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From Page to Screen: Cookbook Edition

We’ve all heard of books being adapted into Netflix series or blockbuster franchises, but what about cookbook authors who make the leap from page to screen? The media landscape for foodies is rich and varied. More and more, food writers are being asked to extend their skills to media production. I wanted to share some of the books and authors who have meant something to me in my life because of both the quality of their writing and their charismatic presence on my computer or television screen. 

Claire Saffitz 

Cover image for the cookbook Dessert Person.

After the fallout at Bon Appetite magazine and YouTube channel regarding allegations of inequitable practices and unfair treatment of racialized staff, Claire Saffitz made the move to her own YouTube channel, penned Dessert Person. Her new cookbook of the same name arrived shortly after. Dessert Person videos are somehow both calming, leisurely strolls through a recipe and, at the same time, bely an immense need to achieve perfection at all costs. Saffitz is methodical, analytical, and measures every ingredient to several decimal points (I’m mostly kidding). 

The great thing about her recipes is that she embodies something Julia Child would have loved, which is scientific workability, or the ability to reproduce anything she makes in your kitchen at home. She includes a lot of detail, specific descriptions of how things should look, and alternative methods if you don’t have the time or equipment to make it her way. Saffitz is in no hurry with her baking, which over the years I have found is a good mindset for baking. If you’re in a hurry for your dessert to be done, the dessert doesn’t care. It simply deflates, overcooks, undercooks, doesn’t combine properly, or the carrots in your carrot muffins turn green. Don’t get me started. Don’t be in a hurry. Let your ingredients and recipe set the pace for you. Your baking will turn out better for it. 

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Food for Nerds

The cover of Star Wars Galaxy's Edge: the Official Black Spire Outpost Cookbook

It should be no surprise to anyone who has read my posts that I am a nerd and proud of it! I mean, my very first post was about science, math and humour. A 100+ hour video game made my best-of-2022 list. And I’m a Librarian who loves reading books about Libraries, so how’s that for a niche interest? Something only those who have read my bio will know, though, is that I’m a baker1. Combining these passions led to scouring the catalogue for nerdy cookbooks to share with our readers, which I found way more of than I anticipated. We’ve got cookbooks for Game of Thrones, World of Warcraft, Outlander, and even Alice in Wonderland. And those are just single-media cookbooks. Read on past the break to see a plethora of options that are sure to hit something you’re passionate about and give you ideas for a delicious, nerdy night in. Also, there might be some pictures of my attempt at one of the dishes.

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Is a Pizza a Pie?

Book Cover of The Pizza Bible by Tony Gemignani

What’s the difference between a pie, a tart, a crumble, a galette, and a pizza (but which type of pizza are we talking about? Do things change if we talk about deep dish pizzas? How far can we stretch the term “pizza“?), and what’s the deal with pizza pies? What about pizza pops, which kind of really vaguely resemble pop tarts, if only because they both share a pop (though they both have doughy exteriors encompassing a filling), and are pop tarts even tarts? Actually scratch that, pizza pops would probably more accurately be filed under panzerroti… or would they be empanadas? But perhaps even more befuddlingly, down the rabbit hole of is a hot dog a sandwich and the day that still makes me shake my head with disappointment at what the world has come to when a coworker sent me the cube rule*: is a pop tart actually a ravioli?? (As you can imagine, the official Pop-Tarts U.S. Twitter account has had many a field day with this**.)

Are you prepared to find out who your true family and friends are? I apologize in advance if this post loses us any readers, and if you realize that your loved ones weren’t who you thought they were. Now without further ado, in celebration of Pi(e) Day, let’s get into whether a pizza is a pie, shall we?

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