with accessible washroom.

Tiles in the women's washroom

Tiles in the women’s washroom.

Library staff workroom

Library staff workroom.

Vellore Village Library is now open!

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Thanks to all who joined us on Saturday, August 11 as the doors of Vellore Village Library were opened to the public. Over 1,600 people visited the library throughout the day!

Opening the doors to the public and a welcome by VPL Board and staff

VPL Board and staff welcomed members of the community as they first stepped into the Vellore Village Library.

Many people looking at what Vellore Village Library has to offer.

Everyone discovering all of the wonderful books, resources and spaces Vellore Village Library has to offer.

Storytimes for the kids at Vellore Village Library

Children enjoying the first Vellore Village Library storytime.

Family reading on Vellore Village Library patio

Reading together on the patio.

VPL board and customers

From left to right: Ward 4 Councillor and VPL Board Trustee, Sandra Yeung Racco; VPL Board Trustees, Loreta Pavese and Manjit Kaur; VPL Board Vice-Chair, Rose Savage; VPL Board Chair, Devender Sandhu; Regional Councillor Gino Rosati; and two gentleman from the Vellore community. In front: One of our young community members excited for the library to open.

VPL Board Trustee and Vice-Chair, Rose Savage and VPL Board Trustee, Palma Pallante.

VPL Board Trustee and Vice-Chair, Rose Savage with VPL Board Trustee, Palma Pallante.

Checking out a few books








































Mom and child at computer

Two women in the library

Families playing games together

Using Quiver colouring sheet

Learning about ozobots

Deciding what book to take

Smiling people with stacks of books

Happy family at Vellore Village Library





































































For more photos from Saturday, August 11, please visit our Facebook album titled Vellore Village Library Opening – August 11.

Vellore Village Library – Getting ready to open on August 11!

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Things are shaping up quickly at Vellore Village Library! Books have been delivered to the library today and staff are busy setting everything up. The library will be open to the public starting on August 11 at 10 a.m., make sure you stop by to check it out!



Vellore Village Library: July 27 Update

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A new sign and new furniture for the library!

Library name on the building

The library now has its name on the building.

Soft chairs arrived

Soft, comfy chairs have arrived.

Installed balcony glass

Balcony glass has been installed.

Renovations have begun at Bathurst Clark Resource Library

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Contractor, Massive Devon has begun renovation work at Bathurst Clark Resource Library (BCRL).

New children's area

View of the new children’s area from BCRL’s main entrance.

Children's area-view from main hall

View of the new children’s area from BCRL’s main hall.

Children's area, looking east.

The children’s area, looking east.

Children's area looking west

The children’s area, looking west.

Renovated women's washroom

Women’s washroom being renovated.

Vellore Village Library: July 23 Update

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Library construction continues to progress nicely.

Shelves ready to be stacked with books

Shelves ready to be stacked with books.

Tile flooring on balcony

Tile flooring placed on outdoor balcony.

Finishing the ceiling facade

Finishing the ceiling façade.