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Sisters in Spirit Day: Remembering and Reflecting

Poster for the Canadian Library Project

As many as 4,000 Indigenous women and girls are believed to have been killed or gone missing in Canada over the past 30 years. Since colonial times, Indigenous women have suffered severe gender-based violence and faced a higher risk of violent crimes due to hatred and racism. The homicide rate for Indigenous women and girls is roughly 4.5 times higher than that of all other women in Canada. The true number of victims is unlikely ever to be known.

On October 4, Sisters in Spirit Day honours the lives of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls, and Gender Diverse People, supports grieving families, and creates opportunities for healing. Led by the Native Women’s Association of Canada (NWAC) and funded by Status of Women Canada, the Sister in Spirit initiative aims to research and document the statistics of violence against Indigenous women in Canada. Through heightened awareness and education the initiative aspires to influence policy.

What is The Canadian Library Project?

The Canadian Library (TCL) is a grassroots art installation and memorial to all Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls (MMIWG2S) and Children. The project aims to acknowledge the history and the wrongdoings that have occurred and are still occurring.

The goal is to cover 8,000 books in Indigenous fabric as a testament to the lives lost. Stories that have been gathered from all across Canada are published on the TCL website.

Vaughan Public Libraries is committed to building two Micro Galleries. These galleries will be featured prominently as a testament to MMIWG2S to spark awareness and dialogue. At a future date, Micro Galleries from across Canada will be combined into a massive art installation and placed in a major museum or gallery as a permanent art piece.

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