VPL Reading Challenge 2023

Welcome to Vaughan Public Libraries’ Reading Challenge for 2023!

As we did last year, we’re challenging you to read more broadly, read outside your comfort zone, discover something new, and have fun. Follow along with our monthly Reading Challenge and let us know what you’re reading on social media, or keep track of what you’re reading with our Reading Log.

Every month we’ll publish a new list of recommended reads based on the monthly challenge. We’ll also have displays at each library with more recommended reads. Check back on this page for more information about each challenge every month!


Read a book by multiple authors

In honour of the new year and new perspectives, this month we are challenging you to read a book written by more than one person! This includes books written in partnership, anthologies, and collections, from fiction to non-fiction to graphic novels.


Read a book about a unique family

In recognition of Family Day on February 20th, this month your Reading Challenge is to read a book about a unique family. In truth, all families are unique, aren’t they? But the families on this list are all distinct, whether for supernatural reasons, murderous reasons, or because of the circumstances they have all lived through together.


Read a book with a map

This month we challenge you to navigate to a new place by reading a book with a map. Maps help us to visualize fantastical lands, real-life places, the corridors of a haunted mansion, the collections of a mysterious library, the food stands in an Autumn amusement park, or an encampment in the Alberta Oil Sands.


Read a book that features food

This month you are challenged to read a book that features food! If you’re a foodie, you’ll love reading these books. Below you will find a list of recommendations that feature food in some way (these include both fiction and non-fiction – even Biography & Memoirs count!). Fiction food books either feature a setting, occupation, hobby, or character trait that revolves around food.


Read a book about a disaster

In honour of this month’s Emergency Preparedness Week, here are some books on various disasters and all the ways people can, have, or failed to deal with them! Many of these are also available as ebooks or audiobooks.


Read a fiction book about a real person

In June, the challenge is to read a fiction book about a real person. This will span biographical fiction about famous figures from history, or telling the story of lesser known historical figures, to alternative history stories about real people in situations that did not happen.


Read a book set in a school

Reading books that are set in a school or classroom environment supports personal exploration, individual assessment, general reading, project, research and enjoying books that will meet personal reading interests.


Read a book that takes place during the summer

This month you are challenged to read a book that takes place during the summer! Whether you’re relaxing next to the ocean or in a lounge chair on your back porch, your summer reading will be more enjoyable with a book in your hand and another in your beach bag. This list includes a variety of fiction and non-fiction (memoir) titles.


Read a doorstopper

September is back-to-school season, and this month your challenge is to read a “doorstopper”! Big, bold, and ambitious, a doorstopper usually refers to a book over 500 pages in length–think of a book so big it can be used to hold a door open. But if that sounds daunting, don’t be intimidated! While countless classic novels easily hit that page count, there are plenty of modern novels that also fit the bill. From fantasy to family drama to historical fiction, the books on this list pack enough story to keep you riveted.


Read a book that takes place over a single day

This month we are challenging you to read a book that takes place over a single day (and sometimes even less)! We wanted to show that novels can still pack a punch even in a condense timeframe. Many of the available titles are also available as e-books or audiobooks on Libby or Hoopla, so don’t forget to check them out there!


Read a book of environmental fiction

Eco-fiction is illusory or personal experienced tale that reflect significant influences, dependances, connections between people, society, natural surrounding and the environment. Here is a list of books to enjoy reading.


Read a book that was published this year

This month you are challenged to read a book that was published in 2023. There were so many great titles released this year, and this list includes 15 of many!