Building Update: West Woodbridge Branch Conceptual Designs

Introducing early West Woodbridge Branch concept designs, a dynamic addition to Father E. Bulfon Community Centre.

Here’s a sneak peek at visionary concept designs, promising a library that blends seamlessly with the community. With a focus on a distinct identity, the design ensures a recognizable street presence, visual connections to the neighbourhood, and a clear building entrance. Inside, expect flexible spaces, clear visual links, and engaging environments. The West Woodbridge Branch isn’t just a library; it’s a dynamic hub fostering creativity, collaboration, and lifelong learning.

North-west View:
Seamless visual and physical connection to new entrance/FEBCC. North light shelf with identifiable “LIBRARY” sign provides a bridge, connecting the library to FEBCC.

Street View offers High Visibility:
Glazed building perimeter provides natural light and establishes welcoming, safe connections to the street/Community.
Street View offers Connections:
Sloped roof planes reach to the north and south, to residential neighbourhoods and other community spaces/buildings to establish a bridge/connection to the Woodbridge community.
South View offers Connections:
Glazing allows natural light into the building and views to the soccer fields and community beyond. Building overhangs protect south facing windows and the outdoor reading area.

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