Library Forthcoming in the New Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital

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Early in 2017, Mackenzie Health (MH) and Vaughan Public Libraries (VPL) began an innovative collaboration of a proposed shared facility rooted in a shared vision of library space and services at the new Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital (MVH).

This shared vision was to:

  • Co-design an exceptional public library at MVH that will serve as a welcoming destination for hospital patients, families, staff, physicians, volunteers and the greater Vaughan community.
  • Offer public library services at MVH that will connect and inspire all.

Guided by this vision and design work, the project with our partners began. The project is well underway with an anticipated opening of the new Hospital Library in December 2020.

Margie Singleton (CEO) and Aleksandra Dowiat-Vine (Director of Growth & Communications) visit Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital Library, which will be located at the main entrance of Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital on Major Mackenzie Road

Future Service Desk area


Library view from Hospital Lobby on main level

View into library marketplace and sitting area from library’s main entrance

View inside library’s stacks area











Project Update – Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Library

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The Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Library (VMC) and Storefront Library construction fit-out phase continues with great progress in the Price Waterhouse Cooper (PwC) office building. Wall studs and rough in work for plumbing is ongoing throughout both library spaces, and electrical work is also scheduled concurrently. Graphics and signage processes have started and architects are working with a lighting consultant investigating options for the colour changing light strip for the second-floor library. Landscaping work is well underway throughout the site with a substantial completion targeted for Summer 2020 followed by the opening of the full facility.

View from south, next to transit terminal, showcasing the gold band around library

Landscaping work ongoing

Landscaping progress






Interior fit-out work progress

Framing of staff workroom

Framing of quiet study room


Civic Centre Resource Library Wins the 2019 OLA New Library Building Award

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Stunning architecture, environmental stewardship, connections with local histories, and serving growing communities by providing exciting spaces are just a few notable aspects of the recipients of the 2019 Ontario Library Association (OLA) New Library Building Award.

Vaughan Public Libraries’ (VPL) Civic Centre Resource Library is one of the four recipients of the distinguished award, including Brampton Library, Hamilton Public Library, and Toronto Public Library- Albion Branch.

The OLA Library Building Award encourages and showcases excellence in the architectural design and planning of libraries in Ontario. The award is divided into two alternating categories (Library Architectural and Design Transformation, and New Library Buildings) and runs every third year to allow a critical number of projects in all types of libraries to accumulate.

“Newly-built libraries today reflect the strong desire for public places that instill a sense of community pride and are, at the same time, highly flexible and functional spaces,” comments Shelagh Paterson, executive director, OLA.

Civic Centre Resource Library, ZAS Architects + Interiors

From the jury: “An amazing architectural and geometric engineering achievement! A visually stunning  façade that appears to change from transparent to solid as the daylight changes throughout the day. The library is built as a visionary makerspace that provides a much needed centre for community learning, gathering, creating and celebration. Through the innovative design process, ZAS Architects created impressively wide-open spaces that allow flexibility for library programming and that can be easily redefined without limitations. The result is a cultural destination that inspires creativity, provides a welcoming place to gather and interact, and that has attracted new users enriching community life in the rapidly growing City of Vaughan”. 

Margie Singleton (Chief Executive Officer, Vaughan Public Libraries) and Paul Stevens (Senior Principal, ZAS Architects + Interiors) receive the OLA Building Award for the Civic Centre Resource Library, at OLA’s Annual Institute on the Library as Place event on July 10, 2019.




Vaughan Metropolitan Centre 360 Degree Virtual Tour

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Explore Vaughan’s vibrant, modern urban centre for residents and businesses through this interactive 360 Degree Vaughan Metropolitan Centre (VMC) video tour. You will catch a glimpse of the building’s inspiring multi-use office towers, upcoming VMC Library and Storefront Library, subway access, open green space, urban squares, pedestrian shopping areas and restaurants, and walking and cycling paths.

Watch VMC’s interactive virtual 360 tour, an emerging downtown poised to be the financial, innovation and cultural centre of Vaughan.

We Have Espresso Bars!

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For our coffee lovers, nothing beats that rush of caffeine to the brain. Get excited, Vaughan Public Libraries (VPL) recently rolled out coffee vending machines at the Civic Centre and Bathurst Clark  Resource Libraries (coming soon to Pierre Berton Resource Library)! Get a cup of premium coffee, cappuccino, mocha or even a tea latte, whatever you like!

Have Facebook? Watch a demonstration on how you can get your cuppa at VPL’s Espresso Bar.

Try the Civic Centre Resource Library’s Espresso bar and vending machines near the library entrance

Espresso Bar Menu

Enjoy the Espresso Bar along with other vending machines in the library at Bathurst Clark Resource Library

Update on the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Library

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The Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Library (VMC) and Storefront Library construction fit-out phase continues with great progress. This includes installation of many internal walls and partitions. Vaughan Public Libraries’ staff continue to meet regularly with project architects and discussions regarding signage, wayfinding and graphic design  are ongoing. Substantial completion continues to be targeted for mid 2020 followed by the opening of the full facility.

View from west into children’s area

View from south into Storefront Library

Inside Storefront Library.

Book return installed!

Library entrance area. Elevators and staff workroom situated behind walls.

Quiet study area overlooking lobby.

Library view west towards children’s area.

It’s Springtime: Vaughan Public Libraries Outdoor Spaces Are Open!

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It’s undeniable: Spring is in the air and everyone is yearning to be outside. Vaughan Public Libraries has several beautiful reading gardens that are now open for you to use and enjoy.

As the days get warmer, what could be more perfect than reading outdoors? Come by to enjoy our outdoor spaces where you can enjoy comfortable seating, nice views, and some fresh air. Sit back and read a book or maybe even write one! Feel free to take out magazines or newspapers from our collection and stay up-to-date while relishing the breeze. And, of course, also enjoy access to our free Wi-Fi connection on your devices. Consider the outdoor spaces an additional library space for your use and pleasure.

Young customer enjoying outdoor reading in Kleinburg Library’s reading garden.



Comfortable seating and picturesque views in the Civic Centre Resource Library (CCRL) reading garden.

CCRL’s second floor beautiful outdoor patio that is full of natural light.

CCRL’s second floor beautiful patio

Beautiful exterior reading garden at Pleasant Ridge Library

Seniors practicing their square dancing in the Pleasant Ridge Library reading garden.

Vellore Village Library’s large outdoor balcony overlooking skate park



Project Update – Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Library

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Construction of the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Library (VMC) and Storefront location is progressing well. The 9,000 sq. ft. library located on the second floor of the office building features popular design elements found in all VPL libraries. These elements will include a marketplace featuring new and popular materials, quiet and group study, bright and open children’s area, mobile furniture on castors, and newest and self-service technologies. The 400 sq. ft. Storefront library will be located below the library directly at the street level. The Storefront library will be completely self-service, feature access to new and popular materials and will be accessible to users by scanning their library card.


MJMA architectural firm has been retained by the project partners to design the interior spaces and finishes for the library, the City’s recreational space and the YMCA. VPL staff have worked closely with the architects since 2017 to complete the interior finishes ensuring the VPL Board’s vision for both spaces was incorporated as per the Board direction. At a recent meeting of the Vaughan Public Library Board, the architects presented the interior designs for both the Community library space and the Storefront library and solicited the Board’s feedback. Suggestions supplied by the Board have been incorporated and enabled the library construction to progress.

-The 9,000 sq. ft. Vaughan Metropolitan Library design


-Interior designs for the Community library space and Storefront library

VMC Libraries Update: March 28

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Construction continues on the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Library (VMC) and storefront locations in the PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) office building in the city’s new downtown area.

The 400 sq. ft. storefront location will be located at the street level and will feature access to new and popular materials and will be accessible to users by swiping their library card. The 9,000 sq. ft. library will be located on the second floor of the building and will have access to a community kitchen enabling VPL to introduce a suite of culinary literacy programming once opened.

The PwC building which houses the two libraries.

The PwC building which houses the two libraries.

The view from the southeast. The library is located on the second floor.

The view from the southeast. The library is located on the second floor.

The Storefront Library at the east side of the building.

The storefront library at the east side of the building.

The northwest view towards the Children's Area.

The northwest view towards the Children’s Area.

The view towards the west.

The view towards the west.

South view from the second floor.

South view from the second floor.

New plaque at Civic Centre Resource Library

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When you step into the entrance of the Civic Centre Resource Library (CCRL), take a look to your right to see the new LEED® plaque pictured below that we just received. The beautifully-etched glass signifies CCRL as the recipient of LEED® Silver Certification.

LEED® stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design and is an internationally recognized green building rating system. It provides a framework to create healthy and high-performance buildings that can result in cost-savings. CCRL has various features that improve the overall environmental impact of the building saving energy, conserving water and reducing waste including:

  • A high albedo roofing system;
  • Efficient LED and motion sensor lighting that helps conserve energy when rooms are unoccupied;
  • Mechanical and electrical systems that control ventilation and variable speed fans to ensure efficient operation;
  • High-performance glazing that reduces solar heat gain and glare;
  • Low flow plumbing fixtures that reduce the amount of potable water consumed;
  • Drought-tolerant landscaping and native plants that require little to no water;
  • Refillable water stations and the adoption of recycling services.

Would you like to know more about the architecture and environmental features? Join us at CCRL for a guided tour of the building, on Tuesdays or by request, or peruse our LEED® brochure.

Silver LEED® plaque at Civic Centre Resource Library.

Silver LEED® plaque at Civic Centre Resource Library.