Showcase of Submissions

Vaughan Public Libraries would like to thank all the GameJam participants. Collected below are all the awesome video games created by the hard working and talented participants in 2024. Winners have been notified.

We would also like to thank our volunteer judges who took time out of their busy schedules to help us evaluate and encourage the future creative minds of our community.

  • Lynds Gallant, Design Director at Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • Rodney Burton, Texture Artist at Ubisoft Toronto
  • Sahaar Chhabra, 3D Environment Artist at Dekogon Studios

Junior Division (Grades 2 - 3)

Showcase Junior E. Hosking

Apple Eater

E. Hosking

showcase Junior M. D'Angelo-Gill

Cocoa Slopes

M. D'Angelo-Gill

Showcase Junior Winner E. Leung


E. Leung

showcase Junior R. Huang

Galaxy Arcade

R. Huang

showcase Junior A. Datt


A. Datt

showcase Junior C. Li

Transformers: Mystery of Convoy

C. Li

showcase Junior M. Ahmad

(No Title)

M. Ahmad

Intermediate Division (Grades 4 - 5)

showcase Intermediate Winner O. Leung

Alien Invasion

O. Leung

showcase Intermediate L. Zhuang

Painting Snake

L. Zhuang

showcase Intermediate M. Ahmad

Ping Pong Prowess

M. Ahmad

showcase Intermediate E. Hosking

Rock Blaster

E. Hosking

showcase Intermediate A. Lam

Space Invaders

A. Lam

showcase Intermediate R. Lee

Super Kidz Brick Breaker

R. Lee

showcase Intermediate S. Pavlukhin

(No Title)

S. Pavlukhin

Senior Division (Grades 6 - 8)

showcase Senior S. Dubey

Basketball and Trampoline Pong

S. Dubey

showcase Senior E. Lam

Duck Hunt Remix

E. Lam

showcase Senior M. Bitton

Ping Pong Powerhouse

M. Bitton

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