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Book Review: “When We Were Vikings” by Andrew David MacDonald

When We Were Vikings

Zelda isn’t your average 21-year-old. She’s deeply passionate about the ancient history of Vikings. Her mother passed away from cancer and her father abandoned the family. She lives with her good-hearted, but troubled older brother Gert. And she believes the key to a good life is following some basic rules, like fist bumps and dabs = respect. Most of all, it’s important for every good Viking warrior to protect the tribe.

Zelda’s latest mission: to be legendary. Her first quest: to protect Gert, her wayward guardian, who has lately been resorting to some nefarious methods to keep their family afloat.

Soon Zelda will find herself mixed up in a battle that will test her resourcefulness and threaten everything that Zelda and Gert have built together. Along the way, Zelda will learn what it means to be a hero even when it seems like the world is against you. There will be some bumps along the way, and things will get ugly before they get better, but Zelda is up for the challenge.

Canadian author Andrew David MacDonald

Zelda is also determined to explore her own burdgeoning sexuality, even if Gert doesn’t want to hear about it. She even has her first boyfriend, Marxy. With the guidance of her best friend and Gert’s ex-girlfriend, AK47, she’s determined to have her first sexual experience.

MacDonald’s debut novel is a charming, heart-rending story of a young woman’s utter determination to protect her tribe. Zelda must contend with her own unique abilities, the result of her mother drinking while pregnant with Zelda. Not only will Zelda overcome her fears and insecurities, but she will truly become her own legend.

To see modern Vikings in action, check out “To Go Viking,” instantly available on Hoopla.

This is a fresh, exhilirating read, filled with plenty of nail biting moments, and mountains of hope and inspiration. You can’t help but root for Zelda. She’s innocent, determined and spunky. She won’t let anything get in her way. She’s the hero we didn’t know we needed.

I’ll be waiting with anticipation for upcoming titles from Canadian author Andrew David Macdonald.

When We Were Vikings is available through VPL’s OverDrive collection. Download the OverDrive app today and explore 1000s of eBooks and eAudiobooks available for free with your library card!

Book Review: The New Health Rules by F. Lipman, M.D. & D. Claro

The New Health Rules is a short anthology of common sense strategies for achieving health and wellness. Its simple layout includes full page color photos, resulting in an attractive and palatable read.

The emphasis is on realistic and achievable lifestyle changes, some of which include:
> Sleep Training
> Solo Tasking
> Eliminating Sugar
> De-toxifying
> Letting it go

The real allure of this book is the concise format. The average reader could finish it in one to two sittings.

Its nothing new or mind blowing, but it does stand out as unique in the vast world of dieting and health resources. It doesn’t lecture or chide, instead providing readers with easy-to-follow advice in a short and sweet reference guide.

Daniela’s Summer of Non-Fiction

cover image The Sixth Extinction: an unnatural history (Kolbert, Elizabeth)
Elizabeth Kolbert won this year’s Pulitzer Prize winner in general non-fiction for her book The Sixth Extinction: an unnatural history – a captivating account of the irrevocable chain of events spurned by modern humans, leading earth to its next inevitable extinction.

This book sounds like a depressing summer read, but I can promise you, it is more than just a cautionary tale. It is a painstakingly researched, revelatory book that delves deep into anthropology, science and the modern world in a way that is incredibly fascinating.

cover image

The Bitch In Your Head: how to finally squash your inner critic (Plumez, Jacqueline Horner)
Bet that title caught your attention? It caught mine, that’s for sure! And quite honestly, why not call a spade a spade? Although I’m just starting to read this one, it seems like an insightful and practical how-to book with useful exercises and strategies for dealing with that naggy voice that plagues your inner thoughts. Can’t wait to dive in and make some positive changes!

cover image

The Power of Habit: why we do what we do in life and business 
(Duhigg, Charles)
Here’s a startling statistic to get you thinking: about 40% of everything you do is out of habit.

Recommended to me by a friend, The Power of Habit delves into the reasons we do the things we do. And the science behind how we make reforms. While I’m not about to sacrifice late night popcorn binges or sleeping in those extra few minutes, I am willing to re-evaluate the things I do and why I do them!

cover imageSex at Dawn: the prehistoric origins of modern sexuality
(Ryan, Christopher)
While the topic is one that arguably sells itself, the book is a deeper investigation of social norms and religious doctrine that dictate the conventions of modern sexuality. It is sure to make you question everything you think you know about sex, marriage, monogamy and family. As a somewhat progressive thinker myself, I’m keeping an open mind as I delve into this provocative read.

All these titles (and more!) can be borrowed from your local Vaughan Library.  Check out out downloads and digital for more great non-fiction selections.