Calling All STEAM Coaches!

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With summer just around the corner you are probably asking yourself these questions.

“With all this free time on my hands what am I going to do with myself?” or “I don’t have any free time on my hands and I’m exhausted because I work all day but I want to do something really awesome yet don’t know what to do!” maybe even the dreaded “I’m bored”.

Sound familiar? Well if anything like this has crossed your mind DON’T PANIC! Here at the library, we got you covered.

How? I’m glad you asked!

The STEAM Coach program is a volunteering program for both Adults and Teens (yes you read that right, BOTH!) that is chock full excitement. Offered at the three resource libraries (Bathurst Clark, Civic Centre, and Pierre Berton) the STEAM Coach program is in full swing and running straight through the summer. Ever wanted to work with robots, get hands on with high-tech technology, 3D scan dogs, be the architectural mastermind behind a ginormous box fort? As a STEAM Coach you can do all this and more. There is always something techno-interesting going on that needs your input and the best thing is you receive volunteer hours for doing it.

Think you have what it takes to be a STEAM Coach? Fill out the application form and find out!

Calling All STEAM Coaches!


Sarah is a Digital Creation Specialist who abides in the heart of the Civic Centre Resource Library. Not a fan of direct sunlight she can be found chasing after way-ward patch cables and tinkering on a broad spectrum of technology in order to figure out how it all works. Her work motto is: "There Is No Such Thing As Too Many Guitars".