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Looking for reading recommendations? Or something to watch? To listen to? You’ve come to the right place! Hot Off the Shelf is a staff-run blog that shares in-depth reviews on VPL’s collection, as well as commentary on culture, media, and current events.

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Meet our Bloggers


Alyssia is an Information Assistant with a background in literature, art history, and publishing. Nothing makes her happier than a great book and a great cup of coffee. She loves fiction in all formats – books, movies, television, you name it – and is always on the lookout for awesome new music. When not at work you can usually find her in a café, at a movie theatre, or picking wildflowers in a park.


From picture books to adult non-fiction, Korean psychological horror films (iykyk) to the Paddington movies, Karen is as omnivorous as it gets when it comes to library materials. When not reading or watching a movie, she can be found knitting, baking, gardening, and repeating. Pronouns are she/her, hers.


Adam is a Digital Creation Specialist – Children who never has enough shelf space for his board game collection, wall space for his photographs, or stomach space for his baking. Once he’s got a book in his clutches (preferably a fantasy, or humorous non-fiction one) absolutely nothing else is getting done that day. Working in a library is a blessing and a curse to his free time.


Sumayyah is an Information Assistant at the Vaughan Public Libraries. She’s also a bookworm and aspiring author, constantly dreaming up a multitude of different stories and wrestling with actually finishing any of them.