Frequently Asked Questions


What are the prizes?

There will be prizes awarded to the winners of each age category for the GameJam. Junior (Grades 2-3), Intermediate (4-5), and Senior (6-8). If the winner is a group, each member of the group is eligible for a prize.


Prize Packages

The winner(s) of each category are eligible to win a prize package. This prize package includes:

  • A certificate of award for placing 1st in the GameJam age category
  • A 3D Printed Trophy with the winner(s) names on it
  • Vaughan Public Library Service Experience Package
    • A glowforge laser engraved / cut object*
    • A 3D Printed Object*
    • A 3D Scan of an object or you. We will then print what is scanned.

* The requested for items to be printed, cut, or engraved will be subject to review by our creation specialists. We will work with you to find a suitable result; however, not all print / engrave requests can be accommodated.


When is the deadline for submitting my project?

Sunday, March 31st at 11:59:59pm is the latest you can submit your project.


Who can enter?

Any person between the grades of 2-8 (or their equivalents) can join. Group entries will have 2-3 members. Individuals can enter by themselves too.


Entries will be divided by grade level:

Junior Division: Grades 2-3

Intermediate Division: Grades 4-5

Senior Division: Grades 6-8


What if our group has members from different age categories?

The oldest member of your group will determine your group's age category. (e.g. if one group contains two grade 4s and one grade 7, this group will be entered into the senior category).


Do I have to register to participate?

Yes, when you have completed your project, there is a web form you must fill out to go along with your submission. If there is information missing from the entry, we cannot judge it as part of the event.


What format should the project take?

We will accept any form of video game created for this event. The main requirement is that it must be accessible via the Internet and does not require any sort of install.

This could mean:

  • Projects created and hosted on Scratch
  • Projects created in Construct 3 and hosted on the Construct Arcade
  • Projects uploaded to
  • Projects using Gamemaker Studio can be uploaded to
  • Projects can be created in Twine and shared via the web.

Feel free to reach out to the GameJam team if you have any questions, at


How are the projects judged?

Please see the "Rules and Regulations" for the judging rubric.


Do we need to cite or credit anything?

If you are using an asset pack or have borrowed images from the internet for your game, please make sure they are usable under the creative commons license. If assets are used under the creative commons license, you need to credit the creator in your game. You can include a screen that thanks and credits where each asset came from either on start-up or at the end of the game.

Assets are defined as images, fonts, sprites, code sections, sounds, music and backgrounds used in the creation of the video game.

Assets originally created by you do not need to be cited or mentioned.

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