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Regular Items

Books, AudioBooks, TV Series, GPS, Non-Fiction DVDs/Blu-Rays, CDs & Video Games:
3 weeks
Magazines, Fiction DVDs/Blu-Rays, iPads, GoPros & Fast Track Books:
7 days
Fast Track DVDs/Blu Rays:
3 days
eBooks & eAudioBooks:
7, 14 or 21 days
* Fast Track Loans are not available for renewal.

High Demand Items

Loan Periods for high demand items may be reduced:

Books, AudioBooks, TV Series & CDs
Reduced to 2 weeks
Non-Fiction DVDs/Blu Rays
Reduced to 1 week
Fiction DVDs/Blu-Rays
Reduced to 3 days

Hold Period

Holds must be picked up within 7 days.

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